"Holby Blue" (2007) {(#2.5)} TV Season

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Overview "Holby Blue" Season 02 Episode 05 (S02E05)



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Release Date
(UK) - 17 April 2008

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Full Cast

  1. Akingbola, Jimmy as [PC Neil Parker] <6>
  2. Colley, Kenneth as [John Snr] <15>
  3. Doyle, Kevin (I) as [Sean Burrows] <9>
  4. Harrington, Richard (I) as [DS Luke French] <7>
  5. Lowe, Robert (II) as [Lee Burrows] <11>
  6. Macaninch, Cal as [DI John Keenan] <2>
  7. Milburn, Oliver (I) as [DCI Scott Vaughan] <8>
  8. Sterne, David as [Sgt. Edward Macfadden] <4>
  9. Calder-Marshall, Anna as [Rose Macfadden] <13>
  10. Drew, Amanda as [Judy Burrows] <10>
  11. Glover, Elaine as [PC Lucy Slater] <1>
  12. Howman, Chloe as [PC Kelly Cooper] <5>
  13. Kilburn, Melanie as [Carol Slater] <12>
  14. Lucker, Zoe as [Kate Keenan] <3>
  15. Whyte, Cressida as [Tricia] <14>

Full Plot

DI Keenan is convinced that Sean Burrows is a wife and child beater but his emotional response to the case forces DCI Vaughn to re-assign him and put DS French in charge. Keenan obviously has his own demons to deal with but wife Jenny is getting a bit fed up. Accused of trying to kill his father, Lee Burrows is in jail and has to deal with some pretty rough customers. PC Lucy Slater is on sick recovering at her parents home. She thinks she's lost her nerve and may not be able to return to work which suits her mother just fine. A surprise visit from Mac and his wife leads her to make her decision. DCI Vaughn's attraction to Jenny is causing problems. PC Neil Parker is also carrying a torch for someone but won't tell partner Kelly Cooper who she is. The two of them are also called to a domestic dispute when a mother is having a problem with her son - who is two years old and refuses to put on his trousers. garykmcd Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Stewart, Mark Hinton


  1. Barnett, Alison (I) (head of production)
  2. Carter, Tony (III) (location assistant)
  3. Davies, Rhiannon Mair (production secretary)
  4. Duffell, Kelly (assistant production coordinator)
  5. Mail, Lisa (script supervisor)
  6. Ramsay, Kevin (II) (location manager)