Frank vs. God (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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BBA Studios [us]

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Sometimes overcoming life's trials begins by serving God ... with a lawsuit.


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Full Cast

  1. Anthony, Karl as [Claims Manager]
  2. Bass, Timothy as [Preacher]
  3. Baston, Lucius as [Guard]
  4. Brightman, Brian as [Karl Krauss] <4>
  5. Brinson, Dontrail as [Court Room Attendee/News Reporter]
  6. Coe, Kelcey as (uncredited) [Obese Man in Wheelchair]
  7. Coffey, Joe (VII) as [Court Clerk]
  8. Cohen, Bern as [Rabbi Grossman] <5>
  9. Cusick, Henry Ian as [David Frank] <1>
  10. Esteban, Eric as [Buddhist Monk] <13>
  11. Francis, Cameron as [Cop]
  12. Goodwin, Tim (I) as [Odd Man] <16>
  13. Grey, Erik as [Rastafarian minister]
  14. Gross, Gary B. as [Police Officer]
  15. Jalbert, Brian as [Juror]
  16. King, Michael Houston as [Bennet] <6>
  17. Kinney, Wendell as [Bailiff]
  18. Loughlin, Terry as [Bishop Rossini] <10>
  19. Miles, Darrayl as [Juror]
  20. Miranda, Jim H. as [Insurance Executive]
  21. Navarro, Carlos (IX) as [Luis Castro]
  22. Riedy, Matt as [Judge Randall] <15>
  23. Sod, Ted as [Imam al Bakri] <11>
  24. Sylvain, Valensky as [Baptist Preacher]
  25. Wayne, Ricky as [Billy Frank] <9>
  26. Aruffo, Meghan as [Reporter]
  27. Carradine, Ever as [Rachel Levin] <2>
  28. Castro, Amanda Nicole as [Courtroom Attendee]
  29. Davis, Cher as [Courtroom Attendee/Protester]
  30. Durose, Rachel as [Lucy]
  31. Latimer, Alivia Jae as [Lucy's Friend]
  32. LeMasters, Asia as (rumored) [Courtroom Attendee/Protester]
  33. LeMasters, Loan as (rumored) [Courtroom Attendee/Protester]
  34. Nelson, Lindsey Marie as [Reporter]
  35. O Quinn, Lauren as [Candy Frank] <8>
  36. Oliver, Natalya as [Gina Rodriguez] <3>
  37. Snyder, Ylian Alfaro as [Juror]
  38. Wharton, Kristen as [Mom]
  39. Wiu, Tracy as [Reporter]


  1. Comedy


  1. Campbell, Stephen (I)


  1. Browne, Aamira Nidia (production assistant)
  2. Coe, Kelcey (production assistant)
  3. Cooley, Jared (script supervisor)
  4. Cora, Adrienne (production assistant)
  5. Cuevas, Cherry (behind the scenes director)
  6. Figueroa, Karinil (assistant production coordinator)
  7. Frasier, Alex (assistant location manager)
  8. Frasier, Alex (production assistant)
  9. Goddard, Tomoko (production assistant)
  10. Goins, Sierra (production assistant)
  11. Gorney, Allen (dialogue coach)
  12. Gross, Gary B. (technical advisor: police)
  13. Larkin, Joseph H. (key office production assistant)
  14. LeMasters, Asia (script supervisor)
  15. Lovelady, Chelsea (production assistant)
  16. McCrea, Kyle (production assistant)
  17. McGillis, Stacey (location manager)
  18. Nelmes, Kate (assistant to the director)
  19. Rockwood, Angelique (assistant to the producers)
  20. Rodriguez, Rolando (production assistant)
  21. Salazar, Sandra Sandy (production coordinator)
  22. Samuelson, Roy (additional voice)
  23. Soto Jr., Carlos M. (location assistant)
  24. Soto Jr., Carlos M. (production assistant)
  25. Thomas, Laura (XI) (craft service)
  26. Thomas, Laura (XI) (production assistant)

Other Titles

  1. Act of God (2013) (ENG)
    (USA) (working title)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Orlando, Florida, USA