"Generator Rex" (2010) {Mixed Signals (#2.7)} TV Season

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Overview "Generator Rex" Season 02 Episode 07 (S02E07)



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(USA) - 25 March 2011

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Full Cast

  1. Baker, Troy (II) as (voice) [Van Kleiss/Biowulf/Providence Solder 1] <5>
  2. DiMaggio, John as (voice) [Bobo Haha] <4>
  3. Kurth, Wally as (voice) [Agent Six] <2>
  4. Rodríguez, Freddy (I) as (voice) [Caesar/Contraption Voice/Providence Solder #2] <6>
  5. Sabara, Daryl as (voice) [Rex] <1>
  6. Simmons, J.K. as (voice) (uncredited) [White Knight]
  7. DeLisle, Grey as (voice) [Dr. Holiday] <3>

Music Composers

  1. Manthei, Kevin


  1. Long, Matthew (XII) (production assistant)


Agent Six: [after Rex makes a new build] You want to explain this? Rex: I don't know. It's like some weird vision of this thing filled my head, the it built itself out of me. Maybe the vision came from Blobbo. Maybe it's trying to talk to me. [Rex runs up to the blob] Come on, big boy. Send me some more pictures. What's on your mind? [pause. The blob hits Rex into a car then enters a building] Agent Six: Groceries. That's what's on its mind. Rex: [after Rex splits the blob in two] Heh. I wasn't supposed to do that, right? Agent Six: Rex, I want you back at HQ. Rex: But I feel okay now. And - and we've got um... two blobs to put down. Agent Six: Now! Rex: [Gasp] Pizza. Dr. Holiday: I think he's having another vision. Bobo Haha: Of lunch? Rex: With pineapple and salmon. Bobo Haha: Yeech. He is nuts. Dr. Holiday: Aside from a strange taste in pizza toppings. All readings are normal. I can't explain it. Bobo Haha: Is that my electric toothbrush? Rex: It better *not* be! It's the one I've been using! Rex: Figures I'd build a machine with a serious attitude problem. Caesar: Rex, is that you? Rex: Who's asking? Caesar: It's me - Caesar - your brother! Caesar: Mi hijo. You're alive... and older. Atomic clock was right. Esta es una problema grande. Rex: Uh yeah, it is a big problem. Caesar: What is this place? Who are you people? [to Rex] Caesar: I'm getting you out of here! Bobo Haha: Sorry amigo. Put your hands up, or don't - I got a clear shot either way. Rex: Normally around here when someone barges in talking crazy, the get pounded to the deck plates by my giant fists. But you seem legit. I'm going with him. Dr. Holiday: REX! Rex: Okay, brother, lead the way. Caesar: Your name is Rex Salazar. Our parents are Violeta and Rafael. The last time I saw you was at the Applied Nanite Research Lab at Abysus. Right before those fools triggered the replication cycle. Rex: And I have total amnesia so for all I know, that could be completely bogus. Caesar: There's a scar on the back of your left knee you got when you were 7 - riding the gantry arm in the Reactor Annex. Caesar: [about Rylander] I'm really going to have to let that old fool have it when I see him. Rex: Not possible. Courtsey of Van Kleiss. Caesar: Van Kleiss? What does that third-rate lab rat have to do with this? Rex: Wait a second. Are you saying I'm Swiss? Caesar: Not really. Mother was born in Mexico. Father in Bueno Aires. Rex: And they're really gone? Rex: Um, where exactly did this ship take us? Caesar: What do you know? We're back at the original lab site. Rex: You mean the one in Abysus? Caesar: Is that a problem? Rex: I'd say just a small one. Caesar: My little brother - the hero. I remember when you just wanted to be a musician. Rex: Guitar? No, wait - drums? Caesar: Accordian. White Knight: If everything I've read about him is true, he could be an incredible asset to Providence. Agent Six: Or a major liability. White Knight: All the more reason to keep him with us. Give him whatever he needs. Dr. Holiday: White's right, Six. He knows more about nanites than anyone on the planet. He helped invent them. Agent Six: My point exactly! Agent Six: I'm happy for you, Rex. You always said you wanted to find your family. Rex: Thanks but you know what?... I already did. Caesar may be my brother, but you, Holiday, Bobo: you're who I have a connection with. Bobo Haha: Oh now you see? I'm getting all misty. Caesar: [Caesar enters] There you are. Hmm. Nice view. Say mi hijo, you think your cafeteria could with up a pizza with pineapple and salmon? I've been craving one for days. Bobo Haha: Connection, huh?