"Hebburn" (2012) {She Doesn't Just Give It Away (#1.5)} TV Season

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Overview "Hebburn" Season 01 Episode 05 (S01E05)



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6.5/ 10 (6 Votes)

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Production Company
Baby Cow Productions [gb]
Channel X [gb]

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All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(UK) - 15 November 2012

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Full Cast

  1. Cook, Jason (XIX) as [Ramsey] <11>
  2. Duff, Graham (I) as [David] <9>
  3. Grainger, Neil as [Gervaise] <8>
  4. Hillman, Steven as [Doorman] <15>
  5. Joey, Alfie as [Doctor] <4>
  6. Peddie, Steffen as [Big Keith] <12>
  7. Ramsey, Chris (VII) as [Jack] <2>
  8. Reeves, Vic as (as Jim Moir) [Joe] <5>
  9. Dunn, Pat (II) as [Dot] <13>
  10. Elliott, Victoria (II) as [Denise] <10>
  11. Henry, Verity-May as [Marial] <1>
  12. Hunt, Kathryn as [Siobhan] <14>
  13. McGrillis, Lisa as [Vicki] <7>
  14. McKee, Gina as [Pauline] <6>
  15. Nixon, Kimberley as [Sarah] <3>

Full Plot

Now editor of the Hebburn Advertiser Jack is frustrated by the total lack of news worthy stories. Sarah's sister Marial - born Miriam - arrives and tries to bring down Jim's high blood pressure with alternative therapies. Marial joins Pauline,Dot,Denise and Vicki in taking a reluctant Sarah out for a hen night.Sarah and Denise find out that they are both pregnant and Vicki claims Denise's positive pregnancy kit result is her own to stop Gervaise from leaving for Great Yarmouth. Marial,surprisingly,cops off with Jack's large friend Big Keith when the hen and stag parties meet up in the local,where they are regaled by geriatric stripper Clarty Carol. don @ minifie-1 Plot not found

Film Editors

  1. Del Giudice, Liana


  1. Alibone, Tom (second assistant director)
  2. Haluszczak, Lyndsey (production assistant)
  3. Hetherington, Jamie (III) (third assistant director)
  4. Hollowoy, Jim (production designer)
  5. Mason, Daisy (graphics)
  6. Peters, Colin (I) (colourist)
  7. Roper, Lucy (floor runner)
  8. Timmons, Mark (cast security)
  9. Vasey, Ian (location manager)