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(Hollywood) USA

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Home Film Group [us]

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CAM:Canon C300

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Full Cast

  1. Akinnagbe, Gbenga as [Jack Hall] <1>
  2. Bellamy, Judah as [John]
  3. Berlin, Robert as [Drug Guy]
  4. Brewington, Ajaye as [Hanging Out Guy]
  5. Brown III, Eddie R. as [Travis]
  6. Chang, Yung-I as [Fat Hop]
  7. Chapman, Grizz as [Big G]
  8. Choksi, Nick as [Max] <12>
  9. DeCapua, Matthew as [Doctor]
  10. Dixon, Ananias as [Leo] <11>
  11. Fierro, David as [Resident]
  12. Flores, Alexander (I) as [Thomas] <6>
  13. Harts, Frank as [Smitty] <3>
  14. Hilborn, Gary as [Officer Don]
  15. Hoch, Danny as [Dundee]
  16. Kruz, Alex as [Enforcer Charlie]
  17. Manning, Hassan as [Ced]
  18. Martinez, Adrian (I) as [Hector]
  19. McDaniel, James (I) as [Dr. Parker] <13>
  20. Miller, Eric T. as [Mike]
  21. Moreno, Luis (XXXIV) as [Waiter]
  22. Morton, Joe (I) as [Donald Hall]
  23. Pollack, Roy as [Neighborhood Drunk]
  24. Sterling, John (VI) as [Himself]
  25. Stockman, Theo as [Charles] <9>
  26. Suarez, Alexis as [Myron]
  27. Whitlock Jr., Isiah as [Samuel] <8>
  28. Williams, Victor (I) as [Hamilton] <4>
  29. Cook, Zakiya as [Food Server]
  30. Culp, Tara Ann as [Real Estate Agent 1]
  31. Cypress, Tawny as [Laura]
  32. Evans, Venida as [Ginnie] <7>
  33. Garcia, Melody as [Frustrated Pedestrian]
  34. Hurst, Elena as [Melissa] <5>
  35. Johnson, Carolyn (XIV) as [Anchorwoman]
  36. Key, Tisa as [Sanchez]
  37. Moggie, K.K. as [Denise] <2>
  38. Offner, Deborah as [Sondra]
  39. Paller, Evie as [Child in Church/Neighborhood child]
  40. Pena, Catherine (I) as [Nurse]
  41. Pinkins, Tonya as [Esmin]
  42. Russell, Racine as [Officer Jen]


  1. Drama

Full Plot

Home is the story of a man named Jack, suffering from mental illness, whose goal is to move out of the group home where he resides and into a home of his own. By doing so he hopes to rebuild his life, reconnect with his estranged son, and put himself back on a path to "normalcy." Home Plot not found

Total Business

PD: 18 June 2012 - 13 July 2012 SD: 6 June 2012 - 3 July 2012 SD: 18 June 2012 - 13 July 2012

Music Composers

  1. Shankar, Gingger


  1. Cho, Sung Rae

Dress Designers

  1. Barbosa, Pattie J.

Film Editors

  1. Guidotti, Ulysses


  1. Cuadra, Ana (location manager)
  2. Doty, Lucy (central city studio owner)
  3. Estrella, Timothy (production assistant)
  4. Garcia, Melody (production assistant)
  5. Garcia, Melody (social media)
  6. Geraghty, Roisin (production coordinator)
  7. Hall, Daire (production assistant)
  8. Lliteras, Marguerite (central city studio operations manager)
  9. Lliteras, Ralph (central city studio manager)
  10. Lliteras, Sunshine (central city studio props department)
  11. Medina, Fernando (production assistant)
  12. Osorio, Laura (production assistant)
  13. Reed, Caelon (production assistant)
  14. Vaz, Corey (production assistant)
  15. Yap-Stewart, Melissa (script supervisor)
  16. Yew, Alex (production assistant)
  17. Yew, Alex (production assistant) (as Alex Yew)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA