First Impression (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
LifeAfter Films [us]

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A second chance at a first impression.


Technical Support
CAM:Canon C300

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Full Cast

  1. Ball, Rico as [Handsome Man]
  2. Baraka, Koran as [Kid in park]
  3. Bridges, Demetrius as [Al]
  4. Broadway, Che as [Chase]
  5. Brown II, Regis as [Brian]
  6. Brown, John (LXXIII) as [Popeye]
  7. Brown, Les (IX) as [Agent 27]
  8. Brown, Solomon (II) as [Damon]
  9. Brown, Zack (VI) as [Courtney]
  10. Cross, Kendrick as [Julius] <6>
  11. Fleming, Ross H. as [Will]
  12. Ford, Thomas Mikal as [T] <11>
  13. Higgins, Christian as [Valet Person]
  14. James, Brad (II) as [Scorpion Kiss] <8>
  15. Mann, David (XIV) as [Pastor Johnson] <3>
  16. Mitchell, Kel as [James Mason] <7>
  17. Nadiyah, Zarinah as [Waitress in Jazzy's]
  18. Payne II, Carl Anthony as [C] <12>
  19. Racano, Dominick as [Charles Calloway]
  20. Rucker, Lamman as [Vernon Richardson] <1>
  21. Anderson, Lisa Arrindell (I) as [Imani Townsend] <2>
  22. Baraka, Toni as [Kid in park]
  23. Buggs, Nicky as [Valentina Medina]
  24. Dunkley, Tina as [Herself]
  25. Halfkenny, Dawnisha as [Tryanna] <13>
  26. Huslin, Kathlene as [Church member]
  27. Mann, Tamela J. as [Sister Renee] <5>
  28. Muhammad, Aaliyah as [Teenager in gas station]
  29. Neal, Elise as [Kym Pine] <3>
  30. Odom, Laila (I) as [Tropical Storm] <10>
  31. Page, Erica as [Fran]
  32. Rosario, Amanda (I) as (uncredited) [Pregnant Office Worker]
  33. Wu, Lisa as [Katrinah] <9>


  1. Comedy
  2. Romance

Full Plot

VERNON RICHARDSON and IMANI TOWNSEND meet unexpectedly at a cozy Jazz club, unpretentious, and unaware, they're a match made for heaven on a popular internet dating website. They fall in love with the people they really are, but the influence of life's circumstances and false expectations keep them apart. However, their pseudo internet personalities keep them closer than they know. Vernon, an aspiring writer, takes a job at Townsend Publishing, run by Imani, setting up the ultimate serendipitous showdown with destiny...the two Vernons and the two Imanis shall certainly meet. His game of borrowing cars and money to impress the love of his life is soon discovered, leaving Imani heartbroken, so he makes a promise to make it up to her if she will just give him a second chance at a first impression. A bright, modern, refreshing and romantic comedy Regis Le'Bron Brown Plot not found

Total Business

CP: LifeAfter Films LLC SD: 22 October 2012 - 13 November 2012

Music Composers

  1. Cannon, Daeus
  2. SoloFlex


  1. Rodriguez, Ivan Vatez


  1. Baraka, Rhonda (contributing writer)
  2. Brown II, Regis (production assistant)
  3. Brown, Solomon (II) (production assistant)
  4. Cole, Claudia (production assistant)
  5. Connor, William (V) (production assistant)
  6. Gray, Kelly (VIII) (script supervisor)
  7. Johnson, Quanita (production accountant)
  8. Lackey, Brittany (production assistant)
  9. Rose, Maxyne C. (contributing writer)
  10. Willis, Dominique (production assistant)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Atlanta, Georgia