Grown Ups 2 (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Happy Madison Productions [us]
Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(Brazil) - 12 July 2013
(Spain) - 12 July 2013
(USA) - 12 July 2013
(Belgium) - 17 July 2013
(Germany) - 18 July 2013

Running Time



Technical Support
CAM:Red Epic, Panavision Primo Lenses
OFM:Redcode RAW
PCS:Digital Intermediate - (4K) (master format)
PCS:Redcode RAW - (5K) (source format)
PFM:35 mm - (spherical)
RAT:1.85 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Adler, Jeffrey as [80's Party Extra]
  2. Alexander, Kilo as [80's Guy]
  3. Austin, Steve (IV) as [Dennis Cavanaugh]
  4. Berenson, Marshall as [Streetwalker]
  5. Blass, Geoffrey as [80's Party Guest]
  6. Boudreau, Ryan (II) as [Frat Boy]
  7. Boyce, Cameron (I) as [Keithie Feder]
  8. Brittain, Paul (II) as [Male Cheerleader]
  9. Brown, Matthew P. as [Bus Student]
  10. Burtt, Rick as [KMart Shopper]
  11. Buscemi, Steve as [Wiley]
  12. Concha, Billy as [Party Guest #2/Football Coach]
  13. Cooper, Guy as [Audience Member]
  14. Cornett, Jonathan as [Audience Member]
  15. Covert, Allen as [Hippie Teacher]
  16. Elam, Kaleo as [Ronnie Mackenzie]
  17. Eriksen, Matthew as [Frat Boy]
  18. Farmer, Brian (IV) as (uncredited) [80's Party Guest]
  19. Ford, Jim (III) as [Townie]
  20. Forte, Will as [Male Cheerleader]
  21. Franko, Victor as (uncredited) [80s Party Guest]
  22. Fratus, Cory as [Grocery Store Manager]
  23. Garrigus, Mark as (uncredited) [Ice Cream Shop Patron]
  24. Gingerich, Frank as [Bean Lamonsoff]
  25. Gingerich, Morgan as [Bean Lamonsoff]
  26. Goldberg, Jake (I) as [Greg Feder]
  27. Grunberg, Brad as [Mailman]
  28. Healy, Conor (II) as [Student]
  29. Henrie, David (I) as [Frat Boy Zac]
  30. Huynh, Dat as [Nerd Boy]
  31. Isabelle, Tyler as [High School Student]
  32. James, Kevin (III) as [Eric Lamonsoff]
  33. Jeter, Nadji as [Andre Mckenzie]
  34. Kay, Michael (XIII) as [Coach Romey]
  35. Kent, J Parker as [80s Party Guest]
  36. Killam, Taran as [Male Cheerleader]
  37. Kincannon, Jeffery as [Precision Driver]
  38. Lautner, Taylor as [Frat Boy Andy]
  39. Leite, James L. as [Runaway Tire Spectator]
  40. Lindsey, John Joseph as (uncredited) [80's Party Guest On Lawn]
  41. Lovitz, Jon as [Jon Lovitz]
  42. Ludwig, Alexander as [Braden]
  43. Mariano, Tom as [Townie]
  44. Martino, Karen Ann as (as Karen Martino) [Teacher]
  45. McFadden, Kamil as [Bumpty]
  46. Meador, Jeremy (I) as [Audience Member]
  47. Meador, Jeremy (III) as [Audience Member]
  48. Meadows, Tim (I) as [Malcolm]
  49. Medeiros, Kenn as (uncredited) [80's Party Guest]
  50. Meehan, Richard (I) as (uncredited) [Bus Bully]
  51. Moynihan, Bobby as [Male Cheerleader]
  52. Mulcahy, Jason as [Fighter]
  53. Murray, Ken (III) as [KMart Shopper]
  54. O Neal, Shaquille as [Police Officer]
  55. Palermo, Chris (III) as (uncredited) [Audience Member]
  56. Patton, Jim (III) as [High School Dad]
  57. Pietrantonio, Dennis as [Billy Ray Cyrus/Fighter]
  58. Poncio, Alex as [Duffy]
  59. Power, Henry W. as [Student]
  60. Puzzo, Jordan as [High School Student]
  61. Quinn, Colin (I) as [Dickie Bailey]
  62. Raimo, Derek (I) as (uncredited) [80's Party Guest]
  63. Reid, Curtis (I) as (uncredited) [Shopper]
