"House of Mouse" (2001) {Mickey and the Culture Clash (#4.9)} TV Season

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Overview "House of Mouse" Season 04 Episode 09 (S04E09)


(Hollywood) USA

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Release Date
(USA) - 2 September 2002

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Full Cast

  1. Allwine, Wayne as (voice) [Mickey Mouse]
  2. Benson, Robby as (voice) [Beast]
  3. Burton, Corey (I) as (voice)
  4. Farmer, Bill (I) as (voice) [Goofy/Pluto]
  5. LaMarche, Maurice as (voice) [Mortimer Mouse]
  6. Roddy, Rod as (voice) [Mike]
  7. Schon, Kevin as (voice) [Timon]
  8. Benson, Jodi as (voice) [Belle]
  9. Taylor, Russi as (voice) [Minnie Mouse]
  10. Winchell, April as (voice) [Clarabelle Cow]

Music Composers

  1. Tavera, Michael (as Mike Tavera)


  1. Campbell, Kevin (IV) (supervising story editor) (as Kevin D. Campbell)
  2. Cappas, Marina (continuity coordinator)
  3. Collins, Christopher (I) (production coordinator)
  4. Estoesta, Joann (production coordinator)
  5. Gannaway, Roberts (dialogue director)
  6. Honig, Richard (production accountant)
  7. Infranca, Chad (production coordinator)
  8. Jernigan, Leona (script coordinator)
  9. Lauhon, Kelly (script coordinator) (as Kellie Lauhon)
  10. Lyons, Charles (I) (assistant technical director)
  11. Momary, Janelle (production coordinator)
  12. Police, Robin (continuity coordinator)
  13. Schaffer, Lisa (talent coordinator)
  14. Silver, Marc (III) (production associate)
  15. Smith, Wayne (XXVIII) (unit coordinator: Toon City)
  16. Tyau, Michael (technical director)
  17. Welton, Merle (continuity coordinator)