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(Hollywood) USA

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Warner Bros. Television Group [us]

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Full Cast

  1. Brito, Dennis as [Reporter]
  2. Carvell, Jason Alan as [Assistant District Attorney]
  3. Felix, Edgar (I) as [Client]
  4. Furlani, Jason as [Don]
  5. Gilreath, Ryan Wesley as [Judge's Clerk]
  6. Goldstein, Darren (I) as [Darren McCormick]
  7. Gooding Jr., Cuba as [William 'Billy' Remz]
  8. Harrington, Jay as [Scott Shepherd]
  9. Hopf, Frank as [Cop #1]
  10. Howard, Jermel as [Tattooed man]
  11. Iasillo Jr., Peter as (uncredited) [Homeless Man]
  12. Mirand, Evan as [Detective Miller]
  13. Morris, Julian (I) as [Alex Boyd]
  14. Rees, Dennis (II) as [Court Officer]
  15. Tam, Jason (II) as [Ian]
  16. Urcioli, Paul as [Paul Brevoort]
  17. Veza, Juan-Pablo as [Sara's Date]
  18. Weisz, Steven as (uncredited) [NYPD Sergeant]
  19. Wilson, Isaac as [Theo]
  20. Amurri Martino, Eva as [Lily Agostini]
  21. Chadwick, Melissa as (uncredited) [Jury Member]
  22. Dior, Taylor as [Zoe Weston]
  23. Fabi, Lalaine as [Courtroom Gallery Member]
  24. Gall, Vanessa as (uncredited) [Young Lawyer]
  25. Hargreaves, Amy (I) as [Lisa McCormick]
  26. Kim, Sue (I) as [Molly/Assistant]
  27. Leal, Sharon as [Sara Weston]
  28. McHugh, Caitlin as [Lindsay Sevrin]
  29. Ray, Rebecka as [Court Clerk]
  30. Smart, Suzanne H. as [Mugging Victim]


  1. Drama

Music Composers

  1. Newman, Joey


  1. Carpenter, Russell (I)

Dress Designers

  1. Gering, Jenny


Fox Network [us] - (2012) (USA) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Youabian, Avi


  1. Adames, James (locations)
  2. Calhoun, Kohli (dialect coach: Julian Morris) (uncredited)
  3. Carroll, Marlo (set staff production assistant)
  4. Donohue, Bryant (staff set production assistant)
  5. Gori, Robert (production accountant)
  6. Hamill, Paul (soundstage manager)
  7. Hopson, Charlynne J. (assistant location manager)
  8. Mahoney, Kelly (staff production assistant: background)
  9. Moson, Ricky (production assistant)
  10. Notte, Nick (staff production assistant)
  11. Pappas, Andrea (I) (production coordinator)
  12. Pena, Heidi (second assistant accountant)
  13. Samataro, Josh (location scout)
  14. Winkler, Leah (II) (production secretary)
  15. Young, TanNa (assistant to producer)