Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
8.1/ 10 (250085 Votes)

MPAA Ratings
Rated PG-13 for some sequences of intense action violence and frightening images

Production Company
Heyday Films [gb]
Moving Picture Company (MPC) [gb]
Warner Bros. Pictures [us] - (presents)

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(UK) - 7 July 2011
(USA) - 11 July 2011
(Argentina) - 12 July 2011
(Kuwait) - 12 July 2011
(Australia) - 13 July 2011

Running Time

It All Ends Here

1990s, 2010s, 20th-century, 21st-century, aftermath, ambush, arson, artifact, assumed-identity, attack, bank, based-on-novel, battle, betrayal, bitten-by-a-snake, black-magic, blood, boy-with-glasses, bravery, broom, castle, character-name-in-title, childhood-friend, chosen-one, corruption,

Technical Support
CAM:Arricam LT, Cooke S4 Lenses
CAM:Arricam ST, Cooke S4 Lenses
MET:3560 m - (Sweden)
MET:3563 m - (Portugal, 35 mm)
OFM:35 mm - (Kodak Vision2 200T 5217, Vision2 500T 5218)
PCS:Digital Intermediate - (master format)
PCS:Super 35 - (source format)
PFM:35 mm - (anamorphic) (also Technicolor 3D)
PFM:70 mm - (horizontal) (IMAX DMR blow-up) (dual-strip 3-D) (Kodak Vision 2383)
PFM:D-Cinema - (also 3-D version)
RAT:2.35 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Adkins, Tony as [Giant] <62>
  2. Allgood, Anthony as [Gringotts Guard] <14>
  3. Aston, Michael (III) as (uncredited) [Wizard Parent]
  4. Benét, Johann as (uncredited) [Deatheater]
  5. Biggerstaff, Sean as [Oliver Wood]
  6. Bowen, Arthur (III) as [Albus Severus Potter (19 Years Later)] <85>
  7. Bradley, David (IV) as [Argus Filch] <56>
  8. Broadbent, Jim as [Professor Horace Slughorn] <41>
  9. Campbell Bower, Jamie as (uncredited) [Gellert Grindelwald]
  10. Campling, Jon as (scenes deleted) [Death Eater in Gringotts]
  11. Clarke, Benedict as [Young Severus Snape] <68>
  12. Coltrane, Robbie as [Rubeus Hagrid] <76>
  13. Cordice, Louis as [Blaise Zabini] <44>
  14. Coulson, Christian as (archive footage) (uncredited) [Tom Marvolo Riddle]
  15. Cuffaro, Gioacchino Jim as (uncredited) [Wizard Parent]
  16. Davies, Paul (XV) as (uncredited) [Deatheater]
  17. Davis, Warwick (I) as [Griphook/Professor Filius Flitwick] <10>
  18. Duff, Graham (I) as [Death Eater] <13>
  19. Dunn, Will (III) as (as William Dunn) [James Sirius Potter (19 Years Later)] <87>
  20. Enoch, Alfie as [Dean Thomas] <33>
  21. Felton, Tom as [Draco Malfoy] <20>
  22. Fiennes, Ralph as [Lord Voldemort] <1>
  23. Gambon, Michael as [Professor Albus Dumbledore] <2>
  24. George, Sean Francis as (uncredited) [Wizard Parent]
  25. Gilbert, Bertie as [Scorpius Malfoy (19 Years Later)] <89>
  26. Gleeson, Domhnall as [Bill Weasley] <8>
  27. Goffe, Rusty as [Aged Gringotts Goblin] <15>
  28. Gotobed, Rohan as [Young Sirius Black] <71>
  29. Grint, Rupert as [Ron Weasley] <5>
  30. Harris, George (II) as [Kingsley Shacklebolt] <49>
  31. Hart, Ian (I) as (archive footage) (uncredited) [Professor Quirinus Quirrell]
  32. Henry, Guy (I) as [Pius Thicknesse] <57>
  33. Herdman, Josh as [Gregory Goyle] <43>
  34. Hinds, Ciarán as [Aberforth Dumbledore] <23>
  35. Hostina, Emil as [Death Eater] <80>
  36. Hurt, John as [Ollivander] <11>
  37. Ineson, Ralph as [Amycus Carrow] <38>
  38. Isaacs, Jason as [Lucius Malfoy] <18>
  39. Key, Jon as [Bogrod] <16>
  40. Kirwood, Tony as [Death Eater] <83>
  41. Laird, Maxwell as (uncredited) [Gringotts Goblin]
  42. Legeno, Dave as [Fenrir Greyback] <63>
  43. Lewis, Matthew (III) as [Neville Longbottom] <25>
  44. McIlwain, Alfie (III) as [Young James Potter] <70>
