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(Hollywood) USA

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Intertwine Productions [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 2013

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When your desires are corrupt... Love can be deceiving ... Tempting isn't it...


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Full Cast

  1. Bernart, Bryan as [Male Victim] <10>
  2. Brown, Dusty (III) as [Cop #2] <14>
  3. Buxbaum, Jerry L. as [Sheriff Whitaker] <8>
  4. Cirina, Areana as [Jesse Haven/Catrina Barron] <2>
  5. Draper, Michael (I) as [Eli Rogan] <6>
  6. Fitzpatrick, Dennis (II) as [Mr. Pendleton] <5>
  7. Kozak, Kody as [Paramedic #2] <12>
  8. Lawrence, Dylan Wayne as [Trevor Jennings] <1>
  9. Ljungqvist, Lars as [Cop #3] <15>
  10. Miller, Ryan C. as [Tye Rogan] <4>
  11. Freeland, Lindsay as [Monica West] <9>
  12. Horn, Kate as [Paramedic #1] <11>
  13. Kay, Tasha as [Chatty Girl #1] <16>
  14. Knauss, Jennifer as [Cop #1] <13>
  15. Shaw, Penny as [Mrs. Pendleton] <7>
  16. Skinner, Jessica Lynn as [Kristi Jennings] <3>
  17. Spiller, Karmen as [Chatty Girl #2] <17>


  1. Drama

Full Plot

Love. Deceit. Temptation. These are the words that consume the lives of Trevor and Kristi Jennings, and Jesse Haven. Though their lies and deceit brought them together, they are connected in more ways than they realize. It all goes back to one event in which laws were broken and crimes went unpunished. Tangled in a mess that seems almost inescapable, they unknowingly work together to achieve the same goal...justice. Writers Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. De Iulio, Greg (original music by)


  1. Ballard, Scott (II)

Film Editors

  1. Ballard, Scott (II)


  1. Kay, Tasha (production assistant)
  2. Lambert, Emma (production assistant)
  3. Martin, Kendra (behind-the-scenes photographer)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Oregon, USA


- On the last day of filming, Dylan Wayne Lawrence threw up all morning before he had to film his romantic scene with Areana Cirina.

- Originally, Areana Cirina was only signed onto the project as one of the lead actors. However, she quickly become a key player in the production of the spec pilot taking on the role of co-writer and co-producer.

- Jessica Lynn Skinner was only seventeen at the time of filming. This being the case, certain scenes from the spec pilot had to be cut or re-written.

- Scott Ballard was one of the many directors to show interest in the project. In short, he blew away the competition and was offered the position almost immediately after his interview.

- Director Christen Kimbell was originally asked to direct the project. Although very interested, she felt the dark and sultry script would be better suited for someone else. Christen actually recommended Scott Ballard for the position.

- Areana Cirina was the first cast member to be signed onto the project.

- The project went through various production companies to assist them in production, but decided 'if you want something done right, you got to do it yourself.' In 2012, the production company