Geraldine Page: Stages of a Dream (2012) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Full Cast

  1. Abraham, F. Murray as (rumored) [Himself] <1>
  2. Albee, Edward as (rumored) [Himself] <2>
  3. Berman, Shelley as (rumored) [Himself] <4>
  4. Caulfield, Maxwell as (rumored) [Himself] <6>
  5. Chamberlain, Richard (I) as (rumored) [Himself] <7>
  6. Cox, Brian (I) as (rumored) [Himself] <8>
  7. Eastwood, Clint as (rumored) [Himself] <11>
  8. Gage, Martin as (rumored) [Himself] <13>
  9. Hackford, Taylor as (rumored) [Himself] <14>
  10. Heard, John (I) as (rumored) [Himself] <15>
  11. Holbrook, Hal as (rumored) [Himself] <17>
  12. Landau, Martin as (rumored) [Himself] <21>
  13. Lindsay-Hogg, Michael as (rumored) [Himself] <16>
  14. Loggia, Robert as (rumored) [Himself] <23>
  15. Middleton, Clark as (rumored) [Himself] <25>
  16. Naughton, James as (rumored) [Himself] <26>
  17. Roberts, Eric (I) as (rumored) [Himself] <29>
  18. Rydell, Mark as (rumored) [Himself] <31>
  19. Weber, Steven (I) as (rumored) [Himself] <35>
  20. Ashley, Elizabeth (I) as (rumored) [Herself] <3>
  21. Burstyn, Ellen as [Herself] <1>
  22. De Mornay, Rebecca as (rumored) [Herself] <9>
  23. Dukakis, Olympia as (rumored) [Herself] <10>
  24. Ivey, Judith as (rumored) [Herself] <18>
  25. Knight, Shirley (I) as (rumored) [Herself] <19>
  26. Ladd, Margaret as (rumored) [Herself] <20>
  27. Learned, Michael as (rumored) [Herself] <22>
  28. Plummer, Amanda as (rumored) [Herself] <27>
  29. Roberts, Doris as (rumored) [Herself] <28>
  30. Seldes, Marian as (rumored) [Herself] <32>
  31. Shelley, Carol as (rumored) [Herself] <33>
  32. Warren, Lesley Ann as (rumored) [Herself] <34>


  1. Documentary

Full Plot

Experience the astonishing journey of actress Geraldine Page who became one of the most dazzling phenomenons of the 20th Century. This stunning documentary reveals the remarkable story a theatrical genius who showed the world just how far we can dream if we have courage to reach for it. On stage, Geraldine's complex characterizations set a new standard of excellence that inspired an entire generation. On screen, she threw away the rule book on what a movie actress should be and wrote her own. Unpredictable. Rebellious. Fearless. Geraldine ignited hope in everyone who has ever wished for something bigger, something better. For the first time, this legend is brought to life, illuminating the authenticity and ambition of an actress who refused to succumb to limitations and proved that true originals don't conform to expectations. They change them. Forever. The Publicity Department Plot not found


  1. Cerf, Bennett (II)