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(Hollywood) USA

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Galloping Metal Productions [us]

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Full Cast

  1. Banham, Luke as [Nathaniel Curry]
  2. Bosley, Jeff as [Eric Davidson]
  3. Bowman, Jon (IV) as [Roland Weber]
  4. Castine, Daniel as [Toby]
  5. Copeland, Jazz as [Detective Kevin Hardy]
  6. Kerzic, Mitch as [Young Eric]
  7. Lucero, Garrett as [Mason]
  8. Mook, Mark as [Dispatcher]
  9. Westwood, Holly as [Lora Curry]
  10. Wilson, Theo E.J. as [Derrick Redman]
  11. Brannan, Chalet Lizette as [Brooklyn]
  12. Emanuelson, Emeli as [Raya Redman]
  13. Fauscett, Kasha as [Molly Davidson]
  14. Keating, Kristin as [Silver Moon]
  15. Kustka, Tannia as [Valerie Valdez]
  16. Lombardi, Terri (II) as [Jill]
  17. Maddock, Meggie as [Tiffani Playa]
  18. Mascolo, Christine as [Mimi]
  19. Vasquez, Angelica as [Anna]
  20. Vigil, Terri as [Sharon]
  21. Walters, Audrey as [Alison]


  1. Sci-Fi

Full Plot

The Inner Dimension is a place in between the real world and beyond, inadvertently created by mankind. A tunnel, before the light - or the dark. But this is not a place for the dead, nor the living. It is not safe to linger here. Three seemingly random strangers suddenly find themselves lost in this adjacent dimension, completely unaware of how they got there. Troy Fauscett Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 100,000


  1. Roberts, Steve (XXXVII)

Film Editors

  1. Mentzer, Ruth


  1. Ciarla, Jaime (crew: behind-the-scenes)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Denver, Colorado, USA
  2. Colorado, USA