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Today, one in four people is overweight. One in six is malnourished, and more children die from malnutrition than anything else. For the first time in human history, tomorrow's generation is predicted to die younger because of today's food system. Generation Food will be a book and a film that take an in-depth look at the innovative efforts and obstacles around the world to fixing the world's food system. Raj Patel, author of Stuffed and Starved, and New York Times' bestselling The Value of Nothing, is writing the book. For the film he is working with director Steve James (Hoop Dreams, The Interrupters). Together, they will chronicle complex and contradictory journeys to find sustainable solutions to feed the world. This film's main subjects will be found on the front lines of the food crisis in communities around the world - many in unexpected places, from boardrooms to villages. Their expertise will come not from a textbook, but from lives in which the contradictions are far richer than theories could ever predict. We will see their often heroic struggle to care for one another over a shared table, making sure that there's enough good food for everyone. The documentary will profile a few central characters in depth, rather than presenting a parade of traditional experts. It will aim to bring viewers to a very human level - the one where true social change is being made. Kartemquin Films Plot not found