"Generator Rex" (2010) {Lost Weekend (#2.3)} TV Season

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Overview "Generator Rex" Season 02 Episode 03 (S02E03)



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Release Date
(USA) - 18 February 2011

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Full Cast

  1. Baker, Troy (II) as (voice) [Etude/Male Party Goer]
  2. DiMaggio, John as (voice) [Bobo Haha]
  3. Lewis, Blake (II) as (voice) [Thump]
  4. Marsden, Jason as (voice) [Skwydd]
  5. Sabara, Daryl as (voice) [Rex] <1>
  6. Simmons, J.K. as (voice) [White Knight]
  7. Soucie, Kath as (voice) [Mouse/Female Party Goer]
  8. Wesley, Rutina as (voice) [Providence Agent Kenwyn Jones]

Music Composers

  1. Manthei, Kevin


  1. Long, Matthew (XII) (production assistant)


Rex: I don't have all the details, but I do know that it's one night only. Out in the middle of the desert and it's the party of the century. Bobo Haha: Whoa. Whoa. Whoa! The desert? You know I got issues with sand... and large spiders. Rex: Would you rather spend your Friday night here? Bobo Haha: Ooo. The kid has a point. White Knight: With civilians there, we can't just send in the tanks. I need you to observe the situation and report back so I can decide how to handle this. Rex: So you're assigning us... to party?... Just the two of us? White Knight: Actually there will be three of you on this one. Rex: Oh no. No. No way are you going to make us bring Six to a party! White Knight: Six isn't who I had in mind. Providence Agent Kenwyn Jones: I'm excited to be working wit you, Rex. [to White Knight] And thank you for your trust in me, sir. I promise to do my part to make the team as focused, efficient and methodical as possible. Rex: Is it too late to get Six? Rex: By the way you got something on your face there. [Skwydd wipes his face] Looks like kind of a... smile. Don't think I've seen one on you before. Skwydd: Whatever. I always said if I gotta be a freak, might as well get paid for it. Skwydd: [about Jones] She's a load of laughs. Rex: Yeah. First time we met, she pretty much tried to kill me... Hmm, funny. Last time we met you tried to kill me too. Skwydd: It's the thought that counts. Rex: Look, I just know from experience that you can't report everything to White. Sometimes things aren't as bad as they sound. [There's a scream in the background] Yeah. That sounds bad. Providence Agent Kenwyn Jones: It doesn't matter. I'm making the call to White. Rex: Wait... What Skwydd did... something's not right. Providence Agent Kenwyn Jones: I agree. The Evos here are obviously a threat. Rex: No, I mean it doesn't add up. Skwydd was happy... Okay, it's Skwydd, maybe that's an exaggeration. Providence Agent Kenwyn Jones: [after Rex's onstage performance] I guess it's safe to say you just blew our cover. Rex: Oh, we just showed up with a talking monkey. I'm kind of world famous. And wearing that outfit - you totally blend. Providence Agent Kenwyn Jones: Haven't you ever heard of "dressing for success?" Rex: It's a good day when I can find my socks. Providence Agent Kenwyn Jones: [Rex is buried under some rubble] Providence. We need back up. Do you copy?... Come on Kenwyn, keep it together. [Rex frees himself] Rex! Rex: When you call Providence for back up, *I'm* the one they send. Bobo Haha: [after a partygoer runs past him] I hear ya. But any party with no line for the bathroom can't be all bad. [Notices a berserk evo. Bobo gets grabbed] Do me a favor, will ya? Hit him! Rex: I don't want to hit the guy. It's not his fault. Rex: If I hit him, he blows up my machines. If he hits me, he'll make my evo powers go berserk. I can't do anything! Providence Agent Kenwyn Jones: But since I don't have those problems, I can! White Knight: Rex did what? Providence Agent Kenwyn Jones: Like I said in my report: he - did everything by the book. White Knight: I'm very - surprised by that. Rex: Me too. Providence Agent Kenwyn Jones: Well - that's my report sir. White Knight: Is it now? Then you are leaving me no choice, Agent Jones, but to make sure you two get teamed up again. Rex: I'm actually cool with that. Providence Agent Kenwyn Jones: Me too. Bobo Haha: Whoa. Whoa. Where does that leave me? Rex: If I had to guess, with a lot less to do. Bobo Haha: In that case, welcome aboard!