How to Love a Geek (2013) Movie

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English - (Original version)

(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Sedona Studios PBMV [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 2013

Running Time
90 (approx.)



Technical Support
RAT:16:9 HD - (widescreen)

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Full Cast

  1. Bergeron, Carl as [Keith]
  2. Chaisson, Aren as [John Daly]
  3. Chidlaw, Ian as [Jonathan]
  4. Conner, Abram as [Kevin]
  5. Cutrera, Ron as [J.B.]
  6. Evans, Ian (IX) as [Young Boy]
  7. Fletcher, Josh (III) as [Carlos]
  8. Gardner, Lance as [Supervisor]
  9. Goings, Austin as [Chopin]
  10. Guidry, Derrick as [Don]
  11. Harris, Daniel Lee as [Rick]
  12. Haymon, Corbin as [Damon]
  13. Litel, Collier as [John Daly Jr]
  14. Litel, Trey as [Project Manager]
  15. Manuel, Jeff as [Guy At Bar]
  16. Meeks, Christopher as [Skateboard Kid #1]
  17. Merrill, Jesse as [David]
  18. Newmiller, Clyde E. as [Referee]
  19. Owens, Samuel as [Tomas]
  20. Pichon, Larry E. as [Old Man]
  21. Tuttle, Tristan as [Josh]
  22. Walker, Chase (I) as [Chauffeur]
  23. Austin, Elizabeth (VI) as [Pamela]
  24. Bean, Wendy as [Assistant]
  25. Delome, Danette as [Executive]
  26. Ettienne, Keisha as [Janice's Friend #1]
  27. Evans, Ella as [Young Girl]
  28. Evans, Erin (III) as [Girl #1]
  29. Fields-Gold, Anita as [Hair Salon Woman #2]
  30. Goodlaw, Brenda as [Ms. Prater]
  31. Guilbeau, Lilly as [Young Girl #3]
  32. Guillory, Spring as [Mary]
  33. Hieronymus, Suzanne as [Janice]
  34. Hollingsworth, Brandi as [Shopper #2]
  35. Klein, Quinn as [Cindy]
  36. Kusmertz, Sharon as [Hair Salon Woman #1]
  37. Lee, Justis as [Mrs. Jones]
  38. Lyons, Patty as [Lady #1]
  39. Mackan, Laura as [Janice's Friend #2]
  40. Matte, Demi as [Old Lady]
  41. McCain, Monique as [Natalia]
  42. McCain, Paula as [Lady At Meeting]
  43. Pack, Rebecca as [Hair Salon Woman #3]
  44. Pence, Katie as [Shopper #1]
  45. Pruitt, Nikki as [News Reporter]
  46. Shearman, Isabella as [Amanda]
  47. Simmons, Hope (II) as [Diana]
  48. Simon, Cecelia as [Silvia Bell]
  49. Soileau, Nettra as [Mrs. Morris]
  50. Wix, Emilee as [Young Girl #2]


  1. Romance

Total Business

BT: USD 1,000,000


  1. Woxland, Michael


Chasing a Dream Distribution [us] - (2013) (USA) (all media)

Film Editors

  1. Chiaravalle, Nathan


  1. Graffius, Diana (production coordinator)
  2. Henderson, Demetrius (production assistant)
  3. Jones, Houston (production assistant)
  4. Lind, Katherine (script supervisor)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA