InAPPropriate Comedy (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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SquareOne Entertainment [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 22 March 2013

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Full Cast

  1. Abrams, Allen as [White Swan]
  2. Alperin, Harvey J. as [Shopper]
  3. Beasley, Christian as [Black Swan]
  4. Begley, Ben as [Bartender]
  5. Berson, Daniel as [Jack]
  6. Birr, Dave as [Black Swan]
  7. Bolton, Ray as [Patron]
  8. Bonner, Kato as [Hawk]
  9. Brody, Adrien as [Flirty Harry] <3>
  10. Chambers, Rick (I) as [Captain]
  11. Chan, Hymnson as [Driving Student]
  12. Cheney, Josh as [Manager]
  13. Cheung, Isaac as [Sushi Papa]
  14. Cohen, Michael (XV) as [Paparazzo]
  15. Dante (IV) as [The Racist Assistant]
  16. de Vera, Justin as [Pink Swan]
  17. DeColosio, E. Ambriz as (as Eduardo Ambriz DeColosio) [Day Laborer]
  18. Dragonas, Justin as [Cashier]
  19. Edwards, Thai as [Swade]
  20. Elden, James as [Paparazzo]
  21. Elkest, Mohamed Ibrahim as [Taliban Guard]
  22. Gibson, Ace as [Paparazzo]
  23. Jobson, Kris as [White Swan]
  24. Jones, Scott (XXXI) as [Guard]
  25. Kelley, Dominique as [Pink Swan]
  26. Kosek, Christopher as [Hillbilly]
  27. Kwo, Paul as [Sweatshop Worker]
  28. Lanzisera, Nick as [White Swan]
  29. Maiorano, Rod as [Cop]
  30. Martin, Gregg (I) as [Shopper]
  31. McDonald, Da Vone as [Vondell]
  32. McMillan, Henry as [Boyfriend]
  33. Mundt, Ian as [U.S. Government Agent]
  34. Offer, Vince as [Peeping Tom]
  35. Olomi, Ali as [Taliban Leader]
  36. Pagsisihan, Eleazar as [Black Swan]
  37. Patino, Alejandro (I) as [Day Laborer]
  38. Pelayo, Marlon as [White Swan]
  39. Penn, Richard (I) as [Passerby]
  40. Phifer, Mark Chalant as [Darnell]
  41. Popp, Gui as [Day Laborer]
  42. Roche, Joe as [Rookie]
  43. Rodriguez, Luis (XVII) as [Theater Employee]
  44. Rossi, Frank (I) as [Acting Coach (Danni Lang)]
  45. Ruiz, Ashton Jordann as [Acquon]
  46. Rukavina, Zachary James as [Passerby]
  47. Russell, Anthony (I) as [Old Man]
  48. Schneider, Rob (I) as [J.D./Psychologist] <1>
  49. Shaffir, Ari as [The Amazing Racist] <5>
  50. Silva, Michael (III) as [Paparazzo]
  51. Simmons, Tucker as [Attendant]
  52. Spencer, Jonathan (I) as [Lt. O'Flanagan/Fecal Pool Supervisor/Bob/Papparazzo]
  53. Stone, Ethan (IV) as [U.S. Government Agent]
  54. Strand, Evan as [Pink Swan]
  55. Sykes, Calvin as [Murphay]
  56. Usher, Jessie as [Jamal]
  57. Vera, Tony as [Bad Guy]
  58. Von, Theo as [Trapped Climber]
  59. Waldrop, Michael as [White Swan]
  60. Wang, Ben as [Sweatshop Boss]
  61. Weisberg, David (III) as [Shopper]
  62. Wespi-Tschopp, Chehon as [Black Swan]
  63. Wiesen, Jeff as [Fecal Pool Assistant]
  64. Wright II, Jaye Jibreel as [Passerby]
  65. Yearwood Jr., Armando as [Pink Swan]
  66. Akana, Anna as [Student]
  67. Azur-De as [Passerby]
  68. Beesley, Shayla as [Girlfriend]
  69. Chi, Stephanie (II) as [Sweatshop Worker]
  70. Constantine, Fabrine as [Patron]
  71. Day, Karen (V) as [Granny]
  72. DeFilippo, Jennifer as [Shopper]
  73. DeVito, Danielle as [Mother]
  74. Dykstra, Chloe as [Passerby]
  75. Ekulona, Afi as [Passerby]
  76. Evans, Laura (VII) as [Diane]
  77. Facer, Jada as [Girl]
  78. Gamby-Turner, Nikea as [Passerby]
  79. Gooding, April as [Passerby]
  80. Hall, Kiersten as [Beautiful Girl]
  81. Holt, Tara as [Triplet]
  82. Irion, Kimberly as [Store Patron]
  83. Kawasaki, Diane as [Theater Madam]
  84. Kenney, Noelle as [Patient]
  85. Kinnear, Lana as [Beach Bystander]
  86. Kochan, Rebekah as [Passerby]
  87. Lang, Danni as [Beautician #2]
  88. Lohan, Lindsay as [Marilyn] <4>
  89. Lwin, Andrea as [Beautician]
  90. Mae, Jia as (as Jia Perlich) [Sushi Mama]
  91. Poles, Marlena as [Shopper]
  92. Rich, Caroline as [Cindi]
  93. Rodriguez, Michelle (I) as [Harriet] <2>
  94. Rombaut, Deborah as [Nurse Jones]
  95. Taber, Jennie as [Shopper]
  96. Taylor, Tabitha as [Beach Bystander]
  97. Vizuete, Maria as [Catholic School Girl]


