Geronimo: An American Legend (1993) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
6.3/ 10 (4672 Votes)

MPAA Ratings
Rated PG-13 for frontier violence

Production Company
Columbia Pictures Corporation [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 10 December 1993
(Austria) - 1994
(Finland) - 25 March 1994
(France) - 30 March 1994
(Spain) - 15 April 1994

Running Time

A Warrior. A Leader. A Legend. His name would never be forgotten.

ambush, apache, bar-fight, bar-shootout, based-on-true-story, battle, battlefield, blood, blood-spatter, bounty-hunter, bow-and-arrow, brigadier-general, captain, cavalry-charge, challenge, character-name-in-title, child-suicide, combat, cowboy-boots, cowboy-hat, cowboy-shirt, cowboys-and-indians, dead-children, first-lieutenant, general,

Technical Support
CAM:Panavision Cameras and Lenses
LAB:Technicolor, Hollywood (CA), USA
MET:3153 m - (Sweden)
OFM:35 mm - (Eastman EXR 200T 5293, EXR 500T 5296)
PCS:Panavision - (anamorphic)
PFM:35 mm
PFM:70 mm - (blow-up)
RAT:2.20 : 1 - (70 mm prints)
RAT:2.35 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Aaron, Victor (I) as [Ulzana] <10>
  2. Adams, Michael (I) as [Schoonover Gang] <41>
  3. Augare, Buzz as [Native American] <45>
  4. Bass, Monty (I) as [Dead Shot] <21>
  5. Beaver, Jim (I) as [Proclamation Officer] <44>
  6. Ben, Arland F. as [Native American] <46>
  7. Ben, Virgil Joe as [Native American] <47>
  8. Bennett, Burnette as [Skip-Hey] <31>
  9. Biscardi, Eugene as (uncredited) [Dancer at Ball]
  10. Blanchard, Morgan as (uncredited) [Cavalryman]
  11. Boone Junior, Mark as [Afraid Miner] <27>
  12. Brown, Billy (II) as (as Bill Brown) [Native American] <48>
  13. Brown, Clifford (III) as [Native American] <49>
  14. Brownfeather, Jimmy as [Native American] <50>
  15. Burgdorf, James as [Native American] <51>
  16. Callard, Roger as [Sgt. Mulrey] <25>
  17. Case, Michael (I) as [Native American] <52>
  18. Contreras, Luis (I) as [Rurale Officer] <34>
  19. Cox, Kurt Hamilton as [Cavalry] <68>
  20. Crabbe, Scott as [Courier at Ball] <23>
  21. Cruz López, Francisco as [Cavalry] <78>
  22. Damon, Matt as [Lt. Britton Davis] <5>
  23. Davisson, Cary A. as [Cavalry] <69>
  24. de Broux, Lee as [City Marshal Joe Hawkins] <14>
  25. Dunn, R.B. as [Native American] <53>
  26. Duvall, Robert as [Al Sieber] <3>
  27. Edward, Barry as [Cavalry] <70>
  28. Erickson, Robert (I) as [Cavalry] <71>
  29. Farris, Mark B. as [Cavalry] <72>
  30. Finn, John (I) as [Capt. Hentig] <13>
  31. Fitzpatrick, Chuck (II) as [Cavalry] <73>
  32. Frye, Gordon as (uncredited) [Cavalry Lieutenant]
  33. Gainey, M.C. as [Unafraid Miner] <28>
  34. Gamble, Glen as [Cavalry] <74>
  35. Gatewood, Jefferson as [Native American] <54>
  36. Gier, Michael as (uncredited) [Calvalry/Principal Dancer]
  37. Glatthaar, Eric W. as [Cavalry] <75>
  38. Gobert, Frank as [Native American] <55>
  39. Goossen, Greg as [Schoonover Gang] <39>
  40. Grant, Rodney A. as [Mangas] <6>
  41. Grant, Stuart Proud Eagle as [Sgt. Dutchy] <11>
  42. Hackman, Gene as [Brig. Gen. George Crook] <2>
  43. Harvey, Anderson as [Native American] <56>
  44. Hoffmann, Pato as [The Dreamer] <22>
  45. Holiday, Steven as [Native American] <57>
  46. Honohan, William C. as [Cavalry] <76>
  47. Howell, Hoke as [Billy Pickett] <16>
  48. Ironpipe, Craig as (as Craig Iron Pipe) [Native American] <58>
  49. Jones, Armond as [Cavalry] <77>
  50. Lee, George (I) as [Native American] <59>
  51. Linn, Juddson Keith as [Bronco Apache] <26>
  52. Madplume, Aarie E. as [Native American] <60>
  53. Manygoats, Jim as [Ailing Apache] <36>
  54. Martin Jr., Richard as [Apache Medicine Man] <17>
  55. McHattie, Stephen as [Schoonover] <12>
  56. McNiven, Kevin as [Cavalry] <79>
  57. Minjarez, Michael as [Dandy Jim] <30>
  58. Myers, Mark (I) as [Cavalry] <80>
  59. Nez Jr., Henry as [Native American] <62>
  60. Nez, Harrison as [Native American] <61>
  61. Norwood, Gary L. as [Cavalry] <81>
  62. Oliver, Peter P. as [Native American] <63>
  63. Palomino, Carlos as [Sgt. Turkey] <9>
  64. Patric, Jason as [Lt. Charles Gatewood] <1>
  65. Reed, Richard Jay as [Cavalry] <82>
  66. Reed, Sam (I) as [Cavalry] <83>
  67. Reevis, Steve as [Chato] <8>
  68. Robles, Walter as [Schoonover Gang] <42>
  69. Rodriguez, Lonnie as [Cavalry] <84>
  70. Ruud, Michael as [Chaplain] <29>
  71. Saggboy, Leo J. as [Native American] <64>
  72. Schmidt, Anthony G. as (as Anthony Schmidt) [Schoonover Gang] <43>
  73. Schultz, Stanley as [Cavalry] <85>
  74. Skyhawk, Sonny as [Schoonover Gang] <40>
  75. Stein, Michael (I) as [Cavalry] <86>
  76. Strouss, James N. as [Cavalry] <87>
  77. Studi, Wes as [Geronimo] <4>
  78. Thunder, Rino as [Old Nana] <15>
  79. Tighe, Kevin (I) as [Brig. Gen. Nelson Miles] <7>
  80. Tom, Donahue as [Native American] <65>
  81. Ward, Jonathan (I) as [C.S. Fly] <33>
  82. Whipple, Robert as (as Robert S. Whipple) [Native American] <66>
  83. White Jr., Larry as [Native American] <67>
  84. Wilson, Raliegh as [Yaqui Dave] <19>
  85. Wilson, Scott (I) as [Redondo] <37>
  86. Young, J. as [Hawkins' Deputy] <18>
  87. Biscardi, Jessica as (uncredited) [Dancer at Ball]
  88. Bonifield, Rocky as (as Roxanne 'Rocky' Meyers) [Soldier's Wife/Waltz Dancer]
  89. Larson, Eva as [Cantina Waitress] <38>
  90. Lee, Jaquelin as (as Jacquelin Lee) [Apache Woman] <35>
  91. Old Coyote, Jackie as [Apache Vision Woman] <20>
  92. Pretzinger, Patricia as [Woman at Ball] <24>
  93. Smith, Davina as [Dead Shot's Wife] <32>
  94. Smith, Lynn Dee as (uncredited) [Dancer at Ball]


