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Sky Arts [gb]

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Release Date
(UK) - 2 January 2010

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RAT:16:9 HD

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Full Cast

  1. Atwell, Harry as [Himself]
  2. Brown, Robin Odabash as [Himself]
  3. Connolly, Billy (I) as [Himself]
  4. Cook, Ron (XIII) as [Himself]
  5. Eyre, Peter (I) as [Himself]
  6. Foster, Mark (XXI) as [Himself]
  7. Hadley, Michael (I) as [Himself]
  8. Irons, Jeremy as [Himself]
  9. Law, Jude as [Himself]
  10. McNally, Kevin (I) as [Himself]
  11. Moore, Roger (I) as [Himself]
  12. Morrison, Alistair (III) as [Himself]
  13. Patel, Himesh as [Himself]
  14. Pryce, Jonathan as [Himself]
  15. Soul, David as [Himself]
  16. Thewlis, David as [Himself]
  17. Funnell, Jenny as [Herself]
  18. James, Geraldine as [Herself]
  19. Walters, Julie (I) as [Herself]
  20. Webb, Veronica as [Herself]


  1. Documentary

Full Plot

In 2000, photographer Alistair Morrison founded Time to Reflect - a UNICEF project which invited hundreds of international stars and dignitaries, from Tom Cruise and Kylie Minogue to Hilary Clinton and Desmond Tutu, to take their self portraits in a photo booth and include an inspirational handwritten message with their picture. The response was phenomenal and a host of celebrities, musicians, authors, sportsmen and world leaders took part, creating a unique collection of 'passport photographs' featuring some of the greatest cultural icons of the past 50 years. A decade on from the project's inception, Sky Arts will follow Alistair as he attempts to bring back some of the original names, as well as some fresh faces, for a stunning new charity exhibition which features, among others, Jude Law, Jeremy Irons, Billy Connolly, Jonathan Pryce, Sven Goran Eriksson and Mark Foster. Sky Arts Plot not found


  1. Lawing, Dane


Sky Arts [gb] - (2010) (UK) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Keeling, Tom (I)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. London, England, UK
  2. New York City, New York, USA