  1. Comedy

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Freestyle Digital Media [us] - (2013) (USA) (all media)
Freestyle Digital Media [us] - (2013) (USA) (video) (Video on Demand)
Freestyle Releasing [us] - (2013) (USA) (theatrical)
Freestyle Releasing [us] - (2013) (USA) (theatrical)
Front Row Filmed Entertainment [ae] - (2013) (United Arab Emirates) (all media) (Middle East, North Africa & Iran)
Future Film [fi] - (2013) (Finland) (DVD)


  1. Allen, Alia (production assistant)
  2. Alter, Jeremy (location consultant)
  3. Archembeau, Charles (production assistant)
  4. Ayuso, John Alex (production assistant)
  5. Beaumont, Jon (production assistant)
  6. Behar, Mark (personal assistant to lead cast members)
  7. Berezin, Jared (production assistant)
  8. Boucaut, Skye (production assistant)
  9. Bravo, Joseph (production assistant)
  10. Burnham, Christopher (III) (production assistant)
  11. Cappelletti, Joe (I) (adr voice director)
  12. Celic, Alexis (production assistant)
  13. Chang, Kevin (I) (production assistant)
  14. Dahlhoff, Tory (production assistant)
  15. Davis, Rebecca (XIV) (script supervisor)
  16. Diener, Travis (location scout)
  17. Feavel, Jessica (production assistant)
  18. Gambin, Joshua (production assistant)
  19. Geager II, Craig (production assistant)
  20. Germain, Erik (location production assistant)
  21. Hayashi, Henry (adr loop group)
  22. Henschel, Brandon (I) (choreography)
  23. Jansen, Jennifer (IV) (production assistant)
  24. Johnson, Derek (X) (stand in: Adrien Brody)
  25. Kephart, Argus (production assistant)
  26. Kiang, Clint W. (production assistant)
  27. Kovacic, Steve (I) (location scout)
  28. Lang, Damian (production assistant)
  29. Ligon, Camille (production assistant)
  30. Lugo, Valery (production assistant)
  31. Montelongo, Luz (production assistant)
  32. Nelson, Jeff (XX) (location scout)
  33. Newman, Fabio (II) (production assistant)
  34. Oquendo, Jedrek (production assistant)
  35. Perez, Aaron (II) (production assistant)
  36. Ray, Sharmila (production assistant)
  37. Roberts, Burke (II) (production assistant)
  38. Sadden, Jeff (production assistant)
  39. Sall, Tema Louise (production assistant)
  40. Sapp, Andrew (I) (production assistant)
  41. Simmons, Tucker (production assistant)
  42. Skaggs, Todd (production assistant)
  43. Smith, Kris (I) (additional script supervisor)
  44. Tedlis, Michele (script supervisor)
  45. Walsh, Josie (I) (choreography)
  46. Weisman, Adam (production assistant)
  47. West, Chris (VII) (production assistant)
  48. Yoba, Rahimah (II) (production assistant)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. 20th Century Fox Studios - 10201 Pico Blvd., Century City, Los Angeles, California, USA - (studio)