  1. Drama
  2. History
  3. Western

Full Plot

The Apache Indians have reluctantly agreed to settle on a US Government approved reservation. Not all the Apaches are able to adapt to the life of corn farmers. One in particular, Geronimo, is restless. Pushed over the edge by broken promises and necessary actions by the government, Geronimo and thirty or so other warriors form an attack team which humiliates the government by evading capture, while reclaiming what is rightfully theirs. Rob Hartill Plot not found

Total Business

AD: 65,770 (Germany) BT: USD 35,000,000 CP: Magnolia Productions, Inc. and Sweetland Films BV, 1996 GR: USD 13,736,475 (USA)

Movie Certificate

16 (Iceland)
12 (South Korea)
12 (Germany)(f)
M (Australia)
12 (Germany)(DVD rating)
M/12 (Portugal)
14 (Peru)
13 (Argentina)
14 (Chile)
K-14 (Finland)
15 (Norway)
T (Spain)
15 (Sweden)
12 (UK)
PG-13 (USA)(#32367)
PG (Singapore)

Music Composers

  1. Cooder, Ry


  1. Ahern II, Lloyd (as Lloyd Ahern)

Dress Designers

  1. Moore, Dan (I)


Columbia Pictures [us] - (1993) (USA) (theatrical)
Columbia TriStar Film [de] - (1994) (Germany) (theatrical)
Columbia TriStar Films AB [se] - (1994) (Sweden) (theatrical)
Columbia TriStar Films [fr] - (1994) (France) (theatrical)
Columbia TriStar Films de Argentina [ar] - (1994) (Argentina) (theatrical)
Columbia TriStar Films de España [es] - (Spain)
Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment [de] - (2001) (Germany) (DVD)
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Columbia TriStar [us] - (USA) (DVD)
Columbia TriStar [us] - (USA) (laserdisc)
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Musikservice Sweden [se] - (2009) (Sweden) (DVD)
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment [de] - (2001) (Germany) (DVD)
Universal Pictures Nordic [se] - (2001) (Sweden) (DVD)

