Indigo (2013/II) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Mancha Films, La [us]

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Sometimes you just can't escape who you are.


Technical Support
CAM:Canon 7D

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Full Cast

  1. Agu, Oz Ejike as [Groom]
  2. Antonio, Nelson as [Sean's Wingman]
  3. Brendon, Nicholas as [Gary] <3>
  4. Browa, Trevor as [Art Gallery Patron]
  5. Doyle, Collen as [Best Man]
  6. Holloway, John (IV) as (voice) [NYPD Operator]
  7. Kandkhorob, Gerick as [Art Gallery Patron]
  8. King, Yosh as [Art Gallery Patron]
  9. LaMora, Chase as [Lee Casey] <9>
  10. Marshall, Lance R. as [Ryan] <6>
  11. Mazzeo, Michael as [L. Rizzo]
  12. Mikroulis, Taso as [Sean] <5>
  13. Nash, David (VII) as [Undercover Cop]
  14. Panzarella, Keith as [Policeman in Station]
  15. Pinkerton, Skyler as [Eli Casey] <1>
  16. Rodas, Daniel (II) as [Steel]
  17. Rodgers, Ben (IX) as [Art Gallery Patron]
  18. Saunders, Drew as [Art Gallery Patron]
  19. Smith, John Hawthorne as [Indigo Lounge Bouncer]
  20. Torres, Sammy as [Art Gallery Patron]
  21. Benitez, Fanny as [Art Gallery Patron]
  22. Cherkas, Diana as [Bride]
  23. Conn, Rachel Jane as [Art Gallery Patron]
  24. Edwards, Eloise as [Sexy Girl in Bar]
  25. Espirit, Kiesha as [Art Gallery Patron]
  26. Fedner, Natalia as [Receptionist]
  27. Gold, Caitlin (II) as [Barista]
  28. Green, Lisa (V) as [Prostitute]
  29. Holden, Samantha as [Recovering Addict]
  30. James, Madeleine (III) as [Annie] <3>
  31. Jenée, Taylor as [Blonde Patron in Gallery]
  32. Jones, Naomi McDougall as [Lizzy] <7>
  33. Klemp, Lauren as [Waitress at Cafe]
  34. Kozowy, Jasmine as [Art Gallery Patron]
  35. Lee, Kwan as [Art Gallery Patron]
  36. Mann, Janice as [Group Leader] <8>
  37. Mueller, Elyse as [Maid of Honor]
  38. Pelevine, Dana as [Cathy Casey] <2>
  39. Perret, Mallory as [Art Gallery Patron]
  40. Rubenis-Stevens, Catriona as [Mindy]
  41. Strachman, Emma as [Runner]
  42. Szucs, Atila as [Art Gallery Patron]
  43. Trevino, Erandi as [Art Gallery Patron]
  44. Turado, Justine as [Art Gallery Patron]
  45. Williams, Laurna as [Art Gallery Patron]
  46. Wingfield, Chelsea as [Art Gallery Patron]


  1. Drama
  2. Thriller

Music Composers

  1. Westmoreland, Mitchell


  1. Schultz-Meyer, Aidan

Film Editors

  1. Redman, Oscar

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. New York City, New York, USA