Humerus (2013) Movie

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Release Date
(Germany) - 8 February 2013

Running Time
30 (approx.)



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Full Cast

  1. Labbé, Rebecca as [Deborah]


  1. Short

Full Plot

Berlin 1938, November 9th, on Reichskristallnacht a young Jewish girl's bright and innocent life changes forever when she witnesses two Waffen-SS guys killing her parents in their beautiful mansion. Hidden under a table she cannot only escape from death but she also discovers this ONE specific tattoo on the murderers' arm. Left alone with a ringing phone and her dead parents the girl will forever be haunted by these memories. Though she will not be the victim. She will not surrender and she waits for revenge. 8 years and 6 million dead jewish people later, on October 1st 1946, the conquerors of the Nazis hand out the sentences to the men of Hitler's inner circle in the Nuremberg trials. In Berlin this is the final redemption day for the avenging angel and her own private trial; the young woman awaits the offender, the murderer of her parents, now again an ordinary electrician. Does he recognize the place? Can he remember his deprivation and what happened in those rooms? SHE will never forget and she will teach him to remember. Her retribution will be stunning and fatally bewitching. It will artistically mark the guilt of an entire society full of next-door offenders ... Christina Bils Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Martin, Sune

Film Editors

  1. Hithiramani, Sanjeev