HorrorCon (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Yellow Horse Productions [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 2013

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A real horror awaited... and he was watching her every move. Sometimes you must descend to be saved. When horror is in your blood...every drop counts.


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Full Cast

  1. Aude, Erik as [Dane Harding] <7>
  2. Buccarelli, Steven as [Kris] <12>
  3. Cahill, Gary as [Bandanna Man/Event Staff] <18>
  4. Dean, Patrick James as [Ryan] <8>
  5. Falcon, Wolfman Nick as [Himself - The Young Werewolves] <26>
  6. Goodrich, Jason (III) as [Fisherman #1] <13>
  7. Kies, Chris as [Dr. Dmitrije Radan] <2>
  8. Livezey, Christopher as [Fisherman #2] <14>
  9. Mulreaney, Jeffrey as [Teen #1] <21>
  10. Orazi, Chris as [Tipsy Wedding Guy] <17>
  11. Roll, Rock and as [Biker Dude] <16>
  12. Scalfo, Henry as [Devil Horns] <15>
  13. Solla, Austin as [Teen #2] <22>
  14. Toscani, Damien as [Son] <19>
  15. Turturro, Raymond as [Francis Grando] <3>
  16. Wolf, Jonny as [Himself - The Young Werewolves] <25>
  17. Chardonnay, Callie as [Pale Thin Woman] <9>
  18. Kain, Shewolf Dana as [Herself - The Young Werewolves] <24>
  19. Marchand, Kelly as [Lorena Downing] <6>
  20. Miles, Jaimie as [Party Girl] <28>
  21. Nicolo, Anita as [Mother] <20>
  22. Radilova, Evgeniya as [Roma Gypsy] <5>
  23. Sinnott, Michal as [Wendy Whipper] <4>
  24. Vogt-Lowell, Nicole as [Eliza Lowell] <1>
  25. Weiler, Kim as [Medieval Chemise] <11>
  26. Whited, Stephanie Ann as [Tie-Dye] <10>


  1. Horror
  2. Mystery

Full Plot

HorrorCon injects us into a world of dark fanaticism when a young female vendor attends a horror convention after suffering a terrible personal tragedy where she was raped and her boyfriend was murdered. Addicted to pain pills and battling mental and physical torment, she can barely endure returning to a place that strains her once joyous memories through a filter of loneliness, heartache and despair. Soon, she's pursued by a mysterious celebrity author who happens to collect vials of blood for autographs and who may be able to offer her one final chance at a that could mean changing everything she knows about being alive. Anonymous Plot not found


  1. Wright, Jim (XV)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. New Jersey, USA


- Many of HorroCon's key scenes were shot during two actual New Jersey horror conventions using careful camera placement and hundreds of model releases.