Frankenpimp's Revenge: The Romeo and Juliet Massacre (2014) Movie

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Production Company
Tony Watt [ca]

Production Designer

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Release Date
(Canada) - 2014

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Two enemies...Two lovers..One bloody destiny! Patient Zero is the Hero! The sequel with no equal! The 'Ghoulfinder' & Julie are there when human lives are at "stake!"... For the astro-vampires it's "hammer" time!


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Full Cast

  1. Mercer, Lewis as [Lewis Mercer]
  2. Scealf, Eric as (rumored)
  3. Schickedanz, Adam as (rumored)
  4. Taggart, James (II) as (rumored)
  5. Watt, Tony (I) as [Deacon Romeo Montague]
  6. Mercer, Roxi as (rumored)
  7. Prall, Deanna as (rumored)
  8. Vivita as [Julie Capuletti]


  1. Horror

Full Plot

Deacon Romeo Montague (the alias of the re-animated Patient Zero, aka The Ghoulfinder General), a skilled, former mutated android hit-man/pimp & ancient relics collector/turned vampire hunter , returns in this sequel to the popular cult-classic Frankenpimp (2010); to fight an evil, ancient demonic monster named Dracula, with his bad-girl partner: Julie Capuletti & an underground gang of dissident humans. Tex Watt Plot not found

Total Business

BT: CAD 190,000


Tony Watt [ca] - (2012) (worldwide) (all media)

Film Editors

  1. Vivita


  1. Watt, Tony (I) (painter/poster artist)

Other Titles

  1. Dracula (2014) (ENG)
    (Canada: English title) (short title)

  2. Dracula Sucks It! (2014) (ENG)
    (Canada: English title) (alternative title)

  3. Frankenpimp 2 (2010) (ENG)
    (Canada: English title) (working title)

  4. The Romeo and Juliet Massacre (2010) (ENG)
    (Canada: English title) (original script title)

  5. Tony Watt's Dracula (2014) (ENG)
    (Canada: French title) (informal alternative title)

  6. Tony Watt's Dracula Sucks It! (2014) (ENG)
    (Canada: English title) (working title)


- The movie was to be the third of filmmaker Watt's "Romeo & Juliet Trilogy" (aka "The Frankenpimp Trilogy"). Referring to filmmaker Tony Watt's successful cult-exploitation feature, made in 2009; but director Watt combined his 2 scripts: 'Frankenpimp's Revenge: The Romeo and Juliet Massacre' & 'Tony Watt's Dracula Sucks it!' to create this motion picture. The third film in the trilogy is TBA.