Invisible (2013/I) Movie

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R & R Films [gb]

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Full Cast

  1. Cavanah, Robert as [Diamond Jack]
  2. Compston, Martin as [Mickey]
  3. Conway, Craig (I) as [Beano]
  4. Maybrick, David as [George]
  5. Mitri, Yasmin as [Madam]
  6. Scodelario, Kaya as [Lola]
  7. Small, Sharon as [Ruby]

Full Plot

After faking his death to escape shame brought on himself and his family by a dreadful act of misjudgment, Johnny, an Iraq war veteran and former teacher hides from the world as a faceless drifter. He exists below the radar of society, etching out a solitary life on the streets of London. He unwittingly rescues Lola, a teenage runaway trying to escape enforced prostitution and Diamond Jack, her pimp. Having saved her from a beating, Johnny finds he cannot get rid of this stray that has latched onto him, and soon his solitary existence is invaded and turned upside down, as he reluctantly becomes her 'guardian', and only hope of escape. Can Johnny redeem himself by saving Lola from Diamond Jack or will she end up dragged back into a world that will take her life away. Writer Plot not found