Gravedigger (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Baffled Entertainment [us]
Beach Point Productions [us]
Diamond Jesus Productions [us]
Ruckus Film Works [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 2013

Running Time

Bury your guilt


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Full Cast

  1. Bollinger, Doug as [Bert Jones] <20>
  2. Buchansky, Dave as [Darren Lightner] <19>
  3. Chopin, Erik as [Frank Sipperelli]
  4. Collins, Keith (I) as [Steve Borden] <1>
  5. Erlbach, Matthew-Lee as [Jason Myers]
  6. Garcia, Billy (II) as [Max] <14>
  7. Garver, Gary (I) as [Gary Grishem] <12>
  8. Grassi, Paul as [Chuck Goodwin] <13>
  9. Mack, Steve (V) as [Vinny 'The Glove' Lister]
  10. Masella, Emilio as [Vito perrone] <15>
  11. McRae, Brian (III) as [Billy Randolph] <11>
  12. Peterson, Gervase as [Maurice Evans] <8>
  13. Ruckdashel, Brandon as [D.A. Mike Ruble] <2>
  14. Sample, Billy (I) as [Mayor Benjamin Barnes] <10>
  15. Stoerback, John as [Charles Muzzatti] <17>
  16. Thal, Ron Bumblefoot as [Mitch Cassel] <4>
  17. Valentino, Gregg as [Tony 'The Animal' Selvaggio] <9>
  18. Barrer, Rachel as [Darlene Donato]
  19. Dziamba, Annette as [Dr. Joan Desimone] <6>
  20. Finlay, Meaghan as [Michelle]
  21. Fox, Cindy (III) as [Miranda Lee] <18>
  22. Galeani, Theresa as [Christine Brees] <3>
  23. Hunter, April (I) as [Marie Spiegel] <7>
  24. Pearce, Katelyn as [Samantha Owens]
  25. Sharp, Angela (IV) as [Det. Carolynne Richards]
  26. Smith, Anastasia (II) as [Jaclyn Rice] <16>
  27. Summa, Abigail as [Cynthia]
  28. White, Jamie (VIII) as [Jennifer schmidt]


  1. Horror
  2. Thriller

Full Plot

Steve Borden a brilliant, young criminal defense attorney. As junior partner in a local, high end law firm, he makes his living defending the indefensible. When a case gone horribly wrong haunts him, Borden's conscience begins to send him into a guilt-ridden spiral. Police Chief George Orkin is the town's top cop. With more bodies turning up buried, District Attorney Mike Ruble suspects Orkin's ties to crime boss Charles Muzzatti may be the answer to the case. Now, Orkin must deal with his own eroding sense of integrity to keep both sides of the law off his back. As paranoia rises and Borden, Orkin, Ruble & Muzzatti try to pin the murders on each other, could another, more sinister force be hunting them? Codes, morals and misguided views of justice collide when the law, the mob and the Gravedigger face off in a bloody battle that will darken the survivor's souls forever. But will burying the guilty, bury the Gravedigger's own guilt? beach point productions Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Thal, Ron 'Bumblefoot' (original music by)


  1. Ruckdashel, Brandon


  1. Shkilnyi, Stanislav (insurance agent)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. New York City, New York, USA
  2. Point Pleasant Beach, Point Pleasant, New Jersey, USA