Free Ride (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Aberration Films [us]
Casm Films [us]
Pantry Films [us]

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Full Cast

  1. Acres, Tim as [Ronnie]
  2. Alvarez, Christian F. as [Student]
  3. Alvarez, Darren M. as [Student]
  4. Anthony II, Ken as [Restaurant Patron]
  5. Black, Bobby (II) as [Greasy Guy 1]
  6. Conte, Aaron as [Terry]
  7. Dudley, Quinn as [Student]
  8. Foster, V.J. as [Captain Jim]
  9. Gigandet, Cam as [Ray]
  10. Hadley, Christopher E. as [DEA Agent #2]
  11. Harn, Owen as [Security Guard]
  12. Heffner, Kyle T. as [Duane]
  13. Hephner, Jeff as
  14. Hinckley, Vincenzo as [Good Looking Bad Boy]
  15. James, Courtney (IV) as [Federal Agent] <16>
  16. Kapelos, John as [Coast Guard Captain]
  17. Kradlak, Mike as [Drug Smuggler #1]
  18. LaRose, J. as
  19. Merullo, David as [Coast Guard Captain #2]
  20. Owen, Lloyd as [The Captain]
  21. Parker, B.J. as [DEA Agent]
  22. Pepitone, Eddie as [BK]
  23. Perez, Gus as [DEA Agent]
  24. Perez, Gustavo (I) as [DEA Agent]
  25. Perez, Pedro Anaya as [Actor]
  26. Roark, Michael (I) as [Paramedic]
  27. Smith Jr., John L. as [DEA Agent] <30>
  28. Tricarico, Joey as [Hotel Manager]
  29. Vess, Brandon as [Joseph]
  30. Wayne, Ricky as [Leon] <10>
  31. Womack, Hunter as [Prison Guard] <11>
  32. Acres, Ava as [Shell]
  33. Allen, Lindsley as [Television Anchor]
  34. Alston, T.J. (III) as [Band Groupie]
  35. Andersen, Annemette as [Paramedic]
  36. Bond, Angela (II) as [Principal]
  37. de Matteo, Drea as [Sandy]
  38. Dorsey, Tara as [Jewelry Clerk]
  39. Dudley, Madison as [Student]
  40. Dudley, Mary Rachel as [Teacher #1]
  41. Fleming-Alvarez, Vivian as [ER Nurse]
  42. Garcia-Lorido, Daniella as [Zada]
  43. Gennarino, Sabrina as [Gina]
  44. Langley, Charlotte Wilson as [Band Groupie/Concert Goer]
  45. Liberato, Liana as [MJ]
  46. Lipton, Eliza as (uncredited) [Student]
  47. Miller, Carlee as (uncredited) [Prisoner]
  48. Morgan, Brit as
  49. Paquin, Anna as [Christina]
  50. Sepwa, Jannette as [Teacher #2]
  51. Williams, Nicole Paris as [Inmate #1]
  52. Yates, Yvette as [Gia]


  1. Drama

Total Business

SD: 24 October 2011 - ?

Music Composers

  1. Russo, Jeff (I)


  1. Tran, Quyen

Dress Designers

  1. Scott, Alexis (I)

Film Editors

  1. Daneau, Danny (I)


  1. Bixby, James (location scout)
  2. Clarke, Craig (IV) (key set medic)
  3. DePasquale, Jared (II) (on-set medic)
  4. Eberhart, N. Connor (office production assistant)
  5. Greene-Griebel, Kasandra (production coordinator)
  6. Loeber, Danny (production assistant)
  7. Merullo, David (safety diver)
  8. Mulloy, Melissa (location manager)
  9. Rosaire, Ellian (animal trainer/handler)
  10. Schaffer, Scott (I) (clearance coordinator)
  11. Speed, Ken (set medic)
  12. Tenser, Jeremy (production attorney)
  13. Warren, Shelby Q. (assistant location manager)
  14. Warren, Shelby Q. (assistant to accountant)