  45. Melling, William as [Nigel] <35>
  46. Moran, Nick (I) as [Scabior] <58>
  47. Murray, Devon as [Seamus Finnigan] <26>
  48. Newberry, Luke as (uncredited) [Teddy Lupin]
  49. Northover, Benn as [Hogsmeade Death Eater] <22>
  50. Oldman, Gary as [Sirius Black] <77>
  51. Papworth, Toby as [Baby Harry Potter] <74>
  52. Peck, Ian as [Hogsmeade Death Eater] <21>
  53. Phelps, James (I) as [Fred Weasley] <53>
  54. Phelps, Oliver as [George Weasley] <54>
  55. Phillips, Leslie (I) as (voice) [The Sorting Hat] <69>
  56. Radcliffe, Daniel as [Harry Potter] <4>
  57. Rankin, Chris (I) as [Percy Weasley] <55>
  58. Rawlins, Adrian as [James Potter] <73>
  59. Reed, Peter G. as [Death Eater] <78>
  60. Rickman, Alan as [Professor Severus Snape] <3>
  61. Salmela, Keijo as (uncredited) [Gringtotts Goblin]
  62. Saxton, Granville as [Death Eater] <82>
  63. Sayer, Gary as [Giant] <61>
  64. Spall, Timothy as [Wormtail] <75>
  65. Stroma, Freddie as [Cormac McLaggen] <32>
  66. Thewlis, David as [Remus Lupin] <50>
  67. Turner, Ryan (VII) as [Hugo Weasley - 19 Years Later] <91>
  68. Van Hellenberg Hubar, Bob Yves as [Death Eater] <81>
  69. Williams, Mark (I) as [Arthur Weasley] <52>
  70. Wright, Philip (I) as (as Phil Wright) [Giant] <60>
  71. Anderson, Karen (X) as (uncredited) [Gringotts Goblin]
  72. Azad, Afshan as [Padma Patil] <28>
  73. Barlow, Helena (I) as [Rose Weasley - 19 years later] <90>
  74. Barrand, Lauren as (uncredited) [Gringotts Goblin]
  75. Beardsall, Hebe as [Ariana Dumbledore] <24>
  76. Bonham Carter, Helena as [Bellatrix Lestrange] <12>
  77. Byrne, Scarlett as [Pansy Parkinson] <42>
  78. Cave, Jessie as [Lavender Brown] <27>
  79. Darcey-Alden, Ellie as [Young Lily Potter] <66>
  80. Day, Sharon (VI) as (uncredited) [Death Eater]
  81. de Beistegui, Daphne as [Lily Luna Potter - 19 Years Later] <86>
  82. Evans, Amber as [Twin Girl #1] <45>
  83. Evans, Ruby (II) as [Twin Girl #2] <46>
  84. Francis, Grace Meurisse as (uncredited) [Senior Gryffindor]
  85. Gordon, Jade (V) as [Astoria Malfoy (19 Years Later)] <88>
  86. Jones, Gemma (I) as [Madam Pomfrey] <48>
  87. Laughland, Isabella as [Leanne] <29>
  88. Leonidas, Georgina (I) as [Katie Bell] <31>
  89. Leung, Katie as [Cho Chang] <34>
  90. Low, Christina as (uncredited) [Ravenclaw Student]
  91. Lowe, Sarah (V) as (uncredited) [Ministry Wizard]
  92. Lynch, Evanna as [Luna Lovegood] <7>
  93. Macdonald, Kelly as [Helena Ravenclaw] <17>
  94. Margolyes, Miriam as [Professor Pomona Sprout] <47>
  95. McCrory, Helen as [Narcissa Malfoy] <19>
  96. McGhie, Penelope as [Death Eater] <64>
  97. McGuire, Ashley as [Death Eater] <84>
  98. Osmond, Lisa as (uncredited) [Gringotts Goblin]
  99. Paradise, Ariella as [Young Petunia Dursley] <67>
  100. Phillips, Sian Grace as [Screaming Girl] <36>
  101. Poésy, Clémence as [Fleur Delacour] <9>
  102. Shaffer, Anna (I) as [Romilda Vane] <30>
  103. Shah, Arti (I) as (uncredited) [Gringotts Goblin]
  104. Sharp, Judith as [Death Eater] <79>
  105. Smith, Maggie (I) as [Professor Minerva McGonagall] <40>
  106. Somerville, Geraldine as [Lily Potter] <72>
  107. Tena, Natalia as [Nymphadora Tonks] <59>
  108. Thompson, Emma (I) as [Professor Sybil Trelawney] <65>
  109. Toase, Suzanne as [Alecto Carrow] <39>
  110. Walters, Julie (I) as [Molly Weasley] <51>
  111. Warren, Louisa as (uncredited) [Hufflepuff Student]
  112. Watson, Emma (II) as [Hermione Granger] <6>
  113. Wiles, Amy as (uncredited) [Slytherin Student]
  114. Wright, Bonnie as [Ginny Weasley] <37>


