Inside Out III (1992) (V) Video

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(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
4.2/ 10 (44 Votes)

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Production Company
Playboy Video Enterprises [us] - (presents)
Propaganda Films [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 16 September 1992

Running Time


anthology, erotica, female-nudity, sequel, sequel-to-cult-favorite, sexploitation,

Technical Support
OFM:35 mm
PFM:35 mm

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Full Cast

  1. Anderson, Deke as [Actor (segment "The Branding")]
  2. Ashby, Linden as [Jerry Van Anthony (segment "Tango")]
  3. Bernsen, Collin as [Dennis (segment "The Wet Dream")]
  4. Cohen, Larry (IV) as [TV Announcer (segment "Within Ten Minutes")]
  5. Cutrona, Ryan as [Emcee (segment "The Perfect Woman")]
  6. DeAngelis, Gene as [Old Man (segment "The Portal")]
  7. Donovan, Brian (I) as [Dan (segment "Tango")]
  8. Frank, Joe (I) as [Joe (segment "The Perfect Woman")]
  9. Goslins, Martin as [Mike (segment "The Branding")]
  10. Hayward, Charley (I) as [Mechanic (segment "The Houseguest")]
  11. Henning, Ted as [Gene (segment "Within Ten Minutes")]
  12. Isaacs, Richard as [Quaide (segment "Dogs Playing Poker")]
  13. LaTour, Mike as [Male Diner (segment "Cafe L'Amour")]
  14. Louganis, Greg as [Max (segment "The Wet Dream")]
  15. Rivera, Keith (I) as [Young Man (segment "The Portal")]
  16. Sattels, Barry as [Henchel (segment "Dogs Playing Poker")]
  17. Spellos, Peter as [Peebles (segment "Dogs Playing Poker")]
  18. Stafford, Jon as [Frank (segment "The Branding")]
  19. Staszkiel, James as (as James Staskel) [Tom (segment "The Houseguest")]
  20. Zeller, Erich (I) as [Boyfriend (segment "Cafe L'Amour")]
  21. Brooks, Alison (I) as [Terri (segment "Tango")]
  22. Burr, Elizabeth (I) as [Lisa (segment "Within Ten Minutes")]
  23. Datcher, Alex as [Annie (segment "The Wet Dream")]
  24. Elliott, Marianna (II) as [Lulu (segment "Lulu")]
  25. Gray, Julie (I) as [Actress (segment "The Branding")]
  26. Hassett, Marilyn as [Cindy (segment "The Houseguest")]
  27. La Salle, Cary as [Lillie (segment "Dogs Playing Poker")]
  28. Michaels, Roxanna as [Laila (segment "The Perfect Woman")]
  29. Morse, Hilary as [Penny (segment "Within Ten Minutes")]
  30. Mota, Bess as [Dreamgirl Voice (segment "The Perfect Woman")]
  31. Rossini, Bianca as [Ollala (segment "The Branding")]
  32. Stevens, Kelsey (I) as [Waitress (segment "Cafe L'Amour")]
  33. Thuermer, Mary as [Female Diner (segment "Cafe L'Amour")]
  34. Verrell, Cec as [Susan ("Tango")]
  35. Weston, Whitney as [Debbie (segment "The Perfect Woman")]


  1. Comedy
  2. Drama
  3. Romance

Full Plot

Playboy does to softcore sex films what HBO's Tales from the Crypt did for horror. Contains the stories: "Dogs Playing Poker"; "The Branding"; "The Portal"; "The Perfect Woman"; "Within Ten Minutes"; "Tango"; "The Houseguest"; "Cafe L'Amour"; and "The Wet Dream". K. Johnson Plot not found

Total Business

CP: Copyright 1992 'Playboy Video Enterprises [us]' (qv) All Rights Reserved

Movie Certificate



  1. Pfister, Wally
  2. Schmidt, Rohn (as Ronn Schmidt)

Dress Designers

  1. Yoon, Seok Halley (as Seok Yoon)


Playboy Video Enterprises [us]

Film Editors

  1. Grieve, Neil
  2. LaBrie, Richard (as Richard La Brie)
  3. Weinstein, Rose Anne (as Rose Ann Weinstein)
  4. Westover, Richard E. (as Rick Westover)


  1. Alaimo, Michael (III) (assistant to controller)
  2. Atkinson, Rachel (I) (script supervisor)
  3. Bates, Ed (II) (production assistant)
  4. Beck, Karin (production assistant)
  5. Bridell, Tim (assistant coordinator)
  6. Campbell, Robin (IV) (assistant story editor)
  7. Carleton, Scott (title sequence)
  8. Chesneau, Sylvie (script supervisor)
  9. Cornick, Jonathan (production assistant) (as Jon Cornick)
  10. Cundiff, Gregory (production coordinator) (as Greg Cundiff)
  11. Donaruma, J.D. (production assistant) (as Jim Donaruma)
  12. Emmy (II) (parking coordinator)
  13. Gorchov, Jolie (assistant coordinator)
  14. Gutterud, Diane (production coordinator)
  15. Hannah, Mark (IV) (production assistant)
  16. Hudson, Don (V) (production assistant)
  17. Jankowski, Basia (production assistant)
  18. Julien, Anna (production assistant)
  19. Kasinger, Kathleen (assistant coordinator)
  20. Mahon, Richard (title sequence)
  21. Mathews, Temple (II) (story editor)
  22. Murakami, Dwayne (location manager)
  23. O'Brien, Mike (IX) (location manager)
  24. O'Neal, Russel (production assistant)
  25. Schneider, Todd (II) (location manager)
  26. Slodki, David W. (production assistant) (as David Slodki)
  27. Smith, Jennifer E. (I) (craft service)
  28. Spain, Laura (production assistant)
  29. Topor, David (assistant coordinator)
  30. Wells, J. Ralston (production assistant) (as Ralston Wells)
  31. Wielinski, Kim (production assistant)
  32. Winkler, Sharon (craft service)
  33. Winks, Eliot (assistant to producer)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Brix Restaurant, Marina del Rey, California, USA - (segment 'Cafe L'Amour')