House of Forbidden Secrets (2013) Movie

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English - (Original version)

(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
BD Productions [us]
Extreme Entertainment [us] - (presents)
FullMoon Productions [us] - (in association with)
Jackalope Media Productions [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

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Release Date
(USA) - June 2013

Running Time


death, demonic-possession, film, gore, haunted-manor, priest, prostitute, satanic, year-1930,

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Full Cast

  1. David, Bryan as [Jackson Kincade] <3>
  2. Finey, A.J. as [Machete Man] <15>
  3. Ford, Paul (VIII) as [Rider] <18>
  4. Hardy, George (I) as [Bruce Cane] <11>
  5. Kaufman, Dustin as [Axe Man] <16>
  6. Kayser, Allan as [Brad] <10>
  7. Kinder, William (II) as [Car Ghost] <19>
  8. Lehman, Ari as [Building Crewman] <12>
  9. Milan, Millie as [Tamera Davis] <5>
  10. Pete, 42nd Street as [Evangelist] <14>
  11. Sherrick, Joe as [Ghost] <20>
  12. Steele, Antwoine as [Jacob Hunt] <1>
  13. Westmar, Brad as [Wayne Harris] <6>
  14. Carey, Misty (II) as [Ghost] <24>
  15. Hopkins, Jessica (VII) as [Nicole] <17>
  16. Mackey, Margoth as [Ghost] <21>
  17. Paxton Tarbell, Michaela as [Hanna Martin] <4>
  18. Runyon, Iris as [Dorothy Fremont] <13>
  19. Santorella, Nicole as [Cassie Traxler] <2>
  20. Siefkas, Liberty (II) as [Ghost] <22>
  21. Thorne, Dyanne as [Greta Gristina] <8>
  22. Whisenant, Ashley as [Doll Ghost] <23>


  1. Drama
  2. Horror
  3. Thriller

Music Composers

  1. Hiraoka, Toshiyuki


  1. Sheets, Todd (I)

Film Editors

  1. Sheets, Todd (I)


  1. Mackey, Margoth (set continuity)


- The last name of the character Jackson Kincade, was named after a Patrick Dempsey character.

- The scene with Dorothy Fremont in her car was really a staged scare. She had no idea there was a ghost in the back waiting to get her.

- George Hardy, Lew Temple, Allan Kayser, Dyanne Thorne, and Howard Maurer were all guests on Nightwatch Radio hosted by Todd Sheets. They all became good friends and decided to work together.

- Executive Producer Bryan David and Todd Sheets were introduced to each other by Lew Temple.

- The séance scene was scripted using the real Enochian Keys. Many of the crew and staff have reported strange phenomenon after that scene was shot.

- The buildings used in filming House of Forbidden Secrets all have reports of paranormal activity in them.

- Some of the locations used to film House of Forbidden Secrets are two of the largest real commercial haunted houses in America. They are called The Beast and Macabre Cinema.

- During filming, the crew placed a creepy doll in various spots to try to scare each other. The dolls name is Ursula.

- The character of Dorothy Fremont is named after the H G lewis Classic BLOOD FEAST. In one scene you can see a