  1. Adventure
  2. Family
  3. Fantasy
  4. Mystery

Full Plot

The final chapter begins as Harry, Ron, and Hermione continue their quest of finding and destroying the Dark Lord's three remaining Horcruxes, the magical items responsible for his immortality. But as the mystical Deathly Hallows are uncovered, and Voldemort finds out about their mission, the biggest battle begins and life as they know it will never be the same again. Jordan Plot not found

Total Business

AD: 53,697 (Finland) (13 July 2011) AD: 345,482 (Norway) (21 July 2011) BT: USD 125,000,000 GR: USD 381,011,219 (USA) (28 May 2012) GR: USD 380,955,619 (USA) (13 November 2011) GR: USD 380,873,020 (USA) (6 November 2011) GR: USD 380,707,704 (USA) (30 October 2011) GR: USD 380,531,427 (USA) (23 October 2011) GR: USD 380,235,400 (USA) (16 October 2011) GR: USD 379,750,747 (USA) (9 October 2011) GR: USD 379,245,610 (USA) (2 October 2011) GR: USD 378,824,316 (USA) (25 September 2011) GR: USD 378,180,621 (USA) (18 September 2011) GR: USD 377,104,684 (USA) (11 September 2011) GR: USD 375,552,093 (USA) (4 September 2011) GR: USD 370,805,062 (USA) (28 August 2011) GR: USD 366,007,900 (USA) (21 August 2011) GR: USD 357,337,355 (USA) (14 August 2011) GR: USD 343,086,045 (USA) (7 August 2011) GR: USD 318,511,602 (USA) (31 July 2011) GR: USD 273,539,281 (USA) (24 July 2011) GR: USD 169,189,427 (USA) (17 July 2011) GR: USD 1,328,111,219 (Worldwide) (10 December 2011) GR: EUR 533,816 (Finland) (13 July 2011) GR: EUR 15,869,076 (Spain) (4 September 2011) GR: EUR 15,538,392 (Spain) (21 August 2011) GR: EUR 14,537,298 (Spain) (7 August 2011) GR: EUR 11,077,613 (Spain) (24 July 2011) OW: USD 169,189,427 (USA) (17 July 2011) (4,375 screens) SD: 19 February 2009 - 10 April 2010 WG: USD 25,423 (USA) (20 November 2011) (78 screens) WG: USD 53,798 (USA) (13 November 2011) (85 screens) WG: USD 119,755 (USA) (6 November 2011) (225 screens) WG: USD 111,150 (USA) (30 October 2011) (163 screens) WG: USD 180,790 (USA) (23 October 2011) (240 screens) WG: USD 284,548 (USA) (16 October 2011) (330 screens) WG: USD 408,861 (USA) (9 October 2011) (407 screens) WG: USD 273,263 (USA) (2 October 2011) (252 screens) WG: USD 387,448 (USA) (25 September 2011) (320 screens) WG: USD 700,498 (USA) (18 September 2011) (601 screens) WG: USD 1,001,583 (USA) (11 September 2011) (810 screens) WG: USD 2,472,601 (USA) (4 September 2011) (1,092 screens) WG: USD 2,564,370 (USA) (28 August 2011) (1,328 screens) WG: USD 4,511,411 (USA) (21 August 2011) (1,738 screens) WG: USD 7,251,414 (USA) (14 August 2011) (2,414 screens) WG: USD 12,445,031 (USA) (7 August 2011) (3,175 screens) WG: USD 21,977,093 (USA) (31 July 2011) (4,145 screens) WG: USD 47,422,212 (USA) (24 July 2011) (4,375 screens) WG: USD 169,189,427 (USA) (17 July 2011) (4,375 screens)

Movie Certificate

PG (Canada)(Alberta/British Columbia/Manitoba/Ontario)
All (South Korea)
11 (Denmark)
PG (Singapore)
12A (UK)
12 (Switzerland)(canton of Vaud)
12 (Switzerland)(canton of Geneva)
G (Japan)
12 (Brazil)(re-rating on appeal)
M (Australia)
PG-13 (Malaysia)
G (Canada)(Quebec)
12 (Germany)
PG-13 (Philippines)(MTRCB)
K-11 (Finland)
M/12 (Portugal)
13 (Argentina)
14 (Peru)
11 (Sweden)
PG13 (Singapore)(re-rating)
T (Italy)
PG-13 (USA)(certificate #46713)

