Forbidden Ground (2013) Movie

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Production Company
24/7 Films [th] - (in association with)
Armzfx [au]
Scarlet Fire Films [au]
Triton Film [th] - (in association with)

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(Australia) - 25 April 2013

Running Time

Millions died on the battlefield but the worst tragedies occurred at home. Millions died on the battlefields, but some of the worst tragedies occurred at home. Survivors will become heroes.


Technical Support
CAM:Red Epic
CAM:Red One Camera
PCS:Uncompressed Digital - (2K)
RAT:2.35 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Breakenback, Igor as (as Igor Smiljevic) [Sgt. Schmidt] <9>
  2. Brochmann, Byron J. as [German Sniper]
  3. Copping, Martin as [Cpl. Richard Jennings] <3>
  4. Earl, Johan as [Sgt. Maj. Arthur Wilkins] <1>
  5. Jewson, Alex as [Pvt. Riley]
  6. Maxwell, Steve as [German Soldier]
  7. Pocock, Tim as [Pvt. O'Leary] <2>
  8. Quin, Barry as [Dr. Bennett] <6>
  9. Shepherd, James (V) as [Pvt. Franklin]
  10. Sommerlad, Damian as [Lieutenant] <8>
  11. Trajkovski, Oliver as [Lieutenant's Aid] <8>
  12. Gracie, Denai as [Grace Wilkins] <4>
  13. Mawbey, Sarah as [Eve Rose] <5>


  1. War

Total Business

BT: AUD 4,000,000

Music Composers

  1. Fernandez, Jason (I)


  1. Hanns, Glenn

Dress Designers

  1. Hehea, Pele (as Bernadette Hehea)


Momentum Pictures [gb] - (2012) (UK) (all media)

Film Editors

  1. Powers, Adrian


  1. Davis, Michaela (runner)
  2. Gallagher, Eli (runner)
  3. Marsden, Glenn (stills photographer: on set, Sydney)
  4. Maxwell, Steve (stills photographer: on set, Dubbo)
  5. Rudduck, Matt (runner)
  6. Wray, Nicholas (runner)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia
  2. Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


- Some of the larger explosions could be heard over 30 Klm away. Most craters were created prior to shooting but some of the largest ones occurred during filming.

- Shot in twenty one days.

- A week before shooting was due to commence, huge rainstorms blanketed the location, flooding the British trench set. The crew were concerned that this would cause the production to be delayed, but the set had been built so well and so in-keeping with the way actual trench systems had been constructed, that the entire set survived. In fact, the rain only helped to give the set a more textured, 'lived-in' feel.

- At one point, rain on location became so intense that cast and crew were caught in mud up to one foot deep. This meant that moving across even a single set became arduous and time consuming.

- The film's opening charge sequence took almost two weeks to film. With the 22 day shooting schedule, this meant that the cast and crew would arrive on location in the late morning, shoot a portion of the charge, then transition into shooting the night scenes throughout the evening before wrapping at dawn.