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Overview "Holby Blue" Season 02 Episode 02 (S02E02)



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Release Date
(UK) - 27 March 2008

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Full Cast

  1. Akingbola, Jimmy as [PC Neil Parker] <5>
  2. Bennett, Tom (I) as [Matthew Green] <14>
  3. Davies, Glen (I) as [Brian] <13>
  4. Harrington, Richard (I) as [DS Luke French] <3>
  5. Hillier, James (II) as [Sgt. Christian Young] <11>
  6. Jacobs, Joe (III) as [PC William Jackson] <6>
  7. Macaninch, Cal as [DI John Keenan] <2>
  8. Milburn, Oliver (I) as [DCI Scott Vaughan] <1>
  9. Nice, Phil as [James Pretorious] <16>
  10. O Brien, Kieran (I) as [PC Robert Clifton] <4>
  11. Reynolds, Tom (VII) as [Mark Straw] <17>
  12. Ross Elliott, David as (uncredited) [CID Officer]
  13. Sterne, David as [Sgt. Edward Macfadden] <9>
  14. Wildman, Michael as [Adam Starkey] <15>
  15. Adams, Lucy (I) as [Vicky] <18>
  16. Ainsworth, Kacey as [Insp Jenny Black] <8>
  17. Claire, Jessica as [Ann-Marie Dwyer] <19>
  18. Glover, Elaine as [PC Lucy Slater] <7>
  19. Lucker, Zoe as [Kate Keenan] <10>
  20. Powell, Sara (I) as [Rachel Barker] <12>

Full Plot

After three university students are found dead in their flat, the police believe that there may be a batch of contaminated drugs on the street. A fourth victim, Sam Cornish, is soon found dead and the police take custody of her infant son, Danny, who they reunite with his putative father. It all brings back painful memories for PC Robert Clifton who has chosen not to be a parent to his child. As for Sam, it turns she is person dealing the drugs but the police want to find her supplier. Meanwhile, the Internet dating thief has struck again, this time stealing a client's watch and wallet. PCs Parker and Jackson decide to mount their own little sting operation. Sgt. Young settles a dispute between an irate home owner and the student who, while drunk, damaged his property. Rachel Barker decides to cause him some grief. garykmcd Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Stewart, Mark Hinton

Film Editors

  1. Hampton, Jim (II)


  1. Barnett, Alison (I) (head of production)
  2. Carter, Tony (III) (location assistant)
  3. Davies, Rhiannon Mair (production secretary)
  4. Duffell, Kelly (assistant production coordinator)
  5. Mail, Lisa (script supervisor)
  6. Ramsay, Kevin (II) (location manager)