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(Hollywood) USA

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For Those Who've Gone There and Back

ptsd, suicide, veteran, vietnam-war,

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  1. Drama

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The story of an Iraq Vet, interviewed in prison by a Vietnam Vet doing a documentary for a major network on vets in prison. During the interview, Sonny confesses to killing a group of civilians in combat. It was this incident that landed him in prison. It weighed so heavily on his soul that he had he tried to commit suicide by holding up a bar with an unloaded weapon and is sentenced to eight years for attempted robbery. The tortured Iraq vet is the principal focus of the film. After the documentary airs, a group of outraged viewers petition for the vet's release and win him parole. When he gets out he finds there's nowhere he can go where people don't know him, and know what he did including his son from a broken marriage, who won't speak to him. The Iraq Vet character then goes after the documentary to kill him, but what Ben really wants is to be killed. And what the documentary really wants is to be killed for his sins in Vietnam. Both men take the journey together. Rita Lewis Plot not found

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BT: USD 5,000,000


Sonny Barrow: ...and you stop and think about the sons and his dreams that aren't going to be anymore. Not just the people that you shot, not the people that you killed, but the lives that you killed... and that does it for your own. Sonny Barrow: And then after that all takes place, and you're put back in a society full of civilized people, and you take up civilized ways... You find that all people are people... that all people have dreams... that all mothers have sons, that all men have sweethearts.