"Forever Green" (1989) {(#1.3)} TV Season

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Overview "Forever Green" Season 01 Episode 03 (S01E03)



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Release Date
(UK) - 12 March 1989

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Full Cast

  1. Alderton, John as [Jack Boult] <2>
  2. Atkins, Dave (I) as [Cope] <13>
  3. Chissick, Jack as [Horse Rustler] <15>
  4. Coburn, Brian (I) as [Stanley] <8>
  5. Harrison, Simon (I) as [Dr. Norris] <11>
  6. Lindsay, Ian (I) as [Ted Hubbard] <10>
  7. Malpas, George as [Bert] <17>
  8. Otway, John as [Martyn] <9>
  9. Phillips, Neville as [Auctioneer] <16>
  10. Rashed, Nimer as [Tom Boult] <6>
  11. Rowe, Alan (I) as [Geoff Bate] <7>
  12. Bates, Daisy as [Freddy Boult] <5>
  13. Cahill, Samantha as [Becca] <19>
  14. Collins, Pauline as [Harriet Boult] <1>
  15. Davies, Deddie as [Rose] <14>
  16. Dene, Zulema as [Mylene] <12>
  17. Dionisotti, Paola as [Lady Patricia Broughall] <3>
  18. Hawes, Keeley as [Carol] <18>
  19. van der Plank, Wendy as [Hilly] <4>

Music Composers

  1. Gowers, Patrick


  1. Pope, Dick (I) (director of photography)


  1. Clift, Pauline (animals)
  2. McNair Scott, Simon (location manager)
  3. Smith, Petrina (assistant location manager)


[Dr Norris has come to see Freddy after her latest asthma attack] Dr. Norris: I would have been here much sooner but a lad from the village got knocked off his bike - by a Land Rover, he said, which didn't bother to stop. The ambulance had to come from Shepton - that took the best part of an hour. Harriet Boult: An hour? What happens round here if you get a heart attack? Stanley: [ironically] You don't get many heart attacks round here - just the *one*.

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Nether Winchendon, Buckinghamshire, England, UK - (Jack and Geoff discuss a classic car that they are going to see)