Invasion Ireland (2013) Movie

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Production Company
Loose Gripp Films [ie]

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Release Date
(USA) - 1 February 2013

Running Time

The future is here!

invasion, ireland, martian,

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Full Cast

  1. Currid, Kevin as [Major Sterling]
  2. Davies, Ciaran as [Logan]
  3. Gregg, Roger as [Issac Tornado]
  4. Kingerlee, Lola as [Tina The Weather Girl]
  5. Mahon, Gordon (II) as [Tony Fernando]
  6. Markey, Sean (I) as [Captain Dustmite]
  7. McConnell, Tristan (I) as [Philip Seymour]
  8. Mullen, Rory as [Johnny]
  9. O Bryan, Paul (III) as [Dave]
  10. O Donnell, Seamus as [Dessy Stanthorpe]
  11. S. Kinsella, Raymond as [Jack Panther]
  12. Shanahan, Gerry as [Derek Blunt]
  13. Sturnick, Shawn as [Moon Child]
  14. Zelog as [Zelog]
  15. Bailey, Ciara as [Jessica Heart]
  16. Collins, Fionnuala as [Detective Banks]
  17. Cosmos, Vicky as [Vicky Cosmos]
  18. Dixon, Jenny as [Cleopatra Fox]
  19. Jennings, Diane as [Lucy Love]
  20. McAlinden, Geraldine as [Isabelle]
  21. McDonnell, Klara as [Vannessa White]
  22. Watters, Sinead as [Belinda Butterfly]


  1. Comedy

Full Plot

Invasion Ireland is a science fiction comedy feature film. Presented in a live news format, the story begins in an Irish future where Martians are living with the Irish. Temperatures are boiling and the recession is at its worse. The world stops to watch live coverage of Zelog, a disgruntled Martian who is holding the occupants of a house in Finglas, North-side Dublin hostage. A live news crew are recording his every word and all sorts of 'spin doctors' and 'know-it-all's' are in the studio using the possibilities of Armageddon as a platform to 'plug' their books and careers. Written and directed by Ciaron Davies Ciaron Davies Plot not found

Total Business

BT: EUR 50,000

Music Composers

  1. Davies, Ciaran


Loose Gripp Films [ie] - (2013) (worldwide) (theatrical)

Film Editors

  1. Davies, Ciaran


  1. Caffrey, Marie (production staff)
  2. Graham, Fiona (III) (continuity)
  3. Harte, David (II) (production staff)
  4. Moore, Alec (production assistant)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Ireland