Hausfrauen Report international (1973) Movie

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West Germany

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3.3/ 10 (21 Votes)

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Production Company
TV13 Filmproduktion [de]

Production Designer

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Release Date
(West Germany) - 25 January 1973
(Finland) - 18 January 1974
(Japan) - 9 March 1974
(France) - 9 October 1974
(Italy) - 1977

Running Time


adultery, episodic, female-nudity, nudity, psychiatrist, sequel, sex, softcore,

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Full Cast

  1. Ballmann, Dieter as
  2. Ballmann, Hans-Jürgen as (as Hans Ballmann)
  3. Brönneke, Reiner as [Dick Stevenson]
  4. Buzalski, Johannes as [Klempner]
  5. Feuchtenberg, Walter as [Mann im Ungarischen Restaurant]
  6. Gasté, Philippe as [Taxifahrer]
  7. Keitel, Horst as [Richard Stevenson]
  8. Kern, Hans (I) as [Conferencier im Bierkeller]
  9. Kieslich, Günther as [Goodfellow, Psychiater]
  10. Kranz, Peter as [Marty Stevenson]
  11. Moosholzer, Josef (I) as [Xaver Kirchhofer]
  12. Möhner, Gernot as [Bernd Mittler]
  13. Padalewski, Erich as [Don Geronimo]
  14. Preiß, Hasso as [Hotelportier]
  15. Talamonti, Rinaldo as [Liebhaber von Dolores]
  16. Tinney, Claus as [Istvan]
  17. Baumgart, Angelika as [Brigitte Mittler]
  18. Borck, Gaby as [Candelaria]
  19. Corrigan, Shirley as (as Sally Ann Peters) [Grace Stevenson]
  20. Herberg, Katharina as [Marika]
  21. Knuth, Brigitte as [Fräulein Kleiber]
  22. Libert, Anne as [Ilona]
  23. Lorson, Karin as [Pamela Stevenson]
  24. Moosholzer, Ingeborg as [Kellnerin im Bierkeller]
  25. Pascal, Marie-Georges as [Janine]
  26. Raber, Maria as [Linda]
  27. Rau, Dorothea as [Mabel]
  28. Rohde, Monika as [Bob's Sekretärin]
  29. Steeger, Ingrid as [Sheila]
  30. Volkmann, Elisabeth as [Doña Dolores]

Movie Certificate

K-18 (Finland)
18 (West Germany)


  1. Werner, Klaus (I)


Compagnie Commerciale Française Cinématographique (CCFC) [fr] - (1974) (France) (theatrical)
WVG Medien GmbH [de] - (2008) (Germany) (DVD)

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