In Their Room: London (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Ghost Crab Films [us]

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(USA) - 2013

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erotica, gay-interest, gay-sex, intimacy, queer,

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RAT:1.78 : 1

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  1. Documentary
  2. Drama

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In Their Room (2009-present) is an on-going multi-city documentary series about gay men, bedrooms and intimacy. The series veers into the bedrooms of men where you see them doing everything from the most banal to the sometimes more erotic. Complimenting the revealing nature of their everyday activities are confessional interviews about fantasies, turn-ons and vulnerabilities. The throughline of the series highlights the ways in which gay men in disparate cultures deal with connection, intimacy and loneliness in the modern world. In an age of accelerated gay acceptance and visibility, it's shocking that many of these stories are being left undocumented. My inspiration for the series came largely out of such a frustration. If representations of my life -and that of my friends- were largely going unseen in the media I reasoned that I should be recording these stories before they were lost or forgotten. I do this as best I can focusing on what feels authentic, modern and uncensored. The series is intended as a long-term, multi-city project with recent episodes filmed in San Francisco and Berlin. The next episode is London. In Their Room Plot not found

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BT: USD 10,000


  1. Mathews, Travis

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  1. Mathews, Travis

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  1. London, England, UK