Music Composers

  1. Desplat, Alexandre


  1. Serra, Eduardo (I) (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Temime, Jany


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Film Editors

  1. Day, Mark (I)


  1. Akinnibousun, Nicholas (set production assistant)
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  4. Bishop, Vicky (assistant production coordinator)
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Harry Potter: [to James, Lily, Sirus and Remus] I never wanted any of you to die for me. Ron Weasley: We can end this. [from trailer] Minerva McGonagall: Hogwarts is threatened! Man the boundaries. Protect us! Lily Potter: Harry, you are so loved. Mama loves you. Dada loves you. Harry, be safe. Be strong. [from trailer] Harry Potter: You'll stay with me? Lily Potter: Always. Sirius Black: Until the end. [from trailer] Ron Weasley: That doesn't sound good. Molly Weasley: [to Bellatrix Lestrange] Not my daughter, you bitch! [from trailer] Rubeus Hagrid: Harry? No. [from trailer] Sirius Black: Until the end. [from trailer] Lord Voldemort: They never learn. Such a pity. Lord Voldemort: [to Snape] Only I can live forever. Professor Severus Snape: [to Dumbledore about Harry] You've kept him alive so that he can die at the proper moment. [from trailer] Lord Voldemort: [to Lucius] Bring him to me. Lord Voldemort: Join me in the forest tonight and confront your fate. [from trailer] Lord Voldemort: Harry Potter, the boy who lived... come to die. Avada Kedavra! Harry Potter: There's something hidden here in the castle, and it may help us defeat you-know-who. Minerva McGonagall: Do what you have to do. I'll secure the castle. Hermione Granger: You're thinking there's a horcrux in Bellatrix's vault? Bellatrix Lestrange: [as Hermione] I wish to enter my vault. Bellatrix Lestrange: [as Hermione] I don't like to be kept waiting! Ron Weasley: [In Bellatrix's Vault] Is it here, Harry? Can you feel anything? Harry Potter: [Seeing Helga Huffelpuff's cup] That's it, up there! Harry Potter: He knows if we find them, and destroy all the horcruxes we'll be able to kill him. I reckon he'll stop at nothing to make sure we don't find the rest. There's more, one of them is at Hogwarts. Neville Longbottom: You were right, never better. I feel like I can spit fire. Hermione Granger: [Disguised as Belltrix Lestrange, addressing a Death Eater] Good morning! Griphook: Good morning? You're Bellatrix Lestrange, not some dewey-eyed schoolgirl! Neville Longbottom: [to the Snatchers] Ya, you and whose army? Professor Severus Snape: [to the Hogwart's students] If anyone here knows any knowledge of Mr. Potter's movements this evening, I invite them to step forward... now. Harry Potter: [Stepping out of the crowd] It seems despite your exhaustive defensive strategies, you still have a bit of a security problem, Headmaster. Luna Lovegood: Harry, wait, I need to talk to you. Harry Potter: I'm a bit preoccupied at the moment, Luna. Luna Lovegood: You won't find it where you're going, you're wasting your time. Harry Potter: We'll talk later, ok? Luna Lovegood: Harry! Harry Potter: Later! Luna Lovegood: Harry Potter! You listen to me right now! Don't you remember what Cho said about Rowena Ravenclaw's diadem? There's not a person alive whose seen it. It's obvious isn't it? You have to talk to someone whose dead. Draco Malfoy: [Wand pointed at Harry] Well, well what brings you here Potter? Harry Potter: Could ask you the same. Draco Malfoy: You have something of mine, I'd like it back. Harry Potter: [Nudging to his wand] What's wrong with the one you have? Draco Malfoy: It's my mother's, it's powerful but it's... not the same. It doesn't quite... understand me, know what I mean? Harry Potter: Why didn't you tell her, Bellatrix, you knew it was me? You didn't say anything. Gregory Goyle: C'mon Draco, don't be a prat, do it. Ron Weasley: [in Room of Requirement] AHHHHHH! Goyle has set the bloody place on fire! Ollivander: [Holding a wand] 12 and three quarter inches... unyielding. This belongs to Bellatrix Lestrange. Lucius Malfoy: [Beckoning Draco over] Draco! Draco, don't be stupid! Narcissa Malfoy: Draco. Come. Lord Voldemort: [Holding out his arms] Welcome, Draco. Lord Voldemort: Behold, Nagini, our work is done. Professor Severus Snape: For myself and a few select members of staff, this news comes as little surprise. We have for some time now considered Mr. Potter's return to Hogwarts as not merely possible, not inevitable. Professor Severus Snape: You have preformed extraordinary magic with this wand, my Lord, in the last hours alone. Lord Voldemort: No, I am extraordinary, but the wand... it resists me. Professor Severus Snape: There is no wand more powerful, Olivander himself has said. Tonight when the boy comes, it will not fail you I assure you. Argus Filch: [about the Slytherin students] Where exactly will I be leading them to, ma'am? Minerva McGonagall: The dungeons should do. Flitwick: You do realize we can't keep out You-Know-Who indefinitely. Minerva McGonagall: That doesn't mean we can't delay him. And his name is Voldemort, so you might as well use it, he's going to try and kill you either way. Harry Potter: Dumbledore trusted me to see this through. Aberforth Dumbledore: What makes you think you can trust him? What makes you think you can believe anything my brother told you? In all the time you knew him, did he ever mention my name? Did he ever mention hers? Harry Potter: Why should he... Aberforth Dumbledore: ...Keep secrets, you tell me? Harry Potter: I trusted him. Aberforth Dumbledore: That's a boy's answer. A boy who goes chasing horcruxes on the word of a man who wouldn't even tell you where to start. You're lying! Professor Severus Snape: It's come to my attention that earlier this evening Harry Potter was spotted in Hogsmeade. Should anyone attempt to aide Mr. Potter, they will be punished. Professor Severus Snape: [to Voldemort] There is no wand more powerful. It