Invasion of the Not Quite Dead (2013) Movie

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Production Company
Indywood Films [gb]

Production Designer

All Producers

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Release Date
(UK) - October 2013

Running Time

Not QUITE a Zombie Movie

dark-comedy, dead, independent-film, indywood, written-by-director, zombie,

Technical Support
OFM:35 mm
PCS:Super 35
RAT:2.35 : 1 - (35 mm prints)

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Full Cast

  1. Cameron, Luke (I) as [Carl]
  2. Davis, Steve (XLIX) as [Gillespie]
  3. Ellis, Andrew (VIII) as [Nicolas]
  4. Jakeman, Frank as [Sam Peterson]
  5. Jones, Kieran as [Brian]
  6. Lane, Antony D. as (as Tony Lane) [Hanz]
  7. Nayyar, Ajay as [Blade]
  8. Kay, Lydia as [Alison Peterson]


  1. Horror

Full Plot

In 1978 a meteorite crash lands into the Swiss Mountains, unleashing a deadly virus. Killing everyone within a 20 mile radius, the incident was covered up by local officials. Now thirty years later the virus is released onto an unsuspecting island off the coast of England. A group of survivors must band together in order to survive the death and destruction of the once friendly locals in this black comedy horror "Invasion Of The Not Quite Dead". Tony Lane IV (Writer) Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 2,000,000 CP: Tony Lane IV

Music Composers

  1. Roome, John (original music by)


  1. De Paula, Vincent

Film Editors

  1. De Paula, Catherine

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Brecon Beacons, Powys, Wales, UK
  2. Cardiff, South Glamorgan, Wales, UK - (exteriors)
  3. Grimsby Docks, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England, UK


- Ken Russell is visiting lecturer at The International Film School Of Wales and it was through the university's press officer Phil Mansell that the movie was able to get Ken Russell attached.

- This is AD LANES first feature film which is to be produced and distributed by his INDYWOOD franchise.

- The Winners of Miss Indywood 2007 will appear in "Invasion Of The Not Quite Dead"

- After many tests by professional filmmakers AD Lane decided to go with shooting the movie on a Cannon XL-H1

- The Indywood Site gives people from all round the world a chance to donate to this independent movie and become a producer, receiving a credit on the movie itself. The site is also a tool to bring together the best filmmaking talent from all round the world to help make this the best movie it can be.