Fugly! (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Bigel Entertainment [us]
Contento Pictures [co] - (co-production)
Rebel Films [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 17 June 2013

Running Time


comedian, exclamation-point-in-title, one-word-title, punctuation-in-title,

Technical Support
CAM:Arriflex Cameras
CAM:Red One Camera

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Full Cast

  1. Auer, John (I) as [Theatre Patron]
  2. Castro, David (V) as [Kid Ray]
  3. Cossari, Salvatore as (uncredited) [NYU Sounguy/Doorman]
  4. Dunne, Griffin as [Jefferey] <4>
  5. Jones, Ty (I) as [Paramedic #1]
  6. Kirk, Robert C. as [College Cop]
  7. Lazar, Paul (I) as [Theater Director]
  8. Leguizamo, John as [Jesse] <1>
  9. Martinez, Sebastian (II) as [Kid Jesse]
  10. Milian, Tomas as [Gramps] <6>
  11. Nicholson, Edgar as [Funeral mourner]
  12. Rees, Dennis (II) as [Cab Driver]
  13. Rodriguez, Frank (I) as [Mom's Boyfriend]
  14. Sheldon, Matt (VI) as (uncredited) [Theatre Patron/NYC Businessman]
  15. Solis, Felix as [Pops]
  16. Steiger, Mark as (uncredited) [Restaurant Waiter]
  17. Tammi, Tom as [Mr. Perry]
  18. Vazquez, Yul as [Ray] <4>
  19. Verhaeghe, Victor as [Real Estate Agent]
  20. Young, Edward X. as (uncredited) [Theatre Patron]
  21. Baldwin Montgomery, Tomorrow as (as Tomorrow Montgomery) [Girl #1]
  22. Bingham, Margot as [Gorgeous Black Girl]
  23. Dickson, M. as [Smart Girl]
  24. Dluginski, Shirley as (uncredited) [Extra]
  25. Fierman, Hannah (I) as [Bug Eyed Girl]
  26. Grob, Julia as [Zowie's Bridesmad]
  27. Hetzer, Kate (II) as [Theatre Goer]
  28. Hui, Teresa as [Hot Girl]
  29. Idakaar, Melody as [Vasser College Freshman]
  30. Jordan-Meryll, Cindy as [Zaftig Woman]
  31. Kroll, Ginger as [Holly]
  32. Merediz, Olga as [Moms] <7>
  33. Mitchell, Donna (I) as [Mrs. Perry]
  34. Mitchell, Radha as [Lara] <2>
  35. Moore, Jackie (IV) as [Pretty Girl]
  36. Ortiz, Jasmine (I) as [Girl #2]
  37. Perez, Rosie as [Zowie] <3>
  38. Pimentel, Jessica as [Caroline]
  39. Reeves, Perrey as [Penny]
  40. Ruiz, Nina as [Dj]
  41. Rumierk, Shirley as [Young Moms]
  42. Segura, Natalia (I) as [Paula]
  43. Sheedy, Ally as [Stoddard] <5>
  44. Weiler, Tracy as [Southern Belle]
  45. Zwick, Alyse as [Molly]


  1. Comedy

Full Plot

JESSE SANCHEZ, an artist/comedian gives the performance of his life. During a New Year's party, Jesse fakes a suicide attempt wrapping a retractable dog leash around his neck, accidentally knocks himself out, and sinks into the waters of his bathtub. Jesse gets the chance to reflect, possibly for the last time, upon his life and love. Known for his envelope pushing performances, Jesse's near death experience bends reality to stage and back again. He takes the audience across the universe of his life's greatest love stories, his quest for fame and the connection both play in understanding who he is underneath it all. With a bump on his head and a bruise on his heart, Jesse finds his way, reconciling with the fates, emerging from the tub to return to the stage a new man...well, at least a man with one hell of a story to tell. Kathy DeMarco Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 1,000,000

Music Composers

  1. Levine, Michael A. (I)


  1. Schreiber, Nancy

Dress Designers

  1. Owings, Richard


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  1. Adames, James (production assistant)
  2. Auger, Joseph (production assistant)
  3. Boche, Michelle (production office production assistant)
  4. Cary, Chelsey (production assistant)
  5. Clifton, Kim (production office production assistant)
  6. Denysenko, Olenka (script supervisor)
  7. Eisenberg, Josh (I) (production assistant)
  8. Frank, Micah (assistant to John Leguizamo)
  9. Gallagher, Brenden (IV) (location scout)
  10. Glenn, Jammie (office production assistant)
  11. Gonzalez, Aaron (assistant to John Leguizamo)
  12. Gonzalez, Aaron (assistant to writer)
  13. Gray, Jonathan (IV) (production counsel)
  14. Howard, Morgan (II) (production accountant)
  15. Kim, Taylor (I) (production assistant)
  16. Lai, Michelle (I) (production assistant)
  17. Lovett, Matthew S. (production assistant)
  18. Mafoua, Chancelle (production office production assistant)
  19. Malfa, Sonia (electronic press kit director)
  20. Marulanda, Alejandro (office production assistant)
  21. McLaurin, Steven (production assistant)
  22. Mendez, Ray (IV) (location manager)
  23. Ottenberg, Elya (assistant locations manager)
  24. Prevost, Darryl (production assistant)
  25. Soto, Edy (assistant to director)
  26. Stoller, Andrew (assistant production office coordinator)
  27. Surendran, Anita (production counsel)
  28. Warhaftig, Collin (production coordinator)
  29. Warhaftig, Maron (production assistant)
  30. Williams III, John D. (production assistant)
  31. Williams, Hughroy (location scout)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. New York City, New York, USA