answers to you, and to you only. Ginny Weasley: [Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Neville have entered the Room of Requirement] Harry! Harry Potter: Hi there. [pauses waiting for a response from Ginny, then addresses Hermione] Ron Weasley: Six months she hadn't see me, it's like I'm a Frankie First Year. I'm only her brother... Seamus Finnigan: She's got lots of them, but there's only one Harry. Ron Weasley: Shut up Seamus. Harry Potter: [to Snape] How dare you stand where he stood! A man who trusted you Tell them how it happened that night. Tell them how you looked him in the eye, and killed him. Ollivander: He's after you, Mr. Potter. You really don't stand a chance. Harry Potter: I suppose I'll have to kill him before he finds me. Hermione Granger: We can't just stand here. Who's got an idea? Ron Weasley: Don't ask us. You're the brilliant one! Harry Potter: Why are you here, all of you? Lily Potter: We never left. Professor Albus Dumbledore: You wonderful boy. You brave, brave man. Professor Albus Dumbledore: Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living and above all, those who live without love. Harry Potter: We have to go there, now. Hermione Granger: What? We can't do that! We've got to plan! We've got to figure it out... Harry Potter: Hermione! When have any of our plans ever actually worked? We plan, we get there, all hell breaks loose! Remus Lupin: It is the quality of ones convictions that determines success, not the number of followers. Kingsley Shacklebolt: Who said that? Remus Lupin: Me. Harry Potter: [Harry's son is nervous to go through the barrier] Together. Ron Weasley: [as they're rescuing Draco and Blaise] If we die for them, Harry, I'm going to KILL YOU! Harry Potter: [referring to the Thing beneath the bench] What is that, Professor? Professor Albus Dumbledore: Something that is beyond either of our help. Neville Longbottom: [discussing a battle strategy] Are you really giving us permission to do this? Minerva McGonagall: Yes, Longbottom. Neville Longbottom: Blow it up? Boom? Minerva McGonagall: BOOM! Minerva McGonagall: I've always wanted to use that spell. Gregory Goyle: [aiming at Hermione] Avada Kedavra! Ron Weasley: [chasing them off] Aaarrrgh! That's my girlfriend you numpty! Bellatrix Lestrange: [Try to help Voldemort up] My Lord? My Lord? Lord Voldemort: [Throwing Bellatrix aside] I do not need your help. Bellatrix Lestrange: My Lord! Minerva McGonagall: And Potter... it's good to see you. Harry Potter: It's good to see you too, Professor. Lord Voldemort: How can you live with yourself, Lucius? Lucius Malfoy: ...I don't know. Kingsley Shacklebolt: [watching the protective enchantments start to crack] Actually, Dean, better tell Professor McGonagall we may need two or three more wands on this side. Harry Potter: And Remus, your son... Remus Lupin: Others will tell him what his mother and father died for. One day, he'll understand. Lord Voldemort: [after Neville steps forward] Well I thought we'd do a bit better then that! Bellatrix Lestrange: Ha! Neville Longbottom: I'd like to say something... Lord Voldemort: ...I think we'd all be fascinated to hear what you have to say. Argus Filch: Students out of bed! Students out of bed! Students out of bed! Minerva McGonagall: They are supposed to be out of bed you blithering idiot. Argus Filch: ...Right, I'm sorry Ma'am. Minerva McGonagall: Actually, Mr. Filch, your timing is impeccable. Could you please escort Miss Parkinson, and the rest of Slytherin house out. Ginny Weasley: Dad? Who's Hagrid carrying? Dad? Who is it? Lord Voldemort: Harry Potter is dead! Ginny Weasley: [screaming] No! Harry Potter: Does it hurt to die? Sirius Black: Quicker then falling asleep. Harry Potter: I have to go back, haven't I? Professor Albus Dumbledore: Oh, that's up to you. Harry Potter: I have a choice? Professor Albus Dumbledore: Oh, yes. We're in King's Cross, you say? I think, if you so desired, you'd be able to board a train. Harry Potter: And where would it take me? Professor Albus Dumbledore: On. Harry Potter: Voldemort has the Elder Wand. Professor Albus Dumbledore: True. Harry Potter: And the snake's still alive. Professor Albus Dumbledore: Yes. Harry Potter: And I have nothing to kill it with. Professor Albus Dumbledore: Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it. Harry Potter: Ginny! Neville! Are you all right? Neville Longbottom: Never better! I feel like I could spit fire! You haven't seen Luna have you? Harry Potter: Luna? Neville Longbottom: I'm mad for her. I think it's about time I told her, since we'll probably both be dead by dawn! [Neville runs up the staircase; Harry and Ginny look at each other for a moment, then kiss] Ginny Weasley: [whispering to Harry] I know. Professor Albus Dumbledore: We both know Lord Voldemort has ordered the Malfoy boy to murder me. But should he fail, I should presume the Dark Lord will turn to you. You must be the one to kill me, Severus. It is the only way. Only then will the Dark Lord trust you completely. [Flashback of Snape killing Dumbledore] Professor Albus Dumbledore: There will come a time when Harry Potter must be told something. But you must wait until Voldemort is at his most vulnerable. Professor Severus Snape: Must be told what? [Shot of Snape going through the halls of the Potter house] Professor Albus Dumbledore: On the night Lord Voldemort went to Godric's Hollow to kill Harry, and Lily Potter cast herself between them, the curse rebounded. When that happened, a part of Voldemort's soul lached itself onto the only living thing it could find. Harry himself. There's a reason Harry can speak with snakes. There's a reason he can look into Lord Voldemort's mind. A part of Voldemort lives inside him. Professor Severus Snape: So when the time comes... the boy must die? Professor Albus Dumbledore: Yes. Yes... he must die. [Shot of Snape collapsing at the sight of Lily's dead body] Professor Severus Snape: You've