Four Saints (2013) Movie

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White Wing Enterprises [ca]

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In War only Love can Prevail An epic story of love, passion and bravery amidst some of the worst battle carnage war has ever seen. Inspired by true events.

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Technical Support
CAM:Panavision Genesis
LAB:Digital Film Central, Canada
PFM:35 mm
RAT:1.85 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Cunningham, Ryan (III) as [Lieutenant Hutchins]
  2. Hadlow, Mark as [Maj. Thomas Haverstad]
  3. Holden-Ried, Kris as (as Kristen Holden-Ried) [John McCrae]
  4. Houde, Serge (I) as [Mougin]
  5. MacInnis, David as [Lt. Darwin]
  6. Schmid, Kyle as [Alex Helmer]
  7. Spence, Sebastian as [Arthur Gleason]
  8. Vosloo, Arnold as [Baron de T'Serclaes]
  9. Zahara, Alex as [Colonel St. Jacques]
  10. Poirier, Kim as [Helen Gleason]
  11. Rincon, Lorena as [Angelica]


  1. Action
  2. Drama
  3. History
  4. War

Full Plot

The film opens when the British Army finds itself overwhelmed by massive casualties. Major Munro, a physician attached to the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC), decides to organize a volunteer Flying Ambulance Corps. He recruits four women: Elsie Knocker (British), Mairi Chisholm (Scottish), Dorothy Fielding (Canadian) and Helen Gleason (American). The women are sent to a field hospital in Furnes, Flanders. But before long, Elsie discovers that many wounded soldiers die of shock during the transport from the trenches to the hospital. She implores Dr. Munro to move the field hospital closer to the front. When he declines, the four women steal an ambulance, packed with supplies, and begin to operate their own dressing station -- in an abandoned village called Pervyse, a stone's throw away from the trenches. Pervyse is just north of the Ypres 'Salient,' a dangerous bulge in the German lines which actually exposes the Allied soldiers to German artillery from three sides. Many dramatic events intervene, and despite tremendous challenges the post survives until April of 1918, when the massive Ludendorff Offensive threatens not only the lives of the women but the imminent collapse of the Allied armies. 'Four Saints' is inspired by historical characters and events Isbouts, Jean-Pierre Plot not found

Total Business

BT: CAD 25,000,000 PD: January 2013 - May 2013 SD: April 2013 - May 2013

Music Composers

  1. Blondheim, George


  1. Miles, C. Kim (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Thomson, Christine (I)


Tayrona Entertainment Group [us] - (2011) (Mexico) (theatrical) (all latin america)


  1. Maynes, Leslie (production accountant)
  2. McCarthy, Sheila M. (executive in charge of distribution: Tayrona Entertainment Group)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Calgary, Alberta, Canada


- The film has had many changes in casting whilst in pre-production. 'Emilie de Ravin' (qv) and 'Sarah Wayne Callies' (qv) were once attached to play Mairi Chisholm. 'Rhona Mitra' (qv) had been attached to play Elsie Knocker. 'Claire Forlani' (qv) was attached to play Dorothy Fielding. 'Cary Elwes' (qv) was also attached to play Dr. Hector Munro in the film.