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First, Last, Always, once it's started, it can never end! The die is cast, once it has started it can never end

fraternity, gang-warfare, high-school, street-gang, suburban-gang,

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This is the story of Alpha Omega Theta high school fraternity, as told by AOT member Frederick M Gross. Fraternal Brotherhood follows Fred on his journey from a pledge to backyard frat keg parties on Long Island in the late 1970's. An unwitting participant at the innocent age of fourteen, Fred is drawn into Alpha Omega Theta fraternities hazing, gang fights and their street brawls. Eyewitness through Fred's eyes the total and complete degeneration from athletic rivalry into all out warfare between AOT and their rival fraternities. This movie is a look back at the days lost in time when young high school men fraternized and formed the bonds of brotherhood. The high school fraternities of Long Island functioned not only as secret societies,but also as suburban street gangs, bringing violence to their otherwise peaceful neighborhoods. The gang violence leads to a harsh crackdown by the local police and the Commisioner who considers the fraternity problem to be a thorn in his shoe. Frederick M Gross Plot not found

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CP: Frederick M Gross


- Actor Steve Buscemi, late director Ted Demme and fitness guru Jake "Body by Jake" Steinfeld were all members of Alpha Omega Theta Fraternity.