Growing Up and Other Lies (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Embark Productions [us]
GoldApple Entertainment [us]

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Full Cast

  1. Adsit, Scott as [Priest]
  2. Barr, Michael Armstrong as [Doctor]
  3. Beinbrink, Will as [Joe]
  4. Brody, Adam (I) as [Rocks] <1>
  5. Bryson, Brady as [Boy at Party]
  6. Cenac, Wyatt as [Gunderson] <2>
  7. Chase, Merritt Matthew as [Shop Owner]
  8. Constant, Demetrius as [Boy 1]
  9. Cornacchia, Joseph as [Party Guest]
  10. Daddario, Matthew as [Peter]
  11. Dell Edera, Christian as [Hispanic Boy]
  12. Fox, Conner as [Alex]
  13. Fox, Connor as [Alex]
  14. Gillen, Joseph as [Party Guest]
  15. Glaser, Jon as [Donkey]
  16. Grodsky, Darren as [Zeke (Captain Hook)]
  17. Jacobs, Danny (II) as [Billy] <3>
  18. Kopolovicz, Kenneth as [Guy walking out of pizzaria]
  19. Lawson, Josh (II) as [Jake] <4>
  20. Lipman, David (I) as [Rabbi]
  21. Lumia, Anthony as [Ricky]
  22. Michael, Jaden as [Street Kid]
  23. Mostel, Josh as [Chuck MacArthur]
  24. Oyama, Ted (II) as [Larry Kim]
  25. Palladino, And as [Pizza Customer]
  26. Renaud, Gus as (as Gus Renaud) [Pizza Customer #1]
  27. Scialla, Vin as [Church Visitor] <22>
  28. Shavteli, Ilya as [Cupcake eater]
  29. Sheynin, Dan as [Church Tour Guide]
  30. Slotoroff, Sam as [Blue Collar Worker]
  31. Stentiford, Sean Daniel as [Tourist/Church visitor]
  32. Wexler, Bruce as [Massimo]
  33. Attanasio, Annabelle as [Curious Student]
  34. Beasley, Allyce as [Jeanne]
  35. Brandon, Mikaela as [Inquisitive Student]
  36. Dakich, Daniela as [Liquor store patron]
  37. Duché, Athenas as [Nurse]
  38. Forgette, Janelle as [Party Guest]
  39. Greaves, Danielle Lee as [Nurse]
  40. James, Sondra (I) as [Barb]
  41. Leigh, Andrea (I) as [Alexis Ostrander]
  42. Lewis, Lucinda (II) as [Wealthy Art Collector]
  43. Lonneberg, Crystal as [DJ]
  44. Miller, Lauren (I) as [Emma] <6>
  45. Myrna, Aleksandra as [Cafe Patron]
  46. Navia, Melissa as [Raja]
  47. Nejat, Bianca as [Bridesmaid]
  48. Reyes, Suni as [Rita]
  49. Riley, Amanda (V) as [Bartender]
  50. Szadkowski, Zuzanna as [CeCe]
  51. Tamblyn, Amber as [Tabatha] <5>
  52. Tu, Victoria as [Inappropriate Student]
  53. Walters, Lucy (I) as [Melanie]


  1. Comedy

Music Composers

  1. iZLER
  2. Klein, Philip (II)


  1. Baffa, Christopher

Dress Designers

  1. Burton, Sarah Mae

Film Editors

  1. Noyes, Josh


  1. Allen, Patrick (XIX) (production intern)
  2. Balasopulos, Melanie (set intern)
  3. Blackwood, Stephanie (production coordinator)
  4. Brenner, Darian (production intern)
  5. Compton, Carol A. (script clearance)
  6. Cotz, Nick (production intern)
  7. Des Rochers, André (production counsel)
  8. Diehr, Jessica (production assistant)
  9. Dieppa, Felipe (location consultant)
  10. Facey, Joe (I) (key craft service)
  11. Fox, Jesse (III) (production counsel)
  12. Hamme, James (production assistant)
  13. Hanini, Alexander (production intern)
  14. Jacobs, Katie (III) (production intern)
  15. Karas, Sarah (assistant production coordinator)
  16. Malcolm, Zairi (script supervisor)
  17. McClendon, Sabrina (set intern)
  18. Meador, Chelsea (production assistant)
  19. Newhouse, David (V) (assistant location manager)
  20. Nottage, Tiffany (craft service intern)
  21. Panetta, Doug (key production assistant)
  22. Piotrowicz, Ryan (location manager)
  23. Reffe-Hogan, Zeke (directorial intern)
  24. Resnick, Alexander (production assistant)
  25. Richardson, Zardon (production intern)
  26. Rouse, Collincia (set intern)
  27. Rubin, Benjamin (II) (assistant to directors)
  28. Shepherd, Heather (I) (set intern)
  29. Sullivan, Dan (VI) (production assistant)
  30. Surendran, Anita (production counsel)
  31. Tamalonis, Peter (stand-in)
  32. Tremblay, Louie (production assistant)
  33. Villaggio, Andreas O'Donohue (production assistant)