I'll Be Homeless for Christmas (2012) Movie

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English - (Original version)

(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
BCN Productions [us] - (us)

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Release Date
(USA) - 7 December 2012

Running Time

This year Christmas Spirit faces foreclosure


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Full Cast

  1. Breedlove, Landon as [Parker]
  2. Breedlove, Travis as [Conrad Dalton]
  3. Curtis, Slade as [Jack McGuffy]
  4. Norton, Ryan (II) as [Pastor Donovan]
  5. Peterson, Pete (XV) as (uncredited) [Homeless Caroler]
  6. Poe, Eric E. as (uncredited) [Green Hat Homeless Guy]
  7. Revis, Jay as [Caroler]
  8. Robert Duckworth, Walter as [Gus]
  9. Zeiss, Craig as (uncredited) [Squirrelly Homeless Person]
  10. Allison, Bren as [Caroler]
  11. Harrell, Kereisha as (uncredited) [Miscellaneous Background]
  12. Kerr, Mandi Christine as [Eve]
  13. Link, Kristin Melin as [Hannah]
  14. Weeks, Katie-Laken (I) as [Christmas Shopper]
  15. Weeks, Kylie Jade as [Christmas Shopper]


  1. Family

Total Business

BT: USD 10,000

Dress Designers

  1. Richards, Peri


  1. Breedlove, Travis (location assistant/scout)
  2. Curtis, Slade (extras casting coordinator)
  3. Denham, Steven R. (production assistant)
  4. Gould, Natalie (II) (media and marketing)
  5. Hinckle, Jessica (script supervisor)
  6. Hunt, Elisha (production assistant)
  7. MacDonald, Jamie (assistant director) (as James D. MacDonald)
  8. MacDonald, Jamie (props design & manager) (as James D. MacDonald)
  9. Mills, Travis (VI) (location assistant)
  10. Mills, Travis (VI) (production assistant)
  11. Moore, Elizabeth (XXIV) (make up artist)
  12. Morgan, Patrick (XI) (production assistant)
  13. Morris, Nick (XIII) (production coordinator)
  14. Norton, Ryan (II) (location manager)
  15. Powers, Kevin (VI) (production assistant)
  16. Revis, Jay (production assistant)
  17. Rogers, Nicole (XL) (sound coordinator)
  18. Ruprecht, Rob (I) (production assistant)
  19. Vassell, Sasha (extras agent/coordinator)
  20. Vassell, Sasha (production assistant)
  21. Walker, Jasmine (II) (make up assistant)
  22. Walker, Jasmine (II) (production assistant)
  23. Williams, Brittany (VIII) (production assistant)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Porterdale, Georgia, USA - (exterior scenes)