Fanboy (2011) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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CAM:Silicon Imaging SI-2K

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Full Cast

  1. Ade, Dayo as [CAA Security Officer] <19>
  2. Binder, Mike as [Acting Coach] <6>
  3. Bohen, Ian as [Craft Maitre D'] <16>
  4. Bolourchi, Andre as
  5. Britt, B.J. as [Ice Cream Vendor] <17>
  6. Ceraulo, Rich as [CAA Valet] <22>
  7. Jury, Dylan as [Casting Assistant]
  8. Kranz, Fran as [Jeremiah Brennan] <1>
  9. Lanter, Matt as [Ben]
  10. Lee, Reggie (I) as [Greg] <3>
  11. Matheny, Eric as [Chuck] <15>
  12. Menendez, Gonzalo as [Josh Goldman] <5>
  13. Papsidera, John as [Himself] <13>
  14. Paymer, David as [Angry Ice Cream Customer] <12>
  15. Payton, Khary as [Himself] <21>
  16. Pinkston, Ryan as [Friendly Customer] <14>
  17. Raimi, Sam as [Himself]
  18. Rao, Dileep as [Himself] <11>
  19. Rees, Jed as [Todd] <2>
  20. Robinson, Lauder as [Set Producer/AD]
  21. Rounds, Tahmus as [Pawnbroker] <20>
  22. Simmons, J.K. as [Himself]
  23. Sowd, Aaron as (uncredited) [Extra]
  24. Abadi, Nomi as ['Shit' Actress]
  25. Arlook, Emily as [Tracy] <4>
  26. Armenante, Jillian as [Casting Assistant] <18>
  27. Block, Parker as (as Eugenia Kuzmina) [Actress] <24>
  28. Engman, Annie McCain as [Actress]
  29. Farrell, Genevieve as [Actress]
  30. Keilly, Suzanne as [Actress] <23>
  31. McManus, Shannon as [Casting Couch Actress]
  32. Newhouse, Charlotte as [Agency Assistant] <25>
  33. Raimi, Emma as [Herself] <9>


  1. Comedy
  2. Short

Full Plot

Video store employee Jeremiah Brennan is the world's biggest Sam Raimi fan. He's also hopelessly in love with his co-worker Tracy, who hardly notices him. So when Jeremiah hears that Raimi is auditioning actors to play the role of 'Gus' in FOR LOVE OF THE GAME 2, he spontaneously makes the trip from South Carolina to Hollywood, thinking that if he wins the part, he'll win Tracy's heart... but little does he know of the mishaps and heartbreak that Tinseltown has in store for him. An 'Alice' in a very hostile 'Wonderland,' Jeremiah encounters a number of idiosyncratic showbiz characters who derail his plan again and again. Yet, just when Jeremiah is at his lowest and ready to throw in the towel, he manages to meet his idol Sam Raimi and land the role of his life... Anonymous Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Young, Christopher (I)


  1. Lanzenberg, Christophe

Film Editors

  1. Sun, Mu


  1. Andrus, Nick (production assistant)
  2. August, Thurmer (dit)
  3. Bransky, Laura Jean (script supervisor)
  4. Guaman, Jeanette (assistant to producers)
  5. Hailey, Ryan (I) (production assistant)
  6. Hajjar, Nick (production assistant)
  7. Morgan, Adam (II) (key production assistant)
  8. Ransome Wilcox, Kate (craft service) (as Kate Wilcox)