Gods Behaving Badly (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Big Beach Films [us]
Red Hour Films [us]

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Technical Support
CAM:Arri Alexa
PCS:ARRIRAW - (2.8K) (source format)
PCS:Digital Intermediate - (2K) (master format)

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Full Cast

  1. Alberson, Andrew as
  2. Anderson, Eric (XXI) as [Mayor Questioner #3]
  3. Arnold, Solima as [Town Hall Spectator]
  4. Auriemma, Anthony as (uncredited) [Supporting]
  5. Black, Akim as (uncredited) [Blanket Huddler]
  6. Blaemire, Nick as [Dana]
  7. Brown, Corey (IX) as [Town Hall Spectator]
  8. Connell, Frank Wolf as [Blanket Crowd]
  9. Corapi, Richard R. as [Blanket Huddler]
  10. Crowe, Michael (IV) as [Wedding Guest]
  11. Dodson, Ryan (III) as [Looter]
  12. Dugan, Daniel (IV) as [Heckler #3]
  13. Ellis, Nelsan as [Dionysus]
  14. Fleshler, Glenn as [Cerberus]
  15. French, Arthur as [End of Days Street Preacher]
  16. Frutkin, Jeremy as [Wedding Guest]
  17. Glick, Gideon as [Eros]
  18. Hiller, Jeff as [First Follower]
  19. Husted, Patrick as [Security Guard]
  20. Jian as [Neil's Friend]
  21. Kruz, Alex as [Minor god]
  22. Lawrence, Steven G. as (uncredited) [Interested Guy]
  23. Lommel, Eric as (uncredited) [Wedding Guest]
  24. Mandvi, Aasif as [Maxwell]
  25. Mason, Michael DeeJay Millz as [Angry Man in Crowd]
  26. Mavungo, John as [Wedding Guest]
  27. McAnally, Raymond as [Heckler #2]
  28. McNeal, Randall as [Usher]
  29. Mendelow, Josh as [Mayor Questioner #2]
  30. Mitchell, John (XXXI) as [Unruly Pedestrian]
  31. Moss-Bachrach, Ebon as [Neil]
  32. Murphy, Matthew Peter as (uncredited) [Wedding Guest]
  33. Naidu, Ajay (I) as [The Producer]
  34. Newman, Jesse (II) as (uncredited) [Boom Operator]
  35. O Brien, Gil as [Passerby]
  36. Ozim, Andre as [Wedding Guest]
  37. Paul, Greg (II) as [Studio Cameraman]
  38. Platt, Oliver as [Apollo]
  39. Pollack, Roy as [Upscale Party Goer]
  40. Smaltz, Mark Kenneth as [Mayor Questioner #1] <40>
  41. Southerland, Kelly as [Softball Player]
  42. Swenson, Will as [Aries]
  43. Turturro, John as [Hades]
  44. Uzimann, Naeem as [Wedding Guest]
  45. Vaina, Chris as [Blanket Crowd]
  46. Vigil, Steven as [Crowd Heckler]
  47. Walken, Christopher as [Zeus]
  48. Whelski, Joseph as [Edwardian Chess Player]
  49. Wilcox, James (XII) as (uncredited) [Wardrobe Crew]
  50. Wilson, James (XLVII) as (uncredited) [Wedding Guest]
  51. Witting, Steve as [Carl]
  52. Zebrowski, Henry as [Hermes]
  53. Zully, Stewart J. as [Angry Man in Crowd]
  54. Ali, Jasmine as [Little Girl]
  55. Avery, Finise as
  56. Babb, Sarah as [TV Newswoman]
  57. Byrd, Teena as [High Society Wedding Guest]
  58. Chimo, Tracee as [Architect #1]
  59. Cohn, Lauren (I) as [Sheila]
  60. Commissiong, Carol as [NYPD Uniform Officer]
  61. Falco, Edie as [Artemis]
  62. Francis, Marcia M as [Town Hall Crowd Heckler]
  63. Gelber, Jordan Elizabeth as [Banquet Party Member]
  64. Ghisel, Nikki as
  65. Howard, Rosemary (II) as [Distraught Woman]
  66. Kaminskaite, Zivile as [Wedding Guest]
  67. Katehis, Beth as [Walking Dead]
  68. Kayal, Heather M. as (uncredited) [Crowd Spectator with Lantern]
  69. Lauret, Laryssa as [Trudy]
  70. Merkel, Annika as (uncredited) [Scrabble Player]
  71. Nathan, Hope Anne as (uncredited) [Blanket Huddler]
  72. Owens, Evan Elise as [Kate Look-A-Like]
  73. Perez, Rosie as [Persephone]
  74. Ramirez, Agueda as [High Society Wedding Guest]
  75. Rapp, Anna as [Panic New Yorker]
  76. Rapp, Ilana as [Panic New Yorker]
  77. Rashad, Phylicia as [Demeter]
  78. Sauve, Gloria as [Tourist]
  79. Silverstone, Alicia as [Kate]
  80. Stone, Sharon (I) as [Aphrodite]
  81. Vincent, Barbara (I) as [TV Newswoman]
  82. Violette, Darlene as [Heckler #1]
  83. Weigert, Robin as [Vicky the Tree]
  84. Wheatley, Sharon as [Sylvie]


