"Eyes on the Prize" (1987) {Back to the Movement: 1979-Mid 1980s (#2.8)} TV Season

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Overview "Eyes on the Prize" Season 02 Episode 08 (S02E08)



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(USA) - 5 March 1990

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Full Cast

  1. Bond, Julian (II) as [Narrator]
  2. Connor, Eugene Bull as (archive footage) [Himself]


  1. Amos, Terlonzo (production assistant)
  2. Austin, Algernon (intern)
  3. Axelrod, Janet (consultant)
  4. Batson, Ruth M. (advisor)
  5. Blue, Carroll Parrott (researcher)
  6. Breiteneicher, Joseph C.K. (advisor)
  7. Carson, Clayborne (academic advisor)
  8. Conroy, Will (production assistant)
  9. DeVinney, James A. (consultant)
  10. Dunn, Marvin (I) (advisor)
  11. Edelman, Peter (academic advisor)
  12. Epperson, Sharon (I) (intern)
  13. Espinola, Robin (intern)
  14. Fishman, Daniel (I) (intern)
  15. Flynn Kiley, Lorraine (business manager)
  16. Forman, Sandra (legal)
  17. Forman, Sandra (project director)
  18. Garrow, David (academic advisor)
  19. Greene, Michael W. (licensing)
  20. Greene, Michael W. (marketing)
  21. Greene, W. Michael (consultant)
  22. Grybowski, John (researcher)
  23. Hampton, Judy (president)
  24. Harding, Vincent (II) (academic advisor)
  25. Heil, Lina (consultant)
  26. Hine, Darlene Clark (academic advisor)
  27. Johnson, Kirk (V) (researcher)
  28. Jones, Lewanne (researcher)
  29. Katz, Stanley N. (academic advisor)
  30. Kidd, Dylan (intern)
  31. King, Michael J. (I) (production accountant)
  32. Langbaum, Samantha (intern)
  33. Lavelle, Robert (consultant)
  34. Lavelle, Robert (publisher)
  35. Lawrence, Janet (archivist)
  36. Lawson, Steve (V) (academic advisor)
  37. Lerner, Paula (project accountant)
  38. Levene, Susan (researcher)
  39. Levy, Thomas R. (consultant)
  40. Lifsey, Angela (publicist)
  41. Mack, Ken (III) (intern)
  42. Meager Kuhn, Cynthia (archivist)
  43. Meager Kuhn, Cynthia (rights coordinator)
  44. Mendelsohn, Jack (II) (advisor)
  45. Moore, Lauren (I) (promotional coordinator)
  46. Morris, Aldon (academic advisor)
  47. Pinderhughes, Dianne (academic advisor)
  48. Pirello, Karen (administrative assistant)
  49. Preyer, Robert (academic advisor)
  50. Pryor, Elizabeth (intern)
  51. Rabin, Kenn (archival consultant)
  52. Rampino, Anne (administrative assistant)
  53. Rissmeyer, Walter (consultant)
  54. Strickland, William (II) (academic advisor)
  55. Thewell, Michael (academic advisor)
  56. Turner, James (XIII) (academic advisor)
  57. Walker, Noland (production assistant)
  58. Zimmerman, Tobias (intern)