Isolation (2005) Movie

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Ratings / Votes
5.8/ 10 (3635 Votes)

MPAA Ratings
Rated R for violence/gore, language and a scene of sexuality

Production Company
Blue Orange Productions [gb]
Bureau, The [gb]
Bórd Scannán na hÉireann [ie] - (as Bord Scannán na hÉireann/The Irish Film Board)
Castle Films [ie]
Element Films [ie]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(Canada) - 11 September 2005
(France) - 8 October 2005
(France) - 26 January 2006
(USA) - 17 March 2006
(USA) - 30 March 2006

Running Time
Canada:95 (Toronto International Film Festival)

A horror film set on a lonely farm in rural Ireland

bitten-in-the-throat, blood-spatter, calf, cow, creature, cult, deformed, dismemberment, exploding-head, farm, fetus, gene-manipulation, giving-birth, gore, infection, intestines, irish-traveller, murder, mutation, parasite, quarantine, severed-finger, shot-in-the-forehead, shot-in-the-head, splatter,

Technical Support
OFM:35 mm
PCS:Super 35
PFM:35 mm - (anamorphic)
RAT:2.35 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Harris, Sean (I) as [Jamie] <2>
  2. Iures, Marcel as [John] <3>
  3. Letts, Crispin as [Doctor] <4>
  4. Lynch, John (I) as [Dan] <5>
  5. Townsend, Stanley as [Garda Hourigan] <7>
  6. Davis, Essie as [Orla] <1>
  7. Negga, Ruth as [Mary] <6>


  1. Horror
  2. Thriller

Full Plot

The broken farmer Dan rents his farm for the scientist John from the Bovine Genetics Technology that is researching genetic modifications of cattle to increase its fertilization. The veterinarian Orla is bitten by the calf while helping the cow to deliver, and she feels that something went wrong with the experiment. During the night, the cow has a narrow passage for the calf, and Dan asks the young couple Jamie and Mary that is parked in a trailer in front of his farm's entrance to help him in the delivery. When the offspring is born, it bites Dan; Orla arrives later and realizes that it is a genetic anomaly and she sacrifices the calf. During the autopsy of the animal, she discovers that the fetus is pregnant and she destroys the freak hybrids. However, one of them escapes and attacks a cow first and Jamie later. When John arrives in the farm, he discovers that there is the danger of infection of human beings and decides to quarantine the spot. But one offspring is alive and need to be captured. Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Plot not found

Total Business

BT: GBP 2,900,000

Movie Certificate

16 (Ireland)
-12 (France)
NC-16 (Singapore)
18 (Germany)(DVD)
M/16 (Portugal)
K-13 (Greece)
MA (Australia)(2009)
15 (UK)

Music Composers

  1. Johnston, Adrian (I)


  1. Ryan, Robbie (I)

Dress Designers

  1. Cave, Suzanne (I)


Eagle Films [lb] - (2005) (Non-USA) (all media) (middle east)
Lions Gate International [us] - (2006) (worldwide) (all media)
Lionsgate [gb] - (2005) (UK) (theatrical)
Prorom Media-Trade [de] - (2005) (Romania) (all media)
Shaw Organisation [sg] - (2006) (Singapore) (theatrical)
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment [au] - (2009) (Australia) (DVD)
Sunfilm Entertainment [de] - (2006) (Germany) (DVD)
TFM Distribution [fr] - (2006) (France) (theatrical)

Film Editors

  1. Buckley, Justinian


  1. Baconou, Marie (caterer)
  2. Berry, Sandra (researcher: OSF microscope images)
  3. Blain, Reggie (I) (facilities manager)
  4. Bowe, Kate (I) (unit publicist)
  5. Broadberry, Aine (caterer)
  6. Calder, Neil (completion bond: Film Finances Ltd)
  7. Carlton, Peter (II) (head of FilmFourLab)
  8. Collins, Cait (production coordinator) (as C'it Collins)
  9. Cornally, Louise (business affairs executive: FilmFour)
  10. de Braconier, Matthieu (crew: The Bureau)
  11. Dixon, Harry (III) (business affairs executive: FilmFour)
  12. Drynan, Olive (unit nurse)
  13. Elliott, Peter (XXI) (animal sounds performer)
  14. Ezmiro, Julie (production trainee)
  15. Fisher, Patrick (VIII) (caterer)
  16. Fredlund, Birgitta (creature fabricator)
  17. Gatti-Pascual, Soledad (crew: The Bureau) (as Sol Gatti-Pascual)
  18. Georgiou, Andrew (post-production accountant)
  19. Grindey, Paul (head of business affairs: FilmFour)
  20. Halferty, Maud (unit publicist)
  21. Herneoja, Fredrik (assistant to producers)
  22. Hickey, James (II) (legal advisor: Ireland)
  23. Hunter, Ruth (II) (legal advisor: Ireland)
  24. Hurt, Jackie (legal advisor: UK)
  25. Joberns, Steve (auditor: UK)
  26. Josephs, Tracey (head of production: FilmFour)
  27. Lambe, Joan (assistant accountant)
  28. Logue, Patricia (dialogue coach)
  29. Lunnon, Steve (script supervisor)
  30. Magee, Daniel (animal handler)
  31. Magee, Norrie (animal wrangler)
  32. Martin, Niall (I) (location manager)
  33. McDonagh, Liz (caterer)
  34. Meerstadt, Martin (collection agent: Freeway)
  35. Mullen, Michelle (assistant production coordinator)
  36. Noakes, Clive (lab liaison)
  37. Noonan, John (I) (security officer)
  38. O'Flynn, Gerardine (production coordinator: FilmFour)
  39. O'Sullivan, Tara (I) (caterer)
  40. Ogborn, Kate (crew: The Bureau)
  41. Robson, Philippa (I) (crew: The Bureau)
  42. Roche, Jane (I) (production executive: Element Films)
  43. Smith, Sue Bruce (head of commercial development: Film Four) (as Sue Bruce-Smith)
  44. Tebbit, Sophie (production accountant) (as Sophie Tebbitt)
  45. Vidal, Christopher (lending bank: Coficine)
  46. Walsh, Gary (III) (caterer)
  47. Williams, Harry (XVII) (animal handler)
  48. Young, San San F. (epk offline editor)

Other Titles

  1. Isolation (2005) (ENG)
    (Italy) (DVD title)

  2. Isolation - La Fattoria del Terrore (2005) (ENG)
    (Italy) (imdb display title)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. County Wicklow, Ireland