  64. Rock, Chris (I) as [Kurt McKenzie]
  65. Roscoe, Gary as (uncredited) [Grandparent]
  66. Ruiz, Nicholas as (as Nick Ruiz) [Student]
  67. Samberg, Andy as [Male Cheerleader]
  68. Sandler, Adam (I) as [Lenny Feder]
  69. Sandler, Jared as [Frat Boy Jared]
  70. Schaffer, Akiva as [Male Cheerleader]
  71. Schwarzenegger, Patrick as [Frat Boy Cooper]
  72. Spade, David as [Marcus Higgins]
  73. Struffolino, David as (uncredited) [Audience Member]
  74. Swardson, Nick as [Nick]
  75. Taccone, Jorma as [Male Cheerleader]
  76. Tamarin, David L. as (uncredited) [Audience Member]
  77. Teper, Adam as [Goth Teen]
  78. Ventimiglia, Milo as [Frat Boy Milo]
  79. Weasel, Dave as [Frat Boy]
  80. White, Jamie Christopher as [Drunken Shirtless Guy/Party Guest]
  81. Xifaras, William as (uncredited) [High School Dad]
  82. Atkinson, Stephanie (III) as [80's Party Guest/Fighter]
  83. Bello, Maria as [Sally Lamonsoff]
  84. Burns, Emily (III) as [Sorority Girl]
  85. Collins, Sheri (I) as [80's Party Guest]
  86. Cortez, Marilyn as [Herself]
  87. Crowninshield, Kimberly as [80's Party Guest/Fighter]
  88. East, Alexandra as [Sorority Girl]
  89. Figueiredo, Pamela (I) as [Angel in a Centerfold]
  90. Goloboy, Joan as [KMart Shopper]
  91. Gould, Louisa as (uncredited) [Student]
  92. Grey, Elaine Victoria as [Car Wash Customer]
  93. Halliday, Shannon (II) as [Nerd Girl]
  94. Harvey, Moira (I) as [Garden Shopper]
  95. Hawe, Mackenzie as [Student]
  96. Hayek, Salma as (as Salma Hayek Pinault) [Roxanne Chase-Feder]
  97. Heatherton, Erin as [Head Cheerleader]
  98. Hutsell, Melanie as [K-Mart Mom]
  99. Iacomini, Katie (I) as (uncredited) [Little Girl on Sidewalk]
  100. Iacomini, Marisa as (uncredited) [80's party guest]
  101. Irving, Konstantina as (uncredited) [80's Party Guest]
  102. Iwanicki, Stacey Forbes as [Ballerina Mom]
  103. Keajra, Georgina as [Redhaired Punky Party Guest]
  104. Kosak, Gwen as [Playground Parent and Recital Parent]
  105. Lawrie, Renee (I) as [Shopper]
  106. Lohnes, Jeanne as (uncredited) [Window Shopper]
  107. Lynch, Brianna as (uncredited) [80's Party Guest]
  108. Lynn, Phyllis as (uncredited) [High School Parent]
  109. Marks, Montana as [Cheerleader]
  110. McClain, China Anne as [Charlotte Mackenzie]
  111. McDougal, Casey as [80s Party Flashdancer]
  112. Michalka, Aly as [Savannah]
  113. Murrell, Kris as [Kitty]
  114. Oteri, Cheri as [Penny]
  115. Prunty, Meredith as [Student]
  116. Prunty, Suzanne as [Garden Shopper]
  117. Reim, Donna Glee as [Garden Shopper]
  118. Rose, April (I) as [Casey Knox]
  119. Rudolph, Maya (I) as [Deanne McKenzie]
  120. Sage, Halston as [Nancy Arbuckle]
  121. Sanchez, Alexys Nicole as [Becky Feder]
  122. Sanchez, Alexys Nycole as [Becky Feder]
  123. Sandler, Jackie (I) as [Jackie Tardio]
  124. Sandler, Sadie as [Sadie Tardio]
  125. Sandler, Sunny as [Sunny Tardio]
  126. Sanger, Ada-Nicole as [Donna Lamonsoff]
  127. Schrage, Halston as [Nancy Arbuckle]
  128. St. Pierre, Karen as (uncredited) [Shopper]
  129. Tramonte, Ashley as [Student]
  130. Valentine, Pamela as [Shopper]
  131. Wachtler, Alison as [Aerobics Class Woman]
  132. Williamson, Jennifer (II) as [Cheerleader]
  133. Wright, Mary (VIII) as (uncredited) [80's Party Guest - Lady Di]


