G.O.D.Tech (2014) Movie

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Production Company
Black Light Enterprises [gb]
Thundering Hooves Productions [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

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Release Date
(UK) - 1 January 2014
(USA) - 1 January 2014

Running Time

No crime, no hunger, no freedom!

666, antichrist, christian, control, futuristic, godtech, government, implant, mark-of-antichrist, mark-of-the-beast, mark-of-the-devil, microchip, new-world-order,

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Full Cast

  1. Ashfield, Philippe as [Ludwig Von Haven]
  2. Bastiman, Matthew as [Thomas Corby] <5>
  3. Butcher, Matt (IV) as [TV Reporter]
  4. Catlin, Jason as [Kevin -TV Reporter]
  5. Donnelly, Kieran (II) as [Jason]
  6. Everitt-Lock, Daniel as [Soldier]
  7. Fearon, Jade (I) as [Soldier]
  8. Gordon, Yang Kwok-Ho as [Soldier]
  9. Hines, Frazer as [Doctor James Sheppard] <7>
  10. Holden, Sean as [Car Driver]
  11. Hussain, Yaseen as [Jack]
  12. Kaffenberger, William as [Voice of God]
  13. Kemp, Jonny Lee as [Matthew Corby] <1>
  14. Lunn, Dorsey as [Angel of the Messiah]
  15. Mayfield, Guy W J as [Soldier]
  16. Nefedev, Maxim as [Samuel Corby] <6>
  17. Pemberton, Karl as [Commander Franks]
  18. Reznor, Ryan as [TV Reporter]
  19. Swacha, Tom as [Damien/TV Reporter]
  20. Tamba, Lamin (I) as [Soldier]
  21. Wisniewski, Michael (III) as [Headmaster Charles Townsend]
  22. Bailey, Holly as [Miss Marshall]
  23. Chris, Vivi as [Drunk girl]
  24. Cooper, Emily (VII) as [Soldier]
  25. Deerfield, Gemma as [Lydia] <3>
  26. Fletcher, Emma (III) as [Justine] <4>
  27. George-Veale, Victoria as [Mary Corby] <2>
  28. Judges, Maura as [Miss Hopkins]
  29. Lea, Edwina as [Cheryl Grant]
  30. Marino, Jeanne as [TV Reporter]
  31. Monk, Val as [Christine]
  32. Myton, Elisha as [Homeless Person]
  33. Parker, Helena as [Elaine Fairy]
  34. Pemberton, Kimberly as [Soldier]
  35. Rodrigues, Susana (II) as [Julia Grimes]
  36. Simmonds, Lauren (II) as [Nurse Sue Simmons]
  37. Thomas, Bryony as [Nicky]


  1. Action
  2. Adventure
  3. Drama
  4. Family
  5. Sci-Fi

Total Business

BT: USD 12,292,384

Music Composers

  1. Jeffery, Daniel Paul


  1. Bucknall, John Jason (director of photography)


  1. Ashfield, Philippe (public relations manager)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Stafford, Staffordshire, England, UK - (Soldier Scenes)
  2. London, England, UK
  3. Alton Castle, Alton, Hampshire, England, UK
  4. New York, USA - (TV Reporter)
  5. Tennessee, USA - (Factory/Preacher Scenes)
  6. Sydney, Australia - (TV Reporter)
  7. London, England, UK - (Docklands)