Film Editors

  1. Aron, Donn
  2. Davies, Carmel
  3. Davies, Freeman A. (as Freeman Davies)


  1. Altomari, Christine (assistant production coordinator)
  2. Arnold, Cindy Lee (assistant accountant) (as Cindy Arnold)
  3. Barrett-Barbier, Paula (script supervisor) (as Paula Barrett)
  4. Beers, Bruce A. (craft service)
  5. Campbell, Larry D. (assistant location manager: Moab)
  6. Colley, Ray (II) (wrangler)
  7. Darrow, Leland Michael (consultant: Native Americans)
  8. Day, Karen (I) (production accountant)
  9. Didio Jr., Tony (armorer)
  10. Ellis, Mark (V) (set production assistant)
  11. Empey-Baxter, Erin (stand-in) (uncredited)
  12. Fitzgerald, Eric (I) (title designer)
  13. Flynn, Riley (cavalry coordinator)
  14. Frasco, Jay (set production assistant: second unit) (as Gerald J. Frasco)
  15. Gaines, Eb (set production assistant)
  16. Howard, Christine (II) (assistant: Mr. Hill)
  17. Johnson, Carol (II) (assistant: Mr. Hill)
  18. Jones, Karen R. (unit publicist)
  19. Lasher, Cindy (first aid)
  20. Lazzaro, Greg (location manager)
  21. Lewis, Todd (I) (assistant: Mr. Hill)
  22. Minjarez, Michael (dialect supervisor: Apache)
  23. Moreno, Doug (assistant accountant)
  24. Mundo, Michelene (I) (set production assistant)
  25. Pruitt, James (III) (set production assistant)
  26. Saccio, Sandra Maltz (production coordinator) (as Sandra Maltz)
  27. Skyhawk, Sonny (consultant: Native Americans)
  28. Strobel, Desmond F. (choreographer)
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  30. Ugland, Rudy (head wrangler)
  31. Wallace, Kelly C. (assistant: Mr. Canton)
  32. Watterson, Eve (production secretary)
  33. Whitcomb, Regina (dancer at ball)
  34. Wilson, Brad (I) (assistant: Robert Duvall)
  35. Wolf, W. Scott (set production assistant) (as Scott Wolf)
  36. Young, Jerry (II) (wrangler gang boss)


Al Sieber, Chief of Scouts: There's two dead women there... and two little kids. They scalped them all, all four of 'em. Bounty hunters. The government down here pays 200 pesos a head for men, 100 for women and 50 for those kids. They kill any Indian and then claim they are Apache. I don't see how any man can sink so low. Must be Texans... the lowest form of white man there is. Al Sieber, Chief of Scouts: I just think you're a real sad case. You don't love who you're fighting for, and you don't hate who you're fighting against. 1st Lt. Charles B. Gatewood: Perhaps I could learn to hate with the proper vigor from you, Al. Geronimo: With all this land, why is there no room for the Apache? Why does the White-Eye want all land? 1st Lt. Charles B. Gatewood: The Apache go where the best fight is. It's a moral value once you understand it. 1st Lt. Charles B. Gatewood: That was a great shot! Geronimo: Not so great, I was aiming for his head. Geronimo: No guns, No bullets could ever kill me. That was my power... Now my time is over. 2nd Lt. Britton Davis: As he handed over his weapons, Geronimo simply said: "Once I moved about like the wind. Now I surrender and that is all." Al Sieber, Chief of Scouts: I'm going to go on down to Tucson and I'm going to get drunk!

Other Titles

  1. Geronimo (1994) (ENG)

  2. Geronimo (1994) (ENG)

  3. Geronimo (1994) (ENG)

  4. Geronimo - Das Blut der Apachen (1994) (ENG)

  5. Geronimo - Eine Legende (1994) (ENG)

  6. Geronimo - Das Blut der Apachen (1994) (GER)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Moab, Utah, USA
  2. Monticello, Utah, USA
  3. Old Tucson - 201 S. Kinney Road, Tucson, Arizona, USA
  4. Professor Valley, Moab, Utah, USA
  5. Sony Pictures Studios - 10202 W. Washington Blvd., Culver City, California, USA - (studio)


- 'Jason Patric' (qv) beat 'Patrick Swayze' (qv) and 'Alec Baldwin' (qv) to the main role.

- Patric showed his considerable horsemanship in the scene where he has a one-on-one showdown with an Apache warrior. Patrick goes from laying across his horse prone on the ground, to ordering the horse back onto its feet while he mounts it as it quickly rolls upright - rifle in one hand, reins in the other.

- According to a interview with 'Walter Hill (I)' (qv), he never liked the title of the movie "Geronimo: An American Legend" because he never felt the movie was about Geronimo but about the men who had caught Geronimo. In that same interview, he stated there is a longer version to the movie, he was forced to cut it down by 12 minutes; in his own words, he describes the version as a "damn good" version and felt that the studio should released that version on DVD.