  1. Comedy

Music Composers

  1. Gregson-Williams, Rupert


  1. Sande, Theo van de


Columbia Pictures [us] - (2013) (USA) (theatrical)
Sony Pictures Releasing [nl] - (2013) (Netherlands) (theatrical)


  1. Arias, Malcolm (second assistant accountant)
  2. Candela, Claire (photo double)
  3. Che-Mponda, Chemi (stand-in: Ebony Jo-Ann) (uncredited)
  4. Cheffro, Julia (photo double)
  5. Corff, Bob (voice coach)
  6. Coy, Michael (II) (production assistant)
  7. Daly, Allison (II) (payroll accountant)
  8. Dennis, Becki (production assistant)
  9. Dionne, Jeff (location scout)
  10. Egbe, Janet (photo double/stand-in)
  11. Elman, Nicole (production assistant)
  12. Falsetto, Gino (assistant: kevin james)
  13. Fiske, Jeremy (stage manager)
  14. Fitzgerald, Mark (II) (location manager)
  15. Flynn, Jimmy (VI) (photo double)
  16. Frank, Rob (supervising location manager)
  17. Frisch, Ilyse (assistant to salma hayek)
  18. Fritz, Jason (I) (assistant location manager)
  19. Gannett, Maura (studio teacher)
  20. Gessow, Emma Constance (office production assistant)
  21. Gotsens, Adam (extras coordinator)
  22. Goyette, Chad (production assistant)
  23. Grace, Mollie Vera (second assistant accountant)
  24. Grossberg, Duck (digital laboratory supervisor)
  25. Grow, Joshua (digital laboratory technician)
  26. Harrington, Charles (I) (location manager)
  27. Hetherington, Ryce (production coordinator)
  28. Johnson, Kimmie (production assistant)
  29. Judge, Michael (I) (assistant location manager)
  30. Katzner, Alana (production assistant)
  31. Larson, John (XVIII) (air conditioning technician)
  32. Leigh, Vanessa (III) (stand-in: Jackie Sandler)
  33. Logan, Jessica (locations coordinator)
  34. Luc, Jimmy (production assistant: Mr. Bernardi)
  35. Luce, Amanda (set production assistant: second unit)
  36. Macolino, James (set production assistant: second unit)
  37. Morton, Cameron (production assistant)
  38. Mulcahy, Jason (photo double: Nick Swardson)
  39. Neumann, Emily (I) (production assistant)
  40. O'Connor, Caroline (VII) (production assistant)
  41. Oldham, Nate (production assistant: Mr. Bernardi)
  42. Pala, Brittany (production assistant)
  43. Pamula, Christopher (production assistant)
  44. Persichetti, Bryan (production assistant)
  45. Powell, Meredith C. (production assistant)
  46. Rea, Scott (production assistant)
  47. Rideout, Kim (II) (production assistant)
  48. Roble, Hannah (production secretary)
  49. Salowsky, Kati (stand-in)
  50. Sansone, John (II) (medic)
  51. Sawtelle, Christopher (I) (air conditioning technician)
  52. Scimone, Charlie (I) (key craft services)
  53. Sear, Alexandra (assistant to dennis dugan)
  54. Shane, Ericka N. (construction accountant)
  55. Sheehan, Katie Rose (production assistant)
  56. Sherman IV, Edward A. (stand-in adam)
  57. Smith, Nicholas Ryan (production assistant)
  58. Sullivan, Danny (VI) (office production assistant)
  59. Todd, Cyndal (photo double: Selma Hyek and Jackie Sandler)
  60. Tyson, Elizabeth (I) (assistant production coordinator)
  61. Vaupen, Jill (travel coordinator)
  62. Waye, Natalya (production assistant)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Saugus, Massachusetts, USA - (exterior scenes)
  2. Marblehead, Massachusetts, USA
  3. Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA
  4. Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  5. Lowell, Massachusetts, USA
  6. Tyngsboro, Massachusetts, USA
  7. Swampscott, Massachusetts, USA
  8. Lynn, Massachusetts, USA


- 'Adam Sandler (I)' (qv)'s first sequel.

- 'Oliver Cooper' (qv) was offered the role of one of the frat guys but was prevented by taking the role because of scheduling conflicts.