In the Blood (2013/I) Movie

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Puerto Rico

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Production Company
Derby Street Films [gb]
MICA Entertainment [us] - (Executive production)
Movie Package Company (MPC) [us]
Pimienta [pr]
The Way We Roll Productions [gb]

Production Designer

All Producers

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Release Date
(USA) - 2013

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Full Cast

  1. Alcocer, Luis Raúl (II) as [Kash]
  2. Bray, Ben as [Officer Santos]
  3. Cruz Cordova, Ismael as [Manny]
  4. Cunqueiro, Pablo as [Dr. Abelard]
  5. Denny, Cameron as [Frat Boy]
  6. Early, Quinn as [Gang member]
  7. Fernandez, Eddie J. as [Officer Perin]
  8. Gigandet, Cam as
  9. Guerrero, Oscar (IV) as [Jojo]
  10. Lang, Stephen (I) as
  11. Nolasco, Amaury as [Silvio Lugo]
  12. Rodríguez, Rodolfo (VI) as [Fitz]
  13. Tester, Brian (I) as [Tom Lanford]
  14. Trejo, Danny as
  15. Williams, Treat as [Robert Grant]
  16. Carano, Gina as [Ava]
  17. Cowley, Hannah as [Monique Grant]
  18. Louvat, Paloma as [Young Ava]
  19. Mumford, Eloise as [Sandy Grant]
  20. Yates, Yvette as [Leta]


  1. Action
  2. Thriller

Total Business

BT: USD 10,000,000 SD: 25 November 2012 - 26 December 2012


  1. López, P.J.

Dress Designers

  1. Núñez, Milagros


Cargo Entertainment [us] - (2012) (worldwide) (all media) (sales)
Jump Street Films [au] - (2013) (Australia) (all media)

Film Editors

  1. Eskin, Lucas


  1. Bails, John (executive in charge of finance)
  2. Cambo, Paola (assistant location manager)
  3. Canchola, Erika (financial legal services: production attorney)
  4. Cañizares, Miguel (production assistant)
  5. Cruz, Omar (VII) (head chef)
  6. Díaz, Damaris (assistant production coordinator/travel)
  7. French, Will (executive in charge of finance)
  8. Frontanés, Hilda (payroll accountant)
  9. Hilera, Jose R. (location scout)
  10. Horwitz, Lew (production finance consultant)
  11. Houserman, Blaine G. (production accountant)
  12. Huling, Zebulun (set production assistant)
  13. Maldonado, Jorge (IV) (set medic)
  14. Massanet, Alek Burgos (director assistant)
  15. Medina, Mariant (production secretary)
  16. Mejias, Esther (second assistant accountant)
  17. Mercado, Neyda Johana (production coordinator)
  18. Mullen, Annabelle (executive in charge of finance)
  19. Ortiz, Nilka (chef)
  20. Padial, Mariam (location assistant)
  21. Portnoy, John (production services)
  22. Ramo, Elsa (financial legal services: production attorney)
  23. Rebella, Giancarlo (location assistant)
  24. Rebella, Vivian (location manager)
  25. Roberts, Stephen (X) (executive in charge of finance)
  26. Rodríguez Murphy, Vanessa (set production assistant)
  27. Romero, Jesús A. (set production assistant)
  28. Santaliz, Coraly (script supervisor)
  29. Stone, Adam M. (product placement coordinator)
  30. Stone, Cat (product placement coordinator)
  31. Thurlow, Nick (production services)
  32. Williams, Todd (IX) (production services)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Puerto Rico