kept him alive so that he can die at the proper moment. You've been raising him like a pig for slaughter! Professor Albus Dumbledore: Don't tell me now that you've grown to care for the boy. [Snape casts a Patronus in the shape of a doe, just like Lily's- the same one that helped Harry find the Sword of Gryffindor in Part 1] Professor Albus Dumbledore: Lily... after all this time? [Shot of Snape holding Lily's body in his arms while crying] Professor Severus Snape: Always. Professor Albus Dumbledore: [after James and Lilly's deaths] The boy survives. Professor Severus Snape: He doesn't need protection, the Dark Lord is gone! Professor Albus Dumbledore: The Dark Lord will return! And when he does, the boy will be in terrible danger! He has her eyes. [Snape pauses in shock] If you truly loved her... Professor Severus Snape: No one... can know. Professor Albus Dumbledore: That I shall never reveal the best of you, Severus? Young Petunia Dursley: Freak! I'm telling Mummy! You're a freak! You're a freak, Lily! Young Severus Snape: She's just jealous. That she's ordinary, and you're special. Young Lily Potter: That's mean, Severus. Professor Severus Snape: No! Don't kill me! Professor Albus Dumbledore: The prophecy did not refer to a women. It spoke of a boy born at the end of July. Professor Severus Snape: Yes but, he thinks its her son! He intends to hunt them down now, to kill them. Hide her, hide them all. I beg you. Professor Albus Dumbledore: What will you give me in return, Severus? Professor Severus Snape: Anything. Harry Potter: Is this real? Or has this been happening inside my head? Professor Albus Dumbledore: Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real? Professor Severus Snape: Look at me... you have your mother's eyes. Minerva McGonagall: Potter, I assume you're here for a reason. What do you need? Harry Potter: Time. As much as you can get me, Professor. Minerva McGonagall: Do what you have to. I'll secure the castle. Bellatrix Lestrange: The boy... is he dead? Narcissa Malfoy: [Leaning into Harry] Is he alive? Draco, is he alive? Narcissa Malfoy: [after Harry nods] Dead. Neville Longbottom: It doesn't matter that Harry's gone. Seamus Finnigan: Stand down Neville! Neville Longbottom: People die every day. Friends, family. Yeah, we still lost Harry tonight. He's still with us, in here. [Points to his heart] So's Fred, Remus, Tonks... they didn't die in vain. But YOU will. 'Cause you're wrong! Harry's heart did beat for us! For all of us! It's not over! [He pulls the Sword of Gryffindor from the Sorting Hat] Harry Potter: [Harry suddenly drops from Hagrid's arms and aims at Nagini] Confringo! Bellatrix Lestrange: [In the sudden confusion, scores of Death Eaters begin to apparate away from Hogwarts] No! No, come back! Lucius! Come back! Come back and fight! Harry Potter: I'll lure him into the castle. We have to kill the snake. Luna Lovegood: Well, there's Rowena Ravenclaw's lost diadem. Ron Weasley: Oh bloody hell, here we go. Griphook: How did you come upon that sword? Harry Potter: It's complicated. Why did Bellatrix Lestrange think it should be in her vault? Griphook: It's complicated. Lord Voldemort: From this day forth, you put your faith... in me. Neville Longbottom: Right then, so what's the plan Harry? Harry Potter: Okay, there's something we need to find, something hidden here in the castle, and it may help us defeat You-Know-Who. Neville Longbottom: Right, what is it? Harry Potter: We don't know. Dean Thomas: Where is it? Harry Potter: We don't know that either. I realise that's not much to go on. Seamus Finnigan: That's nothing to go on. Minerva McGonagall: Why don't you confer with Mr. Finnigan? As I recall, he has a particular proclivity for pyrotechnics. Seamus Finnigan: I can bring it down! Minerva McGonagall: That's the spirit, now away you go. George Weasley: You okay, Freddie? Fred Weasley: Yeah. George Weasley: Me too. Professor Albus Dumbledore: After all this time? Professor Severus Snape: Always. Helena Ravenclaw: If you have to ask, you'll never know. If you know, you need only ask. Professor Severus Snape: [to Harry] You have your mother's eyes. Neville Longbottom: It doesn't matter that Harry's gone. Seamus Finnigan: Stand down, Neville. Neville Longbottom: People die everyday! Friends, family. Yeah, we lost Harry tonight. He's still with us, in here. So's Fred, Remus, Tonks, all of them. They didn't die in vain. But you will! Because you're wrong! Harry's heart did beat for us, for all of us. It's not over! Harry Potter: You were right. When you told Professor Snape that wand was failing you. It will always fail you! Lord Voldemort: I killed Snape! Harry Potter: But what if that wand never belonged to Snape? What if its allegiance was always to someone else? C'mon, Tom... let's finish this the way we started it. Together! Flitwick: Protego maxima, Fianto Duri, Repello Inimicum. Minerva McGonagall: [to Molly Weasley] I've always wanted to use that spell! Neville Longbottom: You and whose army? Helena Ravenclaw: I know what he's done! I know who he is! He defiled it! With dark magic! Lord Voldemort: Harry Potter is dead! Ginny Weasley: No! No! Lord Voldemort: [Flicking his wand] Silence! Stupid girl. Harry Potter is dead, from this day forth... you put your faith in me. Harry Potter is dead! Bellatrix Lestrange: Ha ha ha! Lord Voldemort: Ye-he-he. And now is the time to declare yourself. Come forward and join us... or die. Lucius Malfoy: [Extending his hand] Draco... Draco. Narcissa Malfoy: Draco, come. Hermione Granger: I'll go with you. Molly Weasley: Not my daughter, you bitch! Lord Voldemort: [Deleted scene] Why do you live? Harry Potter: Because I have something worth living for. Harry Potter: Come on Tom, let's finish this the way we started, together. Argus Filch: Students out of bed! Students in the corridor! Minerva McGonagall: They are supposed to be you blithering idiot! Argus Filch: Oh... Sorry Ma'am. Rubeus Hagrid: [Harry comes to face death] Harry, no, what'r you doin' here! Remus Lupin: [Deleted scene] [Tonks comes running down a corridor, spies Lupin, and throws herself into his arms] You shouldn't have! Teddy needs you. Nymphadora Tonks: He'll sleep till dawn and snore like his father. It's you who needs me tonight. [last lines] Harry Potter: Ready? Albus Severus Potter: Ready. [first lines] Luna Lovegood: [looking at landscape around Shell Cottage from doorway] It's beautiful here. Bill Weasley: It was our aunt's. We used to come here as kids. The order uses it now as a safe house. What's left of us at least. Luna Lovegood: [looking at wind chime made of shells] Muggles think these keep away evil, but they're wrong. Harry Potter: [to Bill] I need to talk to the goblin. Harry Potter: [spoken sternly to Snape] How dare you stand where he stood, a man who trusted you? Tell them how it happened that night, tell them how you looked him in the eyes and killed him! Albus Severus Potter: Dad, what if I am put in Slytherin? Harry Potter: Albus Severus Potter... you were named for two Headmasters of Hogwarts. One of them was a Slytherin, and he was probably the bravest man I've ever known. Professor Severus Snape: [Trying to staunch the bleeding wound on Snape's neck, Harry suddenly notices that Snape is crying light, almost crystal tears. Snape gestures towards his eyes] Take them... take them, please. Harry Potter: Hermione, give me a flask, anything! [She reaches into her bag and produces a flask, which Harry uses to collect the memory tears running down Snape's cheek. He clutches the bottle in his hand then again tries to staunch Snape's wound] Professor Severus Snape: Take them to the Pensieve... and look at me. [Harry stares at him] You have your mother's eyes. [a confused look crosses Harry's face as Snape takes his last breath] Lord Voldemort: [as Harry, Ron and Hermione stand in the boathouse, Voldemort's voice echoes throughout the castle grounds] You have fought valiantly, but in vain. [Shot of a female Death Eater disarming George Weasley] I do not wish this. Every drop of magical blood spilled is a terrible waste. I therefore command my forces to retreat. [Shot of all Death Eaters lowering their wands] In their absence, dispose of your dead with dignity. Harry Potter, I now speak directly to you. On this night, you have allowed your friends to die for you rather than face me yourself. [Harry stares at the burning wreckage of Hogwarts] There is no greater dishonor. Join me in the Forbidden Forest and confront your fate. If you do not do this, I shall kill every last man, woman and child who tries to conceal you from me. Hermione Granger: [the Trio walks through the courtyard] Where is everybody? [They open the doors to the Great Hall. It is a total wreck, lined with students, teachers, the injured, and the dead. Ron walks in first, followed by Hermione, then Harry, who passes everyone almost as if he is in a daze, unable to comprehend what is going on around him] Professor Horace Slughorn: [Applying Dittany to a wound on Filch's arm] Harry... Professor Pomona Sprout: [Dealing with a student's wound] Oh come on, what's the matter with you? Professor Sybil Trelawney: [Sitting next to Padma Patil and pulling a sheet over a teacher's body] Oh, she's passed. Padma Patil: There, she's gone. Ron Weasley: [the next sight stops Harry dead in his tracks. The Weasley family are gathered around the body of Fred. Ginny and Percy both stand motionless. Bill holds a crying Fleur. Molly's head is buried on her dead son's shoulder. Arthur is trying to comfort George as best he can. George sees Ron and grabs onto him for dear life, sobbing uncontrollably. Ron kneels over Fred's body and lays his head down on his chest as Molly gently strokes both of their heads] No! No! NO! [Stunned, Harry glances to his left and sees the body of Remus and Tonks] Harry Potter: [Walking into a clearing in the Forest, Harry pulls the Snitch from his pocket] I'm ready to die. [He kisses it, and it opens to reveal a small black stone] The Resurrection Stone... [he holds it in his hands, and closes his eyes. As he opens them, his parents, Sirius, and Remus appear in the clearing] Lily Potter: [Lily smiles at her son and holds her hand out to him. Harry reaches out to touch it, but finds his own hand just passes through hers] You've been so brave, sweetheart. Harry Potter: Why are you here? All of you? Lily Potter: We never left. Harry Potter: [He turns to Sirius] Does it-does it hurt? Dying? Sirius Black: Quicker than falling asleep. James Potter: You're nearly there, son. Harry Potter: I'm sorry. I never wanted any of you to die for me. [He turns to Lupin] And Remus, your son... Remus Lupin: Others will tell him what his mother and father died for. One day, he'll understand. Harry Potter: You'll stay with me? James Potter: Until the end. Harry Potter: And he won't be able to see you? Sirius Black: No. [He reaches towards Harry's heart] We're here, you see. Harry Potter: Stay close to me. Lily Potter: Always. [He drops the Stone, and is once again alone] Hermione Granger: [Walking out of Dumbledore's office, now knowing what he must do, Harry sees Ron and Hermione holding each other on the Grand Staircase. Upon hearing his footsteps, Hermione stands up to face him] Where have you been? Ron Weasley: We thought you went to the Forest. Harry Potter: I'm going there now. Ron Weasley: Are you mad? No. You can't give yourself up to him. Hermione Granger: What is it, Harry? What is it you know? Harry Potter: There's a reason I can hear them... the Horcruxes. I think I've known for awhile. [Realization dawns on Hermione] And I think you have too. Hermione Granger: [She begins to cry] I'll go with you! Harry Potter: No. Kill the snake. Kill the snake and then it's just him. [Hermione runs to hug him. Harry glances over her shoulder and looks at Ron, knowing it may be the last time he ever sees either of his best friends]

Other Titles

  1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 3D (2011) (ENG)
    (USA) (3-D version)

  2. Harry Potter e i doni della morte: Parte 2 (2011) (ENG)
    (Italy) (imdb display title)

  3. Harry Potter und die Heiligtümer des Todes - Teil 2 (2011) (ENG)
    (Germany) (imdb display title)

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- SPOILER: Not long after 'Alan Rickman' (qv) started to play Severus Snape, 'J.K. Rowling' (qv) told him some character secrets about Snape that would not be otherwise revealed until the last book. Most significantly, Rickman was one of the very few people other than Rowling to know (years ahead of the last book's publication) that Snape had been in love with Lily Evans (later Potter) when they were students at Hogwarts, and both Snape's protection of and antagonism toward Harry came from that. Rowling said that she shared this information with Rickman because "he needed to understand, I think, and does completely understand and did completely understand where this bitterness towards this boy, who's living proof of [Lily's] preference for another man, came from." According to Rickman, the directors prior to the publication of the last book were not privy to the information of Snape's true character either, and he had to ask them to defer to him on the portrayal of Snape, whether or not they understood why.

- When 'David Heyman' (qv) was asked if there were any actors that he wished had been in the series but never were, he answered 'Eileen Atkins' (qv), 'Ian McKellen' (qv),