Innocent Blood (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
In The Can Film [us]
Talent 1 Media [us] - (in association with)
Unseen Hands Productions [us] - (in association with)

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Release Date
(USA) - 10 November 2013

Running Time


independent-film, kidnapped-son, kidnapping, kidnapping, two-word-title,

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Full Cast

  1. Adams, Danielle (IV) as [Hot University Girl]
  2. Allen, Arabia as [Crime Scene Onlooker]
  3. Bixby-DuBois, Sarah Sarah as [University Student]
  4. Bowen, Heather (I) as [Hot University Girl]
  5. Byambajav, Dulamsuren as [Hospital Worker]
  6. Caparti, Ebru as [Mitch Donnerly's Wife]
  7. Chou, Wendy as [Burger Stand Patron]
  8. Chun, Alexandra Bokyun as [Susan Park] <3>
  9. DiPaolo, Joanna (II) as [Cafe Patron]
  10. Dunaway, Calli as [University Student]
  11. Gaston, Jessie as [Crime Scene Onlooker]
  12. Gieser, Lalena as [Crime Scene Onlooker]
  13. Gray, Tiffany as [University Student]
  14. Guthrie, Danielle as [University Student]
  15. Howard, Courtney (II) as [University Student]
  16. Howland, LaRosa as [CSI]
  17. Ideta, Shiori as [Crime Scene Onlooker]
  18. Inkerbella as
  19. Knight, Isabella as [Hospital Worker]
  20. Ledbetter, Dee as [Crime Scene Onlooker]
  21. Lovejoy, Elise as [Crime Scene Onlooker]
  22. McLamb, Kristina as [University Student]
  23. McNeal, Brooke as [Cafe Patron]
  24. Mendoza, Amanda as [Crime Scene Onlooker]
  25. Mislang, Charmaine as [EMT]
  26. Mizuno, Rina as [Crime Scene Onlooker]
  27. Nelson, Shilo as [Reporter]
  28. Nolting, Maggie as [University Student]
  29. Padron, Wendy as [Cafe Patron]
  30. Prince, Brooke as [EMT]
  31. Schlitt, Heidi as [Reporter]
  32. Snell, Heather (I) as [Megan Holmes] <15>
  33. Starr, Jen as [University student]
  34. Telzer, Lynn as [University Student]
  35. Tran, Linda P. as (as Elle Tea) [University Student]
  36. Wojcik, Lillian as [University Student]
  37. Zapata, Bridget as [Crime Scene Onlooker]


  1. Crime
  2. Drama
  3. Thriller

Full Plot

James Park, a retired undercover detective, faces his worst nightmare when his young son Cody is kidnapped by a mysterious criminal connected to his dark past. As James begins to unravel the criminal's game of vengeance, he and his wife are forced to reconcile his past transgressions and keep their faith as they fight to bring their son home safely. Sun Kim Plot not found


  1. Bulgarelli, Francisco (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Feng, Michelle Ji-Yi


  1. Hong, Joanne (production assistant)
  2. Julian, Chen Chen (production assistant)
  3. Kim, Tony Yong Sun (craft service)
  4. Kim, Tony Yong Sun (production assistant)
  5. Laudeman, Alexander King (production assistant)
  6. Lee, Mindy (II) (graphic art design)
  7. Seo, Won-Ji (craft service)
  8. Seo, Won-Ji (script supervisor)
  9. Shinen, Brock (legal counsel)
  10. Sumudio, Ashley (caterer)
  11. Wu, Jed (production assistant)