"Heartbeat" (1992) {Hollywood or Bust (#9.10)} TV Season

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Overview "Heartbeat" Season 09 Episode 10 (S09E10)



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Release Date
(UK) - 28 November 1999

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Full Cast

  1. Booth, Lee as [Trevor Horrocks] <16>
  2. Durr, Jason as [PC Mike Bradley] <3>
  3. Fowlds, Derek as [Oscar Blaketon] <9>
  4. Franks, Philip (I) as [Sergeant Craddock] <14>
  5. Jordon, Mark as [PC Phil Bellamy] <12>
  6. Ledwith, Martin as [Andy Ryan] <11>
  7. Lewis, Matthew (III) as [Alan Quigley] <17>
  8. Lonsdale, David as [David Stockwell] <1>
  9. Maynard, Bill (I) as [Claude Jeremiah Greengrass] <7>
  10. McGivern, Geoffrey as [Denzil Arcourt] <5>
  11. Powley, Mark as [Harry Carey] <8>
  12. Simons, William as [PC Alf Ventress] <13>
  13. Thomas, Gareth (I) as [Nathaniel Clegghorn] <2>
  14. Vansittart, Rupert as [Lord Ashfordly] <6>
  15. Dolman, Fiona as [Jackie Bradley] <4>
  16. Pelka, Kazia as [Maggie Bolton] <15>
  17. Penrose, Tricia as [Gina Ward] <10>
  18. Shore, Debbie as [Beryl] <18>

Full Plot

Film producer Denzil Arcourt and his team take over Ashfordly Hall for a couple of days to shoot scenes for a new movie. The whole village is impressed by the movie people, who stay at the Aidensfield Arms. But unlike most movie people Arcourt does not like it and get very enraged, when Gina takes a picture of him with the new camera she has just been given by Andy. David has bought a couple of hens from Nathaniel Clegghorn so that he can sell the eggs, but he wants his money back, when Greengrass discover both the hens are cocks. That is easier said than done when Clegghorn threatens them with his shot gun. Greengrass and David are not the only ones who find themselves at the wrong end of Clegghorn's shot gun. Lord Ashfordly gets in the same position when Clegghorn accuses his dog of disturbing Clegghorn's sheep. Carsten Pedersen Plot not found

Dress Designers

  1. Baugh, Martin

Film Editors

  1. Quarmby, Stuart


  1. Critchley, Jonathan (script editor)
  2. Ferlinc, Teresa (production coordinator)
  3. Harland, Ann (stage manager)
  4. Jensen-Jones, Karen (publicist)
  5. McConachie, Neil (title designer)
  6. Paterson, James (II) (technical assistant)
  7. Savage, Sasha (II) (assistant location manager)
  8. Sharman, Christine (script supervisor)
  9. Somers, Simon (location manager)
  10. Stephenson, Ben (II) (assistant script editor)
  11. Storey, Nicky (assistant to executive producer)
  12. Whitehead, Paul (II) (production financing)