  1. Comedy
  2. Drama

Total Business

SD: 16 July 2011 - 23 September 2011


  1. Fujimoto, Tak

Dress Designers

  1. Baksic, Amela


  1. Alicea, Rob (production assistant)
  2. Bizenza, Richard (additional production assistant)
  3. Breeskin, Molly (assistant to Mr. Saraf)
  4. Chan, Jamie (II) (production secretary: reshoots)
  5. Conquy, Danielle (production office intern)
  6. Corl, Dana (location coordinator)
  7. Cremins, Jim (production assistant)
  8. Crowley, Meredith (assistant location manager)
  9. DeJesus, Katherine (second assistant accountant)
  10. Eckhouse, Jacqueline (production legal)
  11. Eskenazi, Paul (location assistant)
  12. Fiore, Marissa (production assistant)
  13. Frankenfield, Karl (additional production assistant)
  14. Gershon, Laurie (product placement and clearances)
  15. Hang, Jimmy (I) (location assistant: reshoots)
  16. Hauck, Ben (stand-in: Ebon Moss-Bachrach)
  17. Haynes, Andrew (I) (office production assistant)
  18. Haynes, Bethany (production legal)
  19. Huffman, Joshua (I) (production coordinator)
  20. Kalbfus, Melissa (script supervisor)
  21. Knauf, Mary (key set production assistant) (as Mary G. Knauf)
  22. Kremer, Justin (office intern)
  23. Levy, Adam (IX) (lead medic)
  24. Liu, Xiaocao (set intern)
  25. Lynch, Amanda (II) (production secretary)
  26. Major, Lincoln (production assistant)
  27. Marsh, Theresa (first assistant production accountant)
  28. Martinez, Ellen (production assistant)
  29. McGinnis, Sarah (I) (environmental stewardship)
  30. McInnes, Rowan (II) (accounting clerk)
  31. Muller, Kevin (assistant production coordinator)
  32. Neuffer, Sara (production assistant: first team)
  33. Nicolette, Lauren (production intern)
  34. O'Brien, Emellie (eco coordinator)
  35. O'Connor, J.T. (III) (stand in oliver platt)
  36. Orell, Ben (production office intern)
  37. Platt, Jacob (production assistant)
  38. Prevost, Darryl (production assistant)
  39. Reichel, Brad (location assistant)
  40. Resnick, Demian (location manager)
  41. Roche, Gina Jones (assistant production coordinator: reshoots)
  42. Rodgers, Buck P.B.D. (production assistant)
  43. Scarlett, Nicole (office production assistant)
  44. Smith, Hilary (I) (assistant location manager)
  45. Southerland, Kelly (photo double)
  46. Stergiou, Nick (I) (production assistant)
  47. Tavani, Jeff (production assistant)
  48. Taylor, Helene (stand-in: Edie Falco)
  49. Vendetti, Marti (stand-in: Rosie Perez)
  50. Virola, Miguel A. (production assistant)
  51. Williams, Joshua (III) (key production assistant: reshoots)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. New York City, New York, USA