Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009) (VG) Video Game

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7.0/ 10 (279 Votes)

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Production Company
Electronic Arts (EA) [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

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Release Date
(UK) - 30 June 2009
(Poland) - 3 July 2009

Running Time



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Full Cast

  1. Birch, Christopher (I) as (voice) [Albus Dumbledore] <1>
  2. Blanc, Keylian as (voice: Frence version) [Harry Potter]
  3. Boileau, Denis as (voice: Frence version) [Nearly Headless Nick]
  4. Cassot, Marc as (voice: Frence version) [Albus Dumbledore]
  5. Coker, David (I) as (voice) [Nearly Headless Nick] <4>
  6. Dudson, Tony as (voice) [Giffard Abbott] <5>
  7. Dumond, Phillippe as (voice: Frence version) [Fenrir Greyback]
  8. Elias, Michel as (voice: Frence version) [Horace Slughorn/Terminus Shanks/Male Gargoyle]
  9. Enoch, Alfie as (voice) [Dean Thomas] <6>
  10. Fara, Fabrice as (voice: Frence version) [Fillius Flitwick/Ravenclaw Student/Slytherin Student]
  11. Faulkner, James (I) as (voice) [Severus Snape] <7>
  12. Felton, Tom as (voice) [Draco Malfoy] <8>
  13. Grint, Rupert as (voice) [Ron Weasley] <9>
  14. Hansler, Jonathan as (voice) [Male Death Eater] <10>
  15. Herdman, Josh as (voice) [Gregory Goyle] <11>
  16. Kazazian, Thierry as (voice: Frence version) [Male Death Eater/Basil Fronsac/Gryffindor Student/Slytherin Student]
  17. Kydd, Jonathan as (voice) [Rubeus Hagrid/Basil Fronsac/Termeritus Shanks] <13>
  18. Legeno, Dave as (voice) [Fenrir Greyback] <14>
  19. Lemarie, Sylvain as (voice: Frence version) [Hagrid]
  20. Martret, Olivier as (voice: Frence version) [Ron Weasley]
  21. Milsztajn, Dov as (voice: Frence version) [Draco Malfoy]
  22. Monge, Cyrille as (voice: Frence version) [Giffard Abbott/Timothy the Timid]
  23. Percival, Michael (I) as (voice) [Horace Slughorn/Timothy the Timod/Male Gargoyle] <19>
  24. Pestel, Arthur-Rémi as (voice: Frence version) [Gregory Goyle]
  25. Pestel, Charles as (voice: Frence version) [Vincent Crabbe]
  26. Sopp, Adam as (voice) [Harry Potter] <20>
  27. Stroma, Freddie as (voice) [Cormac McLaggen] <22>
  28. Taric, Mehani as (voice: Frence version) [Cormac McLaggen/Gryffindor Student/Ravenclaw Student/Slytherin Student]
  29. Tomé, Antoine as (voice: Frence version) [Severus Snape]
  30. Waylett, Jamie as (voice) [Vincent Crabbe] <23>
  31. Cave, Jessie as (voice) [Lavender Brown] <2>
  32. Chalmers, Beth as (voice) [Bellatrix Lestrange/Damara Dodderidge/Female Gargoyle] <3>
  33. Foviau, Karine as (voice: Frence version) [Lavender Brown]
  34. Karpf, Ève as (voice) [Minerva McGonagall] <12>
  35. Keita, Fily as (voice: Frence version) [Katie Bell/Slytherin Student]
  36. Leonidas, Georgina (I) as (voice) [Katie Bell] <15>
  37. Leung, Katie as (voice) [Cho Chang] <16>
  38. Lynch, Evanna as (voice) [Luna Lovegood] <17>
  39. Middleton, Isobel as (voice) [The Fat Lady] <18>
  40. Préjean, Laura as (voice: Frence version) [Ginny Weasley/Gryffindor Student/Hufflepuff Stuent/Ravenclaw Student]
  41. Sternberg, Rachel as (voice) [Hermione Granger] <21>
  42. Wright, Bonnie as (voice) [Ginny Weasley] <24>
  43. Zidi, Marie as (voice: Frence version) [Bellatrix Lestrange/Female Gargoyle/Ravenclaw Student/Slytherin Student]

Movie Certificate

PG (Australia)
12 (UK)

Music Composers

  1. Hannigan, James


  1. Lawson, Ken (IV) (motion capture actor)


- This is the second Harry Potter game to feature cast members from the